D-Day: The Total Story

D-Day: The Total Story


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
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  • Keywords:world war two,   d day,  

A comprehensive chronicle of the crucial hours when the Allied command unleashed its combined forces on the beaches of Normandy. Employing 156,000 troops on shore and 43 destroyers, 18 cruisers, and 7 battleships offshore, this major assault on the German forces marked a pivotal day in modern history. Utilizing archival combat footage and eyewitness accounts, this 4-part documentary relives the monumental event from the bloody beaches to the hedgerows and the towns beyond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


D-Day: The Total Story torrent reviews

Kiel B (de) wrote: super interesting film. you can definitely see joe's directing style come out through the narrative. this will be one of those cult classics.

TheDoopliss2 (br) wrote: I really like this movie. It isn't perfection but hey, it's a good sit for sure.

Mloy X (mx) wrote: Marion (Vanessa Redgrave): What makes a song beautiful is not always the quality of the voice but the distance that voice has had to travel. Superb cast! Terence Stamp was gallant, the epitome of a quiet strength, he's seems unemotional yet quite obviously a very loving man; and sadly, they don't make men like him anymore. I know, I've tried in vain to look for one of my very own. Vanessa Redgrave gave such a wonderfully heart-warming performance that cleverly showed both incredible strength and genuine vulnerability, you can't help but fall-in-love with her portrayal of Marion. Gemma Arterton was quirky yet charming and lovable. The story was definitely formulaic and the token tear-jerker but it just too enlightening a journey that I really didn't mind the lack of originality and just passively went along for this bitter-sweet ride and bawled on cue like some noob. What can I say? Sometimes, you just have to have a good cry. I really liked this movie; underneath all that depressing, bleak, inevitable outcome, it was really sweet.

Waleed A (br) wrote: funny creative movie, lots of memorable scenes. it wasn't filled with laugh out loud parts but i was smiling for most of the movie. very very different than the usual comedies (2 viewings)

Jacky L (us) wrote: i enjoyed it. zoe lister jones and francis benhamou were a delight to watch, this was part 'educational' and part entertainment. there are so many talented actresses out there, these are exciting times.

Tanvir M (mx) wrote: A very interesting and well done thriller, where the viewer has a lot of fun guessing what exactly is happening. There was a decent Hindi remake as well, called 'Acid Factory'. The ensemble cast really delivers, with some gritty performance. Not in the league of 'memento', but we have seen worse, much worse!

Ahmed M (br) wrote: Entertaining to watch, but it is nowhere close to being a good movie.

bri h (br) wrote: a mild inferior re-imagining of the 2002 Ted Bundy worth watching for corin nemec's portrayal as bundy in my opinion the only saving grace of the film

Paul M (ag) wrote: suprisingly funny (straight to video)

Briain d (gb) wrote: I was disappointed with Damage, particularly because the strong cast and positive critical reviews suggested it was something of a hidden gem in the world of cinema. Sadly, it fell short on many fronts.Jeremy Irons, rarely an actor who disappoints, was miscast in this role, in my view. He plays a senior English politician with many years of experience, a wife and family. Anyone with any knowledge of the British political system knows it takes a very strong character, with willpower and the ability to resist temptation, to reach the top of the English political system, so the ease with which Juliette Binoche's character seduces and attracts Irons is unrealistic and annoying, quite frankly. Though Irons acts convincingly as always, his character is just wrong, and I'm surprised he took the role in the first place.Binoche's character herself is also disappointing. Obviously, the director has aimed to make her as mysterious as possible, but there just isn't enough character development to make us care about her at all. Considering Irons and Binoche are advertised as the two stars of the film, their lack of chemistry and character development is a serious shortcoming in Damage.More positive and memorable performances come from Rupert Graves and Miranda Richardson, Irons' son and wife respectively. Their characters are much more interesting to watch, making it a pity that they are only secondary in importance to Irons and Binoche.That all said, the premise is pretty good, and their is some great direction from Louis Malle. Damage isn't a bad film, but it could have been so much better, Overall, I do not recommend it.

Chad O (de) wrote: I remember enjoying it, but who knows how it's stood up to the test of time?

Justin A (gb) wrote: I remember this as a staple of USA Up All Night. Such a bad movie, but it is fun to watch at the same time. The acting is horrendous. So, so bad. The effects range from impressive to embarrassing. The plot is your typical killer insects movie. Some people get chased around by giant mosquitoes, only to end up fighting them off in a house in the woods like a cheap Night of the Living Dead knockoff. There are tons of references to older horror movies, and this was clearly a movie made with love for the genre, but this particular movie doesn't have too much to offer other than laughs at how horrible it is.