Da Xiao Jiang Hu

Da Xiao Jiang Hu

In this irreverent martial arts farce, a bumbling cobbler trains to become a kung fu master after saving a beautiful princess in disguise. Together they will battle the evil Emperor for peace and justice. (Mandarin with English subtitles).

Poor young cobbler Wu Di lives with his mother and is crazy about martial-arts picture books. One day he repairs the shoe of wandering swordswoman Yuelou and later helps save her in a fight with wanted criminal Tian Baguang, even though he has no martial-arts training. She tells him she owes him a life and can be found on Qin Mountain if he ever needs her. Yuelou is actually a princess who was due to marry the emperor but ran away after setting fire to her palace quarters. In love, Wu Di sets out to find her, fighting river pirate Dugu and his sidekick on the way, and also meeting a hermit Buddhist monk who offers to take him on as a pupil. Yuelou plans to attend a martial arts tournament to establish her name, little knowing that the emperor's chief eunuch Cheng has arranged for her to be secretly protected by Penal Bureau officer Yang Guo and to win the tournament, so the emperor can award her the prize and persuade her to reconsider marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amandeep W (es) wrote: good one.........not like typical punjabi movie

Sumanth K (gb) wrote: Wish I could understand Tamil like the way I used to. Couldn't follow half of it, so not a fair review I guess...

Paul B (ru) wrote: More laughs in the opening 10 minutes of this bizarre but brilliant French stop-motion animation than most comedy films manage in their entire run time. The story of Cowboy, Indian & Horse and what happens when you don't pay attention to your Internet order. That isn't the moral of the tale, although it does have one, but you should find it yourself by watching this. Brilliant, strangely beautiful and constantly funny this is highly recommended (almost)* family film. *(subtitled swearing in parts)

Luis O (es) wrote: I missed this film when it first came out, so I was so happy that I found it today and what a great story it is. I realize this is based on the now defunct Mustang Ranch, so I was extremely curious to see their adaption. Why? Let's not go there, but the wonderful Helen Mirren carries the whole film on her back. By the way this translation is wrong:Grace Bontempo: [listening to music] Who?Armando Bruza: Carlo Cavalli.Grace Bontempo: Carlo Cavalli. Carlo Cavalli.Armando Bruza: He's God.Grace Bontempo: He's God? No, Elvis is God. He kept saying CARLOS GARDEL not Carlo Cavalli. as far as I know Carlo Cavalli it's a new millenium DJ not an Argentinian Tango God!

Marcus N (es) wrote: great to see the truth ,when our own Government refuses to act on such issues.Thank God for people like Romeo Dallaire.

Buddy P (au) wrote: Very solid move, action packed and will keep your attention off the start. Great animation and great choice in actors. Movie worth watching more than once, if you like Avatar you'll love this.

Brian S (nl) wrote: Not bad. A gory and intense piece of macabre cinema, that shares many similarities with the plot of The Hills Have Eyes. This movie is really suspenseful, a lot of creepy ass noises and jump-scares with buckets of bloodshed. Don't get me wrong, this ain't terrific but it still worth a look.

Paola S (br) wrote: Gradevolissima commedia estiva. La protagonista affascinante nella sua semplicit, disarmante. Veramente piacevole e delicato

Klin C (kr) wrote: This is a deliciously melancholy movie that anyone who has recently lost a loved one should see. It ends on an uplifting note and has a simple message. The way it's filmed allows the viewer to figure out the story for himself; I admire a director who can do that well, and this one does. The soundtrack rocks, too.

Charlie J (ag) wrote: This was a very entertaining movie with a lot of pop culture refrences and very comic scenes,proving that William Shatner is NOT a hack actor,he is quite gifted....and of course he is,he's Canadian. We first run into Bill in a book store,and he's 'reading' PORN....and at the end of the movie he is doing a rap-style monolouge called 'No Tears For Ceasar' based on the Shakespeare play.

Jordan M (br) wrote: annoyingly boring. Bouchez's role as an androgynous infantile vagabond is just flippant. Her whispy voice, laissez-faire comportement, and ragged costumes suggests she's actually one of the lost boys of wonderland. Nothing really happens in this lazy 2h disillusionment.

Gabriel A (fr) wrote: "Sphere" uma concha vazia. Derivada de filmes famosos de fico cientfica cheia de falsas promessas. O diretor Barry Levinson est perdido em uma tiroteio sem saber se corre ou se esconde, na verdade no h o que ser dirigido, o roteiro de Kurt Wimmer, Stephen Hauser e Paul Attanasio razovel na sua primeira hora mas em seguida desce para um suspense inbil, sem qualquer razo para ser um filme, sem qualquer anzol para fisgar o espectador, sem nenhum criatividade que possa surpreender, sem ser, ele segue sendo um desastre cinematogrfico de duas horas e meia, sujando a carreira de grandes astros como Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson e Liev Schreiber, Sphere ainda conta com a participao de Peter Coyote e Queen Latifah.

Douglas R (br) wrote: One of my recent favourites. Tennant's rendition of the soliloquey is quiet, reserved & well-done. The look is great as well; Instead of doing like a movie, they kept it to a stage performance with 1 or 2 sets. But the sets are done in black glass & drapery all around, to convey the ideal of "Denmark's a prison". No privacy, everything is reflected back at you. Modernized, but still maintains the quality of the original play.

Zach M (mx) wrote: This was an interesting ghost story that takes place in an old Prison. Some decent acting and special effects.

Chucky (mx) wrote: December 10th 2009December 15th 2015

Tina M (br) wrote: What? Utterly bizarre and funny. The acting is terrible (some purposefully, some not so) and I loved the weird range of accents... New York, Italian, British, French(?), some sort of Eastern European, German, and of course "Hollywood Transylvanian." Seems like there is some message I'm not getting about communism and the decline of aristocracy that is interestingly portrayed as bad on all sides... I mean the New York/Commie grounds keeper is the plot's "hero" yet he violently rapes women. What?? Dracula loves his sister, etc but enjoys feasting on blood.Still don't know what to think of this campy film.

Phillip G (es) wrote: The life of famed silent film star Lon Chaney, often casted as doomed monsters. James Cagney gives a dynamic performance and despite some 'old fashioned' attitudes this is a well made, entertaining and historically factual biography which offers interesting insights into early Hollywood filmmaking.

Vico C (br) wrote: Better than what I expected

Natalie M (us) wrote: Good history of the records business and what the artists perceived they were getting, often to their detriment.