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People who live in the U.S. commit suicide curiously. One day, this events start to be shown in Turkey and some facts are realized.

A very large number of people start to commit suicide using brutal and horrible techniques and without any reasons. Starting from the United States, this suicide wave spreads all over the world. In Turkey, in a small town called Selcuk, a young man kills himself after a long, night he spends on the Internet. Following the incident, his best friends start to get strange e-mails from him. They also start seeing horrible creatures around themselves--this is just the begining of the apocalypse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent C (ru) wrote: Unfortunately, nothing great about this one. The majority of laughs come from Clark Duke, everyone else is pretty underwhelming.

Richard Y (de) wrote: Excellent black comedy.

evan s (br) wrote: WHAT HAVE THEY DONE! That fantastic witty dark film has become a bright childish sing along mostrosity, absolute rubbish, this isnt the worst sequel, theyre all equally rubbish. instead of andventures they go and do something silly and get grounded. screw this

Aj V (kr) wrote: I loved Slater in this movie, and the whole love story is pretty good for the most part, but then it changes all of a sudden, with the revelation of the whole baboon's heart thing, and it gets weird. I half liked this movie, and half hated it.

Callum R (jp) wrote: Some say Citizen Kane is the best movie of all time, others say a Tarantino or Scorsese masterpiece. I say suburban Commando

Dr F P (es) wrote: Lloyd Dobbler? Lloyd Dobbler!

Abby K (ag) wrote: john travolta as a woman, how can i miss it?!

Ameena M (nl) wrote: Somewhat slow at the beginning, well worth watching though.

Brian K (fr) wrote: adultry never seen like this before the code.jean harlow is perfect as the trampy and manipulative lil.