Da luo jian xia

Da luo jian xia


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Da luo jian xia 1970 full movies, Da luo jian xia torrents movie

The lovely Ching Li and handsome Chang I star as star-and-sword-crossed comrades who take on the vicious Black Tigers gang in a quest for hidden wealth. There's action galore, until the final, fiery fight in a temple of treasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Da luo jian xia torrent reviews

Felicia B (kr) wrote: Crazy Comedy Vampire Movie! Loved it! Funny!

James P (mx) wrote: Loved it, the movie told more than one story, if you actually can tell.It told the story line of the movie, some of the black experience and some of the white experience. It told of how we as a people look at each other and the sick minds of man.Watching this movie can tell you more than you know.

Ethan S (kr) wrote: Like how the polar express is a good movie to watch around Christmas, Monster house is a good movie to watch around Halloween. It hasn't aged as much like the polar express it is obvious to see the problems with it.

C W (jp) wrote: Well done gangster film! Good transition from chidhood to man hood. A must see if you like urban gangsta films.

Dawn E (br) wrote: Contrary to what many people tend to get out of [i]Closet Land[/i] the first time they watch it, this movie is not about political repression or the police state. Yes, it does use many common elements of the police state (which is why Amnesty International gave its endorsement to it), but this is not the real story. For anyone who has experienced intense abuse or trauma, the real nature is immediately recognizable. The Victim is not being interrogated by a government operative - she is being put on trial within herself. She is facing down the psychological self-defense and survival mechanisms that the victims of abuse frequently use to cope in day-to-day life. The dominant theme here is that she must face herself and all of her issues and walk out of the moment of her own volition, embracing her own mortality (often a big issue for survivors), and being exclusively responsible for her own mental and physical health. The Interrogator is the vicious voice in the head, the one that says we deserved our pain, our violation, how disgusting we are, we must not be good enough if that happened to us, only good people are spared from things like that, and that must mean that we are very bad people indeed, people who feed the cycle, people who are subversive, disrespectful, anarchistic, not doing what we're Supposed To Do. And much as Rickman's performance demonstrates, that "jury" voice, that Interrogator does take on a schizophrenic and unfocused manner when we start turning our questioning back on it. Yes, it has been said repeatedly that [i]Closet Land[/i] should have been a stage production instead of a movie, and the writer clearly had a stage setting in mind when committing it to paper - but how many people would this story have reached then? How many of us who recognized the soul of it would have been left lost without it? This is truly the only film of its kind, and that is both a blessing and a tragedy. Be aware that this movie is only available in Region 2. The Spanish version (which is the only one produced) will not play on North American DVD players (unless they are Region-Free). Perhaps at some point, the publishers will realize that we want this. I mean, if they can make things like [i]Dance of the Dead[/i] (from the Masters of Horror series) or [i]Mortal Kombat II[/i] available to the public, why not something that we can actually appreciate?

Efrain F (fr) wrote: And I am rating this movie from way back when. Loved this movie when it came out. Now I still like the fighting, but the acting is bad...

Carlos M (jp) wrote: An essential milestone of Brazilian Cinema that displays a strong sociopolitical conscience and throws us inside a powerful merging of hopeless reality and nightmarish mysticism in a cruel serto plagued by starvation, drought, violence and religious fanaticism.

Gregory W (de) wrote: great doc my mom loved this guy & I remember watching this & his TV specials with her.

Alden W (us) wrote: Vindola de vuelta, me encontr con algunas inconveniencias: sent demasiada presin de Ford tratando de romantizar a Doc Hollywood, y la peli tiene como un bache en el medio en que la trama no se mueve y no parece pasar mucho. Pero sigue siendo una de mis pelis favoritas. Cuando el tiroteo del OK corral termina, un protagonista perdi su vida, y el otro saluda secamente (en la versin de Ford ni siquiera con un beso) y se va hacia el horizonte. Nadie los celebra, nadie los llora y tampoco viene nadie a explicar que hicieron lo correcto. Es al espectador al que le toca expresar las conclusiones y emociones. Y yo encontr que tena unas cuantas. Dijo Bogdanovich: 'la puesta en escena tiene proporciones mticas, pero tambin se siente absolutamente autntica'. As veo integralmente a la pelcula.

Kim N (jp) wrote: What can I say? Very slow moving, hard to understand the point sometimes (like, why is this scene here?), and pretty much pointless. Of course, I don't like the choices she made in the long run and figure that is part of why I don't like the movie overall. But I think if it were faster moving and more interesting, I'd actually like it. I think there were huge flaws in character development, as we don't really know much about Harry ... and it would be nice to see more about *why* she chose as she did. Not one I'd recommend.