Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl

After the police find Derek’s daughter brutally murdered on the beach, he vows to make the culprit suffer for his actions, even if that person is ‘part of the family.’ With careful research into the history of torture, Derek prepares himself and his basement for a week of brutal tactics that will make his daughter’s killer feel the pain that he has inflicted upon so many others. In a time when stranger danger is ever present, a single father learns that it’s the ones you trust most who have to be watched the closest.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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In a time when stranger danger is ever present, a single father learns that it's the ones you trust most who have to be watched the closest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daddy's Little Girl torrent reviews

Kairon T (fr) wrote: unique drama ,intriquing ,the ending is were the true chemistry evokes, in the middle of the scene im expecting to know their true feeling.afterwards they express both at the ending .and it does.a love story began.

Caroline F (ru) wrote: How to make a 2.34 hour movie with no storyline. One of the worst French movie I have seen.

X T (gb) wrote: Hou perhaps reached his aesthetic extreme with the one take per scene approach here, which I loved. The opening scene is simply breathtaking. The film almost feels like a play with the entire running time taking place inside. Almost all the major action in the film takes place offscreen such as when a character is merely discussed in one scene but revealed much later in the film to have died. The film is almost too subtle in that every fade in/out carries some meaning and what happened between is oblique, so I probably missed some important details. All the actors were great, especially the arrogant Michelle Monique Reis, who only adds to the film's beautiful sets and sepia colored cinematography.

Tony B (jp) wrote: dern and ladd are sooooooo good in this! but damn this films ending, i was upset for days!

(ca) wrote: wow, i remember how i use to watch this movie all the time when i was younger. It's a cute poppy chick flick. Now, that I'm older, I realized how cheesy and corny it truly is. And the fact that the girl was putting a spell on her crush to make him like her, is so unsettling, in my mind. But what I truly loved about this movie is the "Take That" scene, involving these corny guys who like to rap and dance on street corners. It is so freaking hilarious. You should see the movie for that alone.

Kyle R (gb) wrote: The quintessential holiday movie in our rural northern Michigan home !

Paul C (jp) wrote: Obligatory 80's post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi vehicle that almost every major Hollywood actor at the time had to appear in. Its the same well-worn story - essentially an update of 'Shane' - but this time the fight scenes are really quite poor - still Swayze did get to sat alongside his wife.

Bruce B (ca) wrote: Best Spaghetti Western I've seen in a very long time.

Carl V (ca) wrote: So cheesy, it's good!

Adam S (de) wrote: Since the birth of film, many brands of comedy come and go. And some acts from all eras stick in the consciousness of the public, and become legends. One such legendary comedy group is Abbott & Costello, who work together again here for "Africa Screams!" Is it corny? Yes. Is it Abbott & Costello's finest work? No. Does that make it a bad movie? Of course not. While their Africa seems to take on a lot of characteristic's of South America's Amazon Jungle, indicative of it's age and the public awareness at the time, it still has it's share of laughs, and is fun to watch at any time. Not groundbreaking, but fun. And sometimes a movie needs to be that. If you like comedy, I'd suggest you watch "Africa Screams!"