D' Lucky Ones!

D' Lucky Ones!

Tina and Lea are best friends who are also avid fans of Vilma Santos. They were inseparable until Lea decides to leave the country and go to Korea. They promise that someday they will really become one big happy family when their children get married. Years after, by virtue of an old vow, Lucky Girl and Lucky Boy are forced to be together by their mothers. Problem is, they hate each other's guts. But, just when they're falling for each other, love plays a trick on the meddling moms which threatens to bring the young lovers apart.

Tina (Eugene Domingo) and Lea (Pokwang) are best friends who are also avid fans of Vilma Santos. They were inseparable until Lea decides to leave the country and go to Korea. They promise ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat L (us) wrote: i didn't think this was as bad as people seem to think.not the best war flick i've seen and typically oversentimental,but watchable

Tony S (nl) wrote: a funny spoof on science fiction movies. Almost all the big box office hits get a turn. Plus a surprise cameo.

John B (mx) wrote: Interesting story, but, thought it was a little disappointing overall

James S (es) wrote: Body Shots seems to move along in an almost dream like sequence. It's randomly put together but quite enjoyable at the same time. Beginning like a serious drama with a rain soaked Tara Reid turning up on Amanda Peet's doorstep claiming that Jerry O'Connell's Los Angeles Raider has raped her the film then almost side steps this for the majority of the first half of the film to make way for a lot of sexual talk point of views from the eight main characters, most of which is well scripted and entertaining. I guess it's supposed to be showing the different attitudes towards sex that people can have. The characters are engaging and interesting and the young cast are all pretty good, even the usually abysmal Tara Reid gives a fine performance. Ron Livingston's Trent injects some humour into the movie and as enjoyable as he is and all this rude banter is, it doesn't gel some much with the rape storyline. When the story does reappear it's told in graphic fashion but then the climax feels like something of a cop out with no discernable conclusion really being reached, unless I happened to miss it. Body Shots feels like a mixture of a lot of different ideas and themes, most of which are done very well, but the throw as much at the wall and see what sticks routine makes for a bit of a messy movie. The performances are great and much of it is well written and entertaining but some revisions would have been required to make this better.

Gil S (ca) wrote: ha ha! found an ol skool underground horrr flick i used 2 like as a kid. it was almost like watchin "big troub in lil china." a hilarious attempt at a horror film but fun 2 watch. i'll do it again.

Robert H (nl) wrote: Directed by Paul Mazursky and starring Robin Williams, MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON is a brilliant and honest look at the immigrant/minority experience in the United States. In what is probably his finest performance, Robin Williams plays Vladimir Ivanoff, a Russian saxophone player for the circus who defects while on tour in New York City (at a Bloomingdale's, no less). Even though there is some necessary character establishment in Russia, the movie is largely concerned with his experience as an immigrant and how he adjusts to life here in the United States. During the course of the movie, he meets a black man named Lionel, who is the first person to take him in, and an Italian immigrant named Lucy (Maria Conchita Alonso). What struck me the most about the film, other than the outstanding message, was the degree to which Robin Williams immersed himself in this role. When he was onscreen, it was like I was watching an actual Russian saxophone player instead of him playing a character. As a side note, he actually did learn how to speak Russian and play the saxophone for this film. Beyond that, the movie just felt real in the sense that you could believe that an immigrant would conceivably go through many of the situations portrayed in the film. To many of them, there must be this whimsy and fantastical aura when viewed from afar, but things turn out to be quite different once thrust into it headfirst as Vladimir is. Among the things I really took out of the film is the sense of community that immigrants and minorities have, something which they bring from their own life experiences. There is also the central issue of not taking freedom for granted, as I'm sure many Americans born here would understand. Seeing as this film was made during, and in the context of, the Cold War, life was understandably difficult in countries with dictatorial regimes and the lure of America, a free country, was certainly a strong one and still is to this day. That, i feel, is what should be taken away after watching this film most of all. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should all treat each other with respect and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy. Looking at the film from other perspectives, the technical aspects of the film are all excellent, though not flashy. Paul Mazursky allows the drama to take center stage, and it benefits the film considerably. There was also a great score with a jazz tinge, which gave off a whimsical tone at first, but also conveyed a sense of longing. Acting-wise, of course Robin Williams gives an incredibly moving portrayal of a Russian immigrant, but Maria Conchita Alonso also does a great job as his fellow immigrant girlfriend. There are also a couple of small roles played by familiar faces (to me, at least). Overall, this is a remarkably tender and uplifting drama (with some laughs as well) that has a great message and Robin Williams' best performance. This is a film that deserves to be seen, so that we can all be reminded not to take our freedoms for granted.

Ca H (kr) wrote: Not amazing, but enjoyable with some good songs and some good moments. Easily rewatchable.

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: A very well acted drama fact based film on a girl who is sexually assaulted by her doctor. A great cast in this film. A film that is very well done.

Miguel R (mx) wrote: Impressive and thoughtful, House of Sand and Fog exposes a tragic and powerful, yet somewhat unreal and meaningless, event

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 62%Saw this on 12/11/6We are Marshall has an interesting story and is backed up by fine performance from a cast led by Matthew McConaughey, but it is lacking in action and doesn't get the treatment it deserves. It doesn't have an epic sweep, instead it has a feel-good structure that makes it cliched despite numerous moments of authenticity.