After wealthy Dharamdas marries Tara, they are blessed with a son, Moti, but his business suffers. His assistant Bihari convinces him that his wife is responsible for his bad luck, and as a...

After wealthy Dharamdas marries Tara, they are blessed with a son, Moti, but his business suffers. His assistant Bihari convinces him that his wife is responsible for his bad luck, and as a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan W (nl) wrote: There are no likeable characters in this film. It's like watching celebrity Big Brother - you waiting for all those involved to either fuck, have a nervous breakdown or die. But this film's greatest crime against cinema is allowing Michael Caine to do an American accent.

Alejandro S (kr) wrote: Maravillosa pelcula! Gran exponente de la brillante calidad de filmes que ofrece Taiwan. Ya antes haba visto Hear Me, que es es de la mejores que he visto y ahora You yi tian o sea One Day (no confundirla con una cinta gringa, que no tienen relacin alguna) es otro ejemplo de que Taiwan tiene mucho que ofrecer en cine. Es una cinta que durante los primeros 15 minutos la van a sentir lenta pero si disfrutan de la gran fotografa, tendrn tiempo para entrar en la siguiente parte, totalmente inesperada que garantizar que quieran ver ms para entender qu est pasando y a los 38 minutos si no estn ya enganchados, ya no habr cuando. Es un poco clich en escenas clave, pero de todos modos la disfrut mucho, llor tambin y al final me alegr haberla visto. Romntica, con elementos fantsticos y una gran actuacin de los estelares que practicamente son quienes ms aparecen y tiene dilogos. Altamente recomendada.

Cristian M (de) wrote: Gran pelicula y mejor msica, para verla en VO!!!

Lacy M (ag) wrote: Little White Lies is a French "Big Chill"-type of movie where a bunch of long time friends go on their annual vacation despite one in the group being seriously injured in a scooter incident (it's France).This film is sooooo long. It's two and a half hours of people just talking and having emotions. I had to take breaks for coffee periodically. I really enjoy French culture and especially it's cinema, but this movie just did not work on multiple levels for me. The stories were mostly uninteresting despite having a great ensemble cast. Everyone just came off as selfish and pretty unlikable.PS: The music cues are sort of awful. Too on the button and all like American classic rock songs, so it makes the whole ambiance of the film feel strange.

Michael M (de) wrote: A big crappy gimmick.

Sa R (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed the dialogues. Not the usual type I expected...

Jolayne M (us) wrote: I loved this movie. One of the best little indie films I've seen. It seemed like dinners I've attended. These people feel like my friends.

Jacob T (au) wrote: This movie is awful do not see. It is not funny at all.

Paul D (fr) wrote: This movie will always be one of my favorites of all time. I finally saw the EXTENDED version tonight. Nearly 30 minutes longer and it was certainly interesting. This movie is good for the heart and soul. If you have never seen this, you need to let yourself experience this film. Tom Hanks is amazing in this and he really sells the ridiculous premise. I love this movie with all my heart!

Larry Y (it) wrote: A few fiends are in it so maybe I'll check it out

Joe S (de) wrote: WHAT took me so long to see this movie !!! this was funny director Robert zemicks before he took us back to the future brings us this comedy nobody saw in the early 80s and had one of my favorite actors in it Kurt Russell !! good story ,Korny and funny moments and it had boobs in it .....maybe that's I never heard of it My mom must change the channel if it was on cable when I was kid !! :-0

Dave J (it) wrote: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 (1975) Sheba, Baby ACTION Pam Gier stars as law enforcer visiting her dad in another city because of some African American hoodlums are trying take over his loan sharking business by doing radical things and using scare tactics, leading everything bad that happend connected to a rich white tycoon on a yacht. Instead of 'blaxploitation' cinema what we get instead is a low budget, poor acting, unimaginable fake action flick where there's absolutley no nudity with action scenes that's not even original to begin with which looked to be inspired by watching some James Bond films. This is "Pam Grier" at one of her lowest- see "Foxy Brown" and "Coffy" instead, because what this is is a low brow rehash of a bunch of movies that made Grier famous in the first place. 1/2 out of 4

Daniele C (de) wrote: Truth is that we (the viewers) never engage with the protagonist's troubled life events, we never feel empathic with him. Why is that? Because his character never develops, never change throughout the movie. All the experiences he has to endure are useless to his growth and ultimately feel pointless. When the main character does not mature during the movie, the movie feels empty and cold.

Sarah H (es) wrote: Great silent comedy from Harold Lloyd. Not quite the genius of "Safety Last," nor as cohesive, but there's lots and lots to enjoy here - great gags in a doughnut shop, a cameo from Babe Ruth, and some wonderful views of 1920s Coney Island! Plus, there's an adorable dog. 86 minutes without dialogue shouldn't be this entertaining.