The great King of Dacia, Decebal (Decebalus), is disposed to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the integrity of his people. His own son, Cotyso, is given to the god Zamolxis to the dismay of the King and his daughter Meda. Septimius Severus a young roman devoted to his adopted country, must make the choose between his blood origins and the culture he was raised to

The great King of Dacia, Decebal (Decebalus), is disposed to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the integrity of his people. His own son, Cotyso, is given to the god Zamolxis to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Candace H (kr) wrote: I loved seeing a romcom that was about more than how to get a guy. This movie is smart, funny, AND had a great message. How rare is that?! loved it.

Greg R (es) wrote: offbeat, quirky, funny in parts...and absolutely no idea on how to end it...its like they gave up with about 20 minutes left....would have made a good python sketch...must have been disappointing at the time of release

Jean A (it) wrote: I've seen it. I love the end credits.

Tami Z (fr) wrote: yghhghjgttrwgcvvnnhhgfggtrfgytyyyttttugjjhjkkkkkhjjjjjjhhhjgjjkjjjkkjgdcghgggggghkkkl

Robert B (au) wrote: Even better than the first Shrek, perfect castig with stars like; Jennifer Saunders, John Cleese and Julie Andrews. 10/10 watching right now.

JE A (ag) wrote: Stunningly perfect film in every respect. Moore deserved the Oscar for this film more than any other performance she's given.

Christine D (ru) wrote: Storyline slow but otherwise a great sappy love story. The ending however could have been better.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A deliciously tongue-in-cheek 80's horror slasher schlockfest--A fun splatter movie on a budget!!

David S (es) wrote: Its manic tone doesn't yield the same sense of delight as, say, Women on the Verge.... Instead, it seems for the most part like a series of sit-com-ish set-ups and wisecracks that's fitfully amusing but never truly engages.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: An eruption of solar flares opens a wormhole in time and space allowing shambling Claymation creatures from beyond to terrorize a family that lives out in the desert. A B-film that aspires to more ... and misses by just that much.

Lin B (kr) wrote: That's freakin discusting

Ryan M (ca) wrote: I don't know, when Minnelli's "on" he's generally very "on", and 'Bells Are Ringing' definitely finds him in a satisfying mode. The film's a little scatterbrained, for sure: Holliday's uncertainty about her relationship with Martin is really stretched to the breaking point, and the vice-squad subplot provides cheaper laughs than usual for Minnelli. Nevertheless, the movie has quite a bit going for it. Comden and Green seem to have taken some cues from the great film-satirist Frank Tashlin; the movie can hardly take itself seriously, and the effect is very positive. Holliday is best when she's channelling the compassionate persuasiveness of her character (not when she's foundering in doubt), and Martin is entirely less macho and domineering than in the Martin & Lewis comedies he'd recently stopped making (a positive shift I think, though I love Martin & Lewis). In fact the movie interestingly regenders typical Hollywood relationship-making, putting Holliday in the driver's seat (if only temporarily). Some of the numbers here are really fantastic, from the basement bookie meeting to the name-dropping game to the reprisal of the romantic dance from 'The Band Wagon'. And what the synopsis author describes as a "muted" tone I think is more a bittersweet tone. This was after all the last Freed, Comden, Green, AND Holliday movie ever made and all rolled into one. That particular fact seems to resonate in the film, as if all of the above were taking their sweet time in saying goodbye. Looking at the movie with semi-severe critical rigor, it might seem that the creators stretched this one a little TOO much, but then I think it's pretty clear here that Minnelli wants us to relax a bit and get some kicks (the frequent Brando lampooning is totally unnecessary but totally hilarious, for example). It's no 'Band Wagon', but it's no dud either. Recommended.

Aaron G (de) wrote: Surprisingly powerful.

Freeman M (de) wrote: Entertaining and thrilling as hell. However, I don't understand how one of these guys basically gets off with no major punishment, despite doing some pretty criminal things.