Chulbul Pandey is a corrupt but golden-hearted police officer in the small town of Uttar Pradesh. He dotes on his mother but hates his stepfather and stepbrother. He is at loggerheads with the local politician, Cheddi Singh, who sets the two half brothers against one another.

A corrupt police officer faces challenges from his family, gangsters and politicians. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank F (au) wrote: great mix of comedy and drama. good for any age.

Natalie M (au) wrote: Most in-depth documentary about Darfur and the history leading up to the current situation there that I have seen yet.

Nalini S (mx) wrote: songs are good. kareena still has indian/british accent even though she supposed to be bought up in canada...akshay wears a lot of makeup after he makes his comeback years later in kareena's life... i was kinda disappointed that they killed off sushmita so soon, i love her!

AANIMaL R (br) wrote: Once again I like vampires but i'm not that big on Drac.

danela h (nl) wrote: The name says it all.

Ely T (gb) wrote: Buena pelcula..... Una buena historia (basada en un hecho real), adems de una excelente fotografa. Da para pensar, pues conmueve mucho el rol que toman los protagonistas vistos como comunistas y latinos.

Katherine M (jp) wrote: The only thing I didn't like about this movie was Bono . . .

Simon T (mx) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable popcorn sequel. The plot is nonsense - South African diplomats laundering money - but it's an excuse for several exciting set-pieces... ...and Joss Ackland's ripe Dr Evil. This is the one with the exploding lavatory and the collapsing house on stilts. And very big hair.

Tracey c (fr) wrote: Mr. North is a charming,sophisticated and wittily performed comedy of manners. There are no aliens, nor special effects. What there is is a cast of perfection, who performs this tongue in cheek delight flawlessly. Edwards, Bacall, Stanton and the great Robert Mitchum head a cast that has just the right touch for this adaptation of Thornton Wilder's novel. Newport, Rhode Island is the exquisite setting for this little jewel. I could not help but wish that the film had been more successful financially, for then we might have availed ourselves of The Further Adventures of Mr. North.

John T (mx) wrote: Please watch this film! It does not disappoint, I don't really agree with the quirky tag - I think if more people saw this film then they would realise what a funny, touching film it is

john o (kr) wrote: We watched this in my English class. Didn't really like the play or the film but they were both alright. Well directed and the acting was good. Music was alright too but it good a bit tedious. Half decent film.

007 W (mx) wrote: 12 years of slave is a masterpiece, it's a really great movie, in my opinion it's the 2nd best movie of 2013 and the best movie about slavery ever, its hard to rate it because it's just so important, everything in this movie is perfect even all the fantastic performances, it's perfect

Jarkko H (br) wrote: Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas is childish, and implausible in many ways, for example, Santa Claus during the ice age, which "elves" are sloths with spears.For this short film would begin to Ice Age movies downhill.Although Squirrel be able to amuse exploits, it is not much help either.

Alex W (ca) wrote: This movie is best seen as a young adult male at the time of its release but it still holds up pretty well. An underdog sports story where the underdogs are not well trained purebreds but ankle biting mutts.I found it a little difficult to see Newman, a classic hollywood hero, playing a very flawed leader.

CoCo M (fr) wrote: Lamest movie, ever. This film doesn't even deserve a full-on critique. God what a waste of time.

Alfredo S (de) wrote: Clever, dramatic, enjoyable, funny and charming.