D for Dopidi

D for Dopidi

here is a bunch of four friends (Varun Sandesh, Sundeep Kishan, Naveen and Rakesh) are desperate for quick money. The only way of making money is to rob a bank. They devise a plan and get into a bank wearing masks and carrying fake guns. They take the money and are about to escape. A surprise followed by police round-up leads to a complicated situation. The rest of the story is all about how these four turn virtuous and victorious at the end

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D for Dopidi torrent reviews

Madi M (ru) wrote: Pretty good. I thought it was well done and the story was pretty good.

Kaitlyn J (fr) wrote: not any better than the other Anaconda movies.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: original was waaay better.

Huw G (fr) wrote: Light hearted feel-good.

Juliano K (es) wrote: what an sleepless night have you do.

MacDara C (gb) wrote: (Watched Tue 10 Jan 2006)

Film F (fr) wrote: My Favorite.Great Music.

Kilo D (gb) wrote: "Clockers" is a strong attempt at showing the life of the dope dealer (as later seen on HBO's "The Wire" that included Price as a recurring writer) and the life-or-death decisions one must make to survive as a clocker. And to bring home Price and Lee's vision is a superb pick of actors: Mekhi Phifer, John Turturro, Harvery Keitel, and Delroy Lindo in possibly his best role. Unfortunately for Price and the actors, sapping from the energy and emotion of the words and acting is Lee and his employment of his luv-making-mixtape into already vibrant and dramatic scenes.

E O (nl) wrote: This is a GREAT film! Not top 100 all time, but worthy of seeing, if only for it is possibly the ONLY film to deal with the Vietnam War specifically, as opposed to a film set during the Vietnam War. Both Angelica Houston is and James Caan play wonderfully real characters who sharply portray the deep emotional, ethical, and personal struggles over Vietnam as felt by the people alive and in those situations at the time. Both LOVE, their country, their institutions, and the people used and destroyed by the conflict. I must see for all who wish to understand the conflict. Best Scene - Promotion! Coppola gets the "old Army" regardless of his Vietnam experience. JE Jones is the SNCO we all wish we had met.

Matthew J (mx) wrote: Not as good as the first part but not many films are. Manon of the Spring is a beautiful film more romantic than Jean de Florette and well written.

Greg W (ag) wrote: gr8 cast is the reason 2c this 1

Frank G (de) wrote: Thunder Road with Robert Mitchum was the cool cult classic before Bullitt, Easy Rider and eventually Repo Man.

Hawk (ca) wrote: This is not a film that has aged well at all. The movie was done entirely in computer animation. CGI is fine and can add a lot to films that need it, but it requires that the film take on a style of its own. Here the process seeks to imitate real life, and for what reason I'm not entirely sure. In the right light, it almost works and is almost believeable, but these scenes are few and far between, instead you get scenes that look like they came out of Playstation 2 cutscene.I'm not usually hard on cinematography or animation style but this movie looks downright bad to a point where it has a debilitating effect on the rest of the movie. The story is nothing really worth writing home about, it's not great but it's not terrible either. There's a nice climatic battle, that somewhat redeems the terrible animation but it's too little too late.

Bill Y (ru) wrote: It's a sweet movie with very good characters with a great story.

Ronald G (au) wrote: weak as superman defeats everything with ease.

TonyPolito (au) wrote: Director Dean Tschetter officially disowned this film using the "Alan Smithee" pseudonym, as then allowed by The Director's Guild when excessive studio interference was claimed as the cause of the film's having gone South. Take that fact - and the film's ingenious, sophisticated titling - and draw your own conclusion.