Da Possessed

Da Possessed

A cowardly man unwittingly unleashes three spirits seeking revenge against the family he works for. The spirits take turns taking over his body, causing all sorts of mischief along the way.

A cowardly man unwittingly unleashes three spirits seeking revenge against the family he works for. The spirits take turns taking over his body, causing all sorts of mischief along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (au) wrote: Growth starts out promisingly--a group of super scientists in 1989 use an island to conduct their genetic research that will push humankind into a new level of evolution. Of course, something goes wrong--their research with parasites produces a killer creature that possesses and then eventually devours its host. Unfortunately, Growth devolves into a D-level Syfy Channel film with awful-looking CG creatures, terrible acting, and a plodding, monotonous plot.

Adarsh N (it) wrote: we need a tighter script, more convincing actors and please no more terrorism stories. we're tired of them. i can't believe the same guy wrote rang de basanti.

John C P (kr) wrote: Actually this is a re watch for me. Beautiful Boxer is a superbly told story, a true story and a very touching story. As usual I will let you read the blurb. It is not a story for everyone, however, everyone should watch it. You may not like it but you will all learn from it. The story us very well acted, excellently directed and beautifully shot. It is amazing. Now this story is not for everyone's library. It should be there and it us in mine. If you have not seen it rent it, stream it, or if you find a copy buy it. Thus film is definitely worth it.

Mike C (kr) wrote: Stunning Italian women in a movie about dysfunction relationships. What more could you want? No real story line but good characters to follow. I thought the end was headed for a weak spot but it went back to where I hoped it was heading.

parker l (it) wrote: Patrick Stewart out smarted.

Angie V (jp) wrote: What would I do if my little boy wanted to dress like a girl or actually be a girl? What does it mean to be a boy or a girl, and why does it matter so much? How would my family and friends react? Ma Vie En Rose is definitely a tearjerker. This film does a great job at examining our perceptions of femininity and masculinity and what the social implications are for those who do not follow these social constructs. From the films first scene, the conformity of the characters? new neighborhood is laid out for you to see. There is very little room for deviation from the norm. All the women wear brightly colored dresses with flowery patterns. The men wear sport jackets with ties. All the families drive cars with similar body styles and leave for work at the same time. Children in the neighborhood also abide by a dress code, emulating the adults. This is clearly not a neighborhood that would be accepting of anything that differs from what they are used to. When Ludo is introduced to the new neighbors, he is wearing lipstick, a princess dress, and his mother?s shoes. His parent?s play it off as if it were a joke on his part, which seems to hurt Ludo?s feelings. He really wanted to look ?pretty? for the party. From here on out, there is a clear division of characteristics that are considered gender specific. His grandmother makes a point to tell him he needs to look ?handsome, not pretty.? Ludo likes his hair long and wants to keep it that way, but he is forced to later cut it. When he brings his favorite toys- Pam and Ben (Barbie and Ken equivalents)- to show and tell, his teacher tells him to be like Ben and one day marry a Pam, not to play with Pam and Ben. He is later taken to see a psychologist for his gender non-conformity, and while there he will play with trucks and not dolls because he knows he is being watched. All of these things cause stress and pain to his family. His father is not accepting of Ludo playing with dolls, having longer than normal hair, and thinks it?s his wife?s fault for not punishing and correcting him. His remedy is to try to spend more time with Ludo and interest him in sports, as if making a boy kick a ball will make him masculine. Ludo tries his hardest, but he can?t help but do what feels natural to him. He plays with his father?s boss?s son and dresses in a princess dress and pretends to marry the boss?s son, which causes his mom to faint. This is why he is taken to see the psychologist, so they can try to correct him into behaving like a boy. Ludo is beaten up in school, and his own brother, who feels shame in the fact that Ludo behaves this way, allows him to get beaten up by the soccer team on which they are members. The neighbors ostracize the family by not speaking to them and not inviting them to spend time with the other children?s families. Ludo?s father is later laid off from work, supposedly due to down sizing, but there are whispers that it is due to the boss?s anger over Ludo?s interactions with his son, who the neighbors are calling ?bent.? The mother is shown smoking more and more throughout the movie to show how anxious she is. Ludo also suffers greatly and he?s just an innocent boy. He bears the burden of being told he is the cause of his father losing his job, which results in the family having to move to another house. He is also blamed for the fact that 20 other families have voted to have him thrown out of the school and that his parents are now fighting to the point where the father almost strikes the mother. He identifies himself as a ?girlboy? and wants so badly to fly away with his imaginary fairy godmother, Pam, to a land where it?s acceptable for him to wear a dress, play with dolls, and finally get the extra X chromosome that accidentally fell in the trash when God made him. He exhibits signs of self -hatred when he chugs the champagne down after he hears his mom say to one of his brothers to drink it slowly or they will have to carry him out. He could also be doing this to send a message to his mother, saying that he will put himself to sleep in order to punish her for not being supportive. He does move out of his parent?s house into his grandmother?s house where he feels more accepted. All he wants is to be loved and one day get married to the boy of his dreams. At the end of this film, Ludo?s mom says that she had forgotten that he was her child and that he can do whatever makes him happy. She says this after she has an incident with Ludo at a child?s birthday party. He runs from her, and she proceeds to follow him up to a billboard where she sees Ludo wanting to run away with Pam. She realizes that she is going to lose her son if she is not accepting of what he understands himself to be. She was so blinded by what everyone else wanted that she forgot what he wanted and that she wanted him to be happy. Ma Vie En Rose showcases societies contempt towards those who challenge male and female gender roles. Society only gives us two sexes from which to choose even if biologically there can be a combination of those two roles. Ludo?s trading of his masculine traits for feminine ones and the non-acceptance that comes along with that amplifies this. There has to be something wrong with him, and that is why he is taken to see the psychologist. He needs to be fixed. Why would anyone want to be a girl? This film isn?t about Ludo being a homosexual or about him being perverted; it?s simply about him trying to be what he feels is right. He thinks it?s a simple mistake on God?s part that he?s a boy and not a girl. When the character of Christine is introduced, no one makes a big deal out of the fact that she?s a girl dressed as a boy or that she wants to wear his costume. Her mom doesn?t care that Christine has hijacked Ludo?s costume and is dressed as one of the three musketeers. The panic and focus is on Ludo, who has put on a feminine costume, and that is what makes him less than worthy. This part of the movie says to me that femininity and female values are considered to be less than worthy in society?s mind. The entire message the movie is trying to send is spoken to Ludo?s classmates, by their teacher, after they?ve teased him: "Some of your classmates may be different from you. You're all different. You must accept people the way they are and respect each other. At your age, you're still all finding yourselves." Hopefully, some of the adults watching this movie will also learn to be more tolerant and loving of one another.

Tanya P (br) wrote: When this film first came out I was absolutely certain that Slater had just flushed his career down the toilet. Of course I didn't know what was to come. On second review I've decided this is a lightweight, if not somewhat predictable, funny flick.

Lawrence G (gb) wrote: Maximum Overdrive + LOTS of beer = A perfect Saturday night

Timothy K (ag) wrote: I give it 11/5 stars

Bill B (de) wrote: This film is likely the first thing I've ever seen Gary Cooper in, and he's charismatic enough, but most of what I recall about the film is how casually the racketeer father of Cooper's love interest allows her to take the fall for him and do ACTUAL TIME in jail, which is just freaky to think a parent could be so callous.Worth a rental.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Another fun project from the Duplass duo, though marginally less than 'Decathlon'

Dan H (it) wrote: The myth of the Wendigo should be scary and intense, not goofy, silly and dumb. Yes, this film is fun, but don't go in expecting horror and if you are at all interested in the myth of the Wendigo (If you don't know what that is, look it up on Wikipedia. Seriously interesting stuff) then stay away from this film. A decent distraction, but I wouldn't say it's all that memorable.

Hunter B (jp) wrote: A smart and entertaining flick based on the biggest business on the planet's transition to the internet.