Oliver Watson has never been luckier: he is a successful advertising executive, shares a marriage of eighteen years with Sarah and has three loving kids: 17-year-old Ben, 15-year-old Melissa, and 9-year-old Sam. His perfect life suddenly falls apart when his wife Sarah announces that she wants to enter a graduate school 200 miles away from home, as she regrets that she gave up her bohemian protester's life and promising writing career to become the wife of a conservative traditionalist. Oliver unsuccessfully tries to save his marriage, until Sarah announces that she is seeing someone else. The children start acting out as a reaction and life is complicated by the death of Oliver’s mother and accepts a job in L.A. where he falls in love with Charlotte Sampson. Life again challenges Oliver when Charlotte is offered her dream job on Broadway.

After twenty years of marriage, a man starts over with his children after his wife leaves him in order to "find herself." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (kr) wrote: Great effects for the most part. An epic fantasy mystery worthy of continuing the franchise.

Cody U (de) wrote: A terrifying look into the world of nuclear weapons. This was a very educational documentary for me. I did not know all that much about nuclear weapons. This documentary painted a very bleak, but frank picture of how badly we need to decrease the amount of nuclear weapon material that is out there, or else suffer the consequences. As far as documentaries go, this may not be as fun or provocative as Fahrenheit 9/11 or Religulous, but it is certainly worth watching.

Paul J (br) wrote: Good coming of age story that takes place in the early 80's in texas.

i C (es) wrote: 4/10Trash but funny

Rags N (us) wrote: ving rhames. what can i say. brilliant

Olga R (ru) wrote: me gust...muy triste pero la cinematografa esta muy buena y la composicin de la historia tambin.

Staush P (de) wrote: I want the 2 hours of my life back.

Adam M (it) wrote: Absolutely fantastic film, great acting from CSI's Gary Sinese! The ending is fantastic!! If you don't watch this, you are missing out on a fantastic movie, which makes you think!!

Gabriel L (nl) wrote: This movie was special. Really not bad. Will probably seem not too horrific for very religious people.

Jenna J (us) wrote: Probably would have been good if they were speaking French.

Douglas L (ag) wrote: What I liked was the reversal of Assante and Stallone's characters. I felt that was a very strong quality of this film. Definitely has some elements of Rocky in there. The acting was fine by some, bad by others, but I think the main characters (Lenny, Cosmo) were done very well in the way they think and feel. I've considered Stallone a very underrated writer especially in his early days. Definitely an overlooked Stallone movie that should be checked out esp. if youre a fan of his.

michael l (nl) wrote: Umm. Yeah this doesn't work.

Tim C (es) wrote: Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in their second movie, a suspense thriller directed by George Cukor- a little slow, but a challenge met with great tact and dramatic force of Hollywood's greatest couple. Hepburn plays a widow of an American legend who dies in a car crash on a stormy night, Tracy plays a biographer looking for the real honest story about him, only to discover that he wasn't what he seemed- a legend whose image was a front for fascism, I am not revealing the details, but it is worth discovering. I think this film says an important message relevant to our political climate ( and it isn't about our president). It's a shame that this movie is overlooked in the era of Alfred Hitchcock, but it is worth watching.

Karin R (ca) wrote: I think I agree with TCM's Robert Osborne's comment this past New Years Eve 2016 that many people liked this more than the first one. I'm one of them. The pacing is tighter, the laughs come quicker and oh, Asta. Bad dog. Bad. Oh, and oh my... Jimmy Stewart is in this, looking young and preppy... and he was smokin' clean cut sexy. I get it. I really do. Wow.

Hugo Y (nl) wrote: 22 Jump street is the second movie of the jump street franchise. The movie isen't as good as the first one but it's still very funny. But their are things that are boring according to myself, I think that they both should be poupluar insted of one is. But over all it's good movie and i hope we get a third movie.

Ben L (es) wrote: A 60's spy thriller which is pretty damn bad, but still entertaining just for the sheer camp. The score is weird and trippy, and there are some lovably cheesy lines. Plus Sophia Loren wears hilariously over-the-top sixties clothes. The mystery is supremely confusing but interesting, I guess. Altogether bizarre but worth a fun evening if you like that sort of thing.

Dorianator F (it) wrote: Pretty good movie. But, extremely depressing! The pacing was a bit weird though, because the director, I think, put a lot of effort into making it an artsy movie. But, other than that, the movie was memorable. The acting was good and the story was enticing, albeit extremely depressing

JC E (ca) wrote: Have you ever wondered about the porn industry and how it got its upstart on the internet? Yeah, me either. Well, I guess this film serves as a kind of biopic to those who helped get its tawdry gears going. Luke Wilson (Death at a Funeral), Giovanni Ribisi (Contraband), and Gabriel Macht (Love and Other Drugs) are the "brains" behind the outfit that cashed in when the going got good. What brings this flick down is the tired clich that when stuff's going so good, something's got to go bad. Formulaic, you say. To a t, if you will. It's actually not as salacious and gratuitous as you might think a flick about the porn industry would be, but it's graphic enough. Besides, no amount of nudity or sex could have saved this from being just another wannabe provocative flick. It's lackluster and dull, despite the three leads giving it their best. Though, of all three, only Ribisi has a real knack for the acting thing. It could have been much, much worse, but this isn't really anything groundbreaking.