Da nei gao shou

Da nei gao shou


Chuan Yuan is the noble, powerful hero and Shu Pei-pei, one of Shaw’s top swordswoman, is a reluctant bride who comes upon a rebellion plot. They are joined by a large cast of expert fighters and actors all keeping the intrigue and adventure foremost in the film. There’s even a nice surprise ending amidst all the action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavan R (gb) wrote: Superb ! What a revelation for Hindi cinema. A sensitive topic beautifully dealt with, mostly light hearted even when dealing with strong emotion. Superb performances especially by Ranbir and Priyanka. Lovely soundtrack too. Well directed and edited too.

Karen M (es) wrote: Truly inspiring women!

Tyler R (ru) wrote: [color=black]Rarely do I write lengthy reviews of movies I really enjoyed, mostly because it gets boring when you're using all the same adjectives. It's much easier to write about a bad movie and make ridiculous metaphors. However, I feel it is my duty to my lack of readers to tell you about three great movies, one that will most certainly be at a theater near you in the next few weeks, one that might in a few months, and one that probably won't. New York has definitely been good to me in the way of movies. (Incidentally, I'm attending the New Filmmakers/New Films festival screenings of "Momma's Man" and "Ballast" this weekend. If they're as good as I've heard, I'll let you know). [/color][color=#000000][/color] [color=#000000][b]Snow Angels [/b][i]Warner Independent [/i]March 7, 2008[/color][color=#000000]Over the past few months, I've really taken a shine to David Gordon Green's work. This is surprising considering, before March 7th, he'd only released three movies--one that was great ("George Washington"), one that frustrating but well-done ("All the Real Girls"), and one that wasn't great ("Undertow"). I was mostly going by the fantastic trailers for this, as well as his work as a producer on the amazingly underrated "Great World of Sound." Let me tell you, "Snow Angels" is right up there and surpasses "George Washington." Despite the flashier cast, the dialogue is as naturalistic as "ATRG," and the scenes feel authentic--which makes the plot of the film all the more chilling. Though Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale certainly deserve the accolades that are coming to them for their work in this film, for me, the standout in the cast was Jeanetta Arnette, who played Michael Angarano's long-suffering mother. A veteran actress who's most famous work was six seasons of "Head of the Class," her performance was the highlight of the most underwritten thread of the film. For some really effective drama (and a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure), check this shit out.[/color][color=#000000][/color] [color=#000000][b]Frownland [/b][i]Frownland, Inc. [/i]March 7, 2008[/color][color=#000000]The film that won the 2007 Gotham Award for "Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You" never did find a distributor...which these days is most definitely a good thing. Movies like "Little Miss Sunshine" find distributors. "Inland Empire" won't. So, director Ronald Bronstein decided to screen the film for a week at the IFC Center, in all its unforgiving glory. And let me tell you, I haven't seen a more promising debut in a long time. Just when I was beginning to get disillusioned with the mumblecore scene and their similar storylines featuring pretty indie-folk, here comes a movie that embraces what's good in DIY-filmmaking while also pissing over their predilection for the Soy Chai Latte crowd. (Anyone still following me?) It's an unflinching portrait of a babbling, self-aware "New York troll," portrayed incredibly by non-professional actor Dore Mann. In fact, he and Bronstein were at the screening I attended and I was shocked to see how normal this guy was in real life. I thought they just peeled some psycho off the street. The film itself is quite haunting, in a John Cassavetes meets David Lynch sort of way, but it's not for everyone. ...Actually, if it's not for you, you're a pussy. Go watch "Four Eyed Monsters" instead.[/color][color=#000000][/color] [color=#000000][b]Shotgun Stories [/b][i]International Film Circuit [/i]March 26, 2008[/color][color=#000000]Further proof that everything David Gordon Green touches (with the exception of "Undertow") is gold, "Shotgun Stories" is the second film he's produced but not directed. This one's directed with equal amounts fire and restraint by newcomer Jeff Nichols, and--boy howdy--does it pack a wallop. Most of the film rests on the shoulders of character actor Michael Shannon, who's been gaining more attention these days from high-profile roles in "Bug" and "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead," (watch for him in Sam Mendes' "Revolutionary Road" this December, in a role that has the pedigree to grant him a Best Supporting Actor nod). He speaks in terse little grunts and his mouth barely moves. He's the kind of actor that is destined to star in a Cormac McCarthy adaptation. And he's absolutely amazing here as the eldest Hayes brother, a clearheaded man blinded by revenge. "Shotgun Stories" is, without a doubt, an incredibly made thriller. Incredibly shot, acted, scored...everything. If you enjoyed any of DGG's work, or "No Country for Old Men," seek this one out.[/color]

Ville W (us) wrote: Even dogma movies are great compared to this crap.

Senor C (au) wrote: This is a really misleading movie on all fronts. It shouldn't be called Shaolin vs Evil Dead..it should be called Mr Bald vs Brother Black. There's a title for ya but I guess it wouldn't sucker fans of Shaolin kung fu & Evil Dead movies into watching it..like me. Gordon Liu carries a lot of weight in this flix that has terrible pacing, some pointless scenes & the most abrupt ending that I have ever seen in a film. The sequences that run during the end credits are more awesome then everything in the movie combined & it makes me wonder if it's just a prelude to its sequel. I'll have to see because this was like eating Kraft dinner. No nutrition & 50% powdered cheese

Mike L (es) wrote: The only reason to see this is the stunning Linda Darnell in what can only be described as a movie made from leftover costumes, scenes, and dialogue. First the dialogue is laughably bad as is Robert Newton's dialect. The plot is your basic pirate fare; pirate captures pretty girl, the main pursuer falls in love with girl, and is the pirate really bad. It is a paint by numbers movie.

Richard D (mx) wrote: Quite an inventive film. Although it borrows a lot of it's visuals from Film Noir and German expressionism, it uses them to tell a story that is quite decisively its own. Oddly, it seems like "Requiem for a Dream" deliberately referenced this film.

Waleed A (gb) wrote: awesome movie. entertaining to the max. good continuation of the story with lots of good connections to the past ones. was awesome to see characters from all 4 previous movies meet for the first time. amazing action of all sorts, racing, shooting, fighting, chasing. so many crazy scenes and omg moments. also had some stupid stuff as expected, and what's up with vin diesel's voice lol (4 viewings)

Heather M (gb) wrote: Gory, strange, and required watching for any horror movie fan. This movie does not hold up after all this time so maybe an updated remake is called for...

Don T (br) wrote: One of the best comedies period. From the scene where he abuses the old man and says to give him an extra dollar to the singing near the end, it's full of laughs... What hump?

Eric A (de) wrote: Although not a train wreck like the third movie, it doesn't break any new ground while ignoring that past two sequels as well.