D-Day: Assault on Fortress Europe


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Users reviews

Amanda G (us)

There were alot of unexpected twists that kept it interesting. I thought this movie was really good, I really like the main actress she is really good

Antonio M (it)

. . Add a review (optional)

Ca H (au)

The direction was cute and interesting, as was the music, and I found the whole film to be strangely sad! Definitely not what I expected. Really funny at times and less funny at others, but overall I found this to be really enjoyable! The main character Stephen is so well done and easy to empathise with: the performances are generally all really good

Cory T (au)

The car explosion is decently suspenseful though. Those who avidly anticipate an underrated installment from the late Craven will be sorely dispirited that Deadly Blessing is a torpid, rustic 'Sleepaway Camp' clone. Also bridging the gap between this and A Nightmare on Elm Street is the POV of a snake slithering between Martha's legs in the tub. Sharon Stone's nightmare about a salacious killer who preys on her spider phobia might be Wes Craven's epiphany for dream stalker Freddy Krueger. In lieu of that incendiary topic, Deadly Blessing is mostly tethered to an overblown slasher film. The subtext about proselytizing from the ascetic community to a more "worldly" relationship with a woman is vapidly skimmed with intermittent scenes of Isaiah (Borgnine) scolding his kin not to "covet" tractors and the other luxuries of their infidel neighbors. One moment of surprisingly subtle despair from Berryman is when he peeping on Martha (Maren Jensen) in her negligee and he looks genuinely crestfallen over his sheltered existence. Without the additives of demonic makeup, Michael Berryman and Ernest Borgnine are already accursed, spectral voices of doom. With that in mind, I could corroborate the furor the Amish might expectorate on this with precious images of Hittite field tilling and diurnal chores over ominous Gregorian chants. On the other hand, Deadly Blessing scrutinizes the borderline cult aspects of the luddite lifestyle as if it were a pagan subculture summoning the arrival of the incubus. The Amish community is one of clandestine rituals and Rumspringa alone could be converted into a feasible horror film

Dana M (fr)

Great funny horror movie

David L (ag)

Taylor to Burton, "you forget, Boy-o, who the star of this show really is," Priceless. . . . At times the substance abuse & the destructive nature of their relationship can seem to grate on our nerves but the last 10 minutes was moving and affirms the strengths of both actors playing perhaps the most enduring love epic of our lifetime

Jerry J (ag)

ust like Indonesian's Sinetron (Soap Opera). can't stand it. crappy dialog, weak plot, bad acting

Jlio A (us)

Chato demais. Devo ter assistido em 3 dias no todo. Filmes loucos j vi um monte, f de David Lynch e Gillian, mas loucura por loucura, faa bem feito, chega a ser tedioso passar mais de 15 minutos acordado vendo este filme. As atuaes so fantsticas, mas o roteiro no consegue segurar absolutamente nada. A anos queria ver este filme, quando finalmente consigo assistir, no gostei

Kalvi R (kr)

Bette Midler just does it right and she will blow you away with her talent. Another divine performance from fab Miss D

Kathleen W (us)

I wish I could tell good jokes. Only partially because of all of her good jokes. You don't really want to be anyone in this movie because they all kind of suck, but it's about hope and about being willing to have really big dreams and most of us don't have that, so to be honest at the end we'd all probably swap places with Darius (Plaza)