Daanveer Karna

Daanveer Karna

Saga of Danveer Karna - fated to a life of humiliation - and war with his siblings.

Saga of Danveer Karna - fated to a life of humiliation - and war with his siblings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander D (de) wrote: Funny coincidence: GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS is about the Titanic; it's directed by James Cameron, who directed both the 1997 film TITANIC and the similarly-titled (but ultimately-unrelated 1989 film THE ABYSS. Just thought I'd mention that. GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS is a smooth, but overly slow, documentary about the investigation of the Titanic. It picks up just about where TITANIC left off (except without the romance, drama, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), even though made six years later as a factual film. The process in which everything is captured is slightly uneven, but if you want to see a Titanic movie that isn't all lovey-dovey and kissey-blissey (I don't know...I guess I just made that last one up), watch GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS. The only two big things you'll miss that you won't when watching TITANIC are the memorability and the epic.

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Scott B (kr) wrote: Georg Solti and the London Symphony Orchestra provide the backbone for this embroidered yet snarky depiction of Beethoven. It is probably one of the least dated films of the 90's and gets better with repeated viewing. The soundtrack is a real chestnut and I listen to it on a monthly basis. "Ghost" is a high point of the movie and really wows me each time.

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