Dabangg 2

Dabangg 2

Chulbul Pandey is transferred and promoted to Kanpur. He is happily married with Rajjo. Kanpur witness a lot of criminal activities daily and kidnapping, rape and murders are done in broad daylight. The main antagonist/villain is Baccha Bhaiyaa, politician and a strong contender for the upcoming elections and Chulbul Pandey sabotages his political image by revealing his immoral activities to the public, media and police force. Chulbul Pandey takes Baccha Bhaiya head on & remains 'Dabang' as always Written by Dhrumil Parekh Salman Khan is back as Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg 2, the second adventure in one of the most successful franchises of all time in Indian cinema. In Dabangg 2, Chulbul Pandey has to battle the evil goon turned politician Baccha Bhaiyya. As he tries to strengthen his family ties with his father and brother. And romance his newly wed wife. And remain 'Dabangg' (fearless) no matter what.

Chulbul Pandey is transferred and promoted to Kanpur. He is happily married with Rajjo. Kanpur witness a lot of criminal activities daily and kidnapping, rape and murders are done in broad ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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gary s (kr) wrote: Saw this at cinema yesterday day - so funny - walked out confused at what i had seen - Bulla and the cast are hilarious..craving to see it again

Brandon W (nl) wrote: I came in blind with this movie and was only excited for this are that it's an action movie, and Mark Wahlberg is in it. Shooter is a good movie that could've been better with a rewrite. The acting is very solid, and the action sequences are fun. The plot is just ridiculous and there's a lot of moments that don't make a lot of sense. The direction by Antoine Fuqua is really good, and the stealth scenes are nicely done. I didn't care much about the characters as I find them to be forgettable, and that the script didn't try hard for it to work. I was very confused about what the villain's plan is, or why they set Wahlberg's character up, and if they did, then it was too vague for me to remember. As is, Shooter is going to be one of those films that I'm not gonna remember much about it, but I enjoyed Shooter for the time being.

Antin Sen M (br) wrote: superb documentary detailing the machinations behind the scenes at a hip-hop festival, loved supernatural, loved sage francis, odb made me sad,one of the best music docos ever

Clayton T (de) wrote: great biopic of Bukowski

Jim S (au) wrote: THIS IS A REBOOT OF A REVIEW I WROTE BACK IN 2007I had heard good things about this little movie from several friends what with its gay undertones and the fact that it stars Julianne Moore, so when I saw it pop up on Movie Central I was excited to see it. Unfortunately that excitement was quickly washed away by a film that is heavy handed, self indulgent and only adequately acted.Based on truth, it's the story of the murder of socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland. I was unfamiliar with this bit of history which apparently caused quite a stir in the early 1970's and to be honest, this production didn't make me feel much more enlightened.There's a strong performance from Julianne Moore, who is always great, but she's been much better in other films with homoerotic under themes such as "Far from Heaven", which is one of my favs. Unfortunately, she's surrounded by actors who really can't stand up to her screen presence and she easily out paces the other thesps such as young Eddie Redmayne who plays the gay, psychotic son, Anthony.The movie unfolds a bit like a Greek tragedy, what with it's themes of incest, betrayal, homosexuality and murder. But for me it was like eating a Greek salad without the feta cheese and olives...it looks good but it doesn't have any flavor.

Vinicius B (fr) wrote: talvez um dos filmes brasileiros mais bem feitos em quesitos tcnicos. Numa poca de desespero, depresso e guerra muito bem criada por este filme, vemos uma carismtica interpretao de Camila Morgado como Olga enquanto acompanhamos a sua trajetria contra o nazismo e a sua inspiradora vontade de viver.

Eva L (jp) wrote: This is one of my favorite movie by Takeshi Kitano. The year of teenage is crucial and unforgettable. I like his humor.

Matt L (ru) wrote: This was surprisingly engaging and gorgeously shot.

Lavanya M (jp) wrote: a grt luv storyyyyyyyyyy.

David H (jp) wrote: That's How Film should be The Cinematgraphy is breathtaking i love it when the Film walks by it's own and you get drown in it It shows the Madness of War and Scientism and it's a Utopical Post-Apocalyptic Epic one of the best Films ever made it's unbelievebale how visionary the Story is and much more nihilistic than the Reality but it could ironicaly also happen that Way without Hitler and Nuclear Bombs and it's also visinoary and funny at the same Place that the invent a Space Gun to send a Space Ship into the Space 67 Years after Humans fly to the Moon for Real without Werner von Braun we didn't reach the Moon yet and it's not sure that we had did in the 21th Century he real was the Great Scientist no one else though about Rockets but H.G. Wells invented something similar in his Fantasy that shows the Writers and Scientists are similar Characters one is a Dreamer publish his Dreams and the other one is Dreamer going to fill his Dreams

Vincent T (mx) wrote: Thriller qui partait pourtant bien mais les twists sont bien trop previsibles.

Paul D (jp) wrote: While this did occasionally drag on for way too long, overall it was pretty good. Say what you want about Tom Cruise, but the guy knows how to get the job done in front of the camera. This is about what I have come to expect from the series at this point. Worth watching if this is your kind of movie.

Jared P (gb) wrote: A masterpiece that demands every second of your attention. If you're going to watch a movie called Oldboy watch the Korean original not the American remake.