Daddy's Success

Daddy's Success

A 17 year old psychology-loving student starts analyzing his father and draws awfully wrong conclusions. He tutors his siblings, shocking, and is forced to show that he is very capable of great accomplishments.

A 17 year old psychology-loving student starts analyzing his father and draws awfully wrong conclusions. He tutors his siblings, shocking, and is forced to show that he is very capable of great accomplishments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick U (au) wrote: 1/19/17 Netflix DVDA fascinating look at the PC industry in general and Compaq in particular. It is absolutely amazing how much has happened in 35 years. From a 27 pound portable PC to 100 times the computing power in your hand held phone today. It is also eye opening how many companies were in the business in the early 800's who are no longer around in the business from giants like IBM and Compaq to Tandy, Radio Shack, Commodore and others. Lastly, is was really interesting to watch the life and death of a major company that started with 3 guys and an idea to 1000's of employees and billions of dollar and the issues that creates. Very well done.

Andrew K (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. Beautifully shot and amazing fight sequences but all this merely fed a well-paced and lingering story.

jared m (kr) wrote: if u go into it not expecting an amazing movie its not bad. its a low budget film enough sed.

Matthew L (es) wrote: Ok, that was absolute crap. It simply sucked.

Lisa H (us) wrote: I'm sorry. Birds do not scare me. I had to turn it off after the first 30 mins because I was bored. The acting was pretty good though. It wasn't bad directing or anything I just get scared watched "killer" animals like Jaws, The Birds, Anaconda, etc ... But to each their own.

Loyal D (au) wrote: I love this movie even though it has numerous flaws. It was funny and unique. The acting was pretty bad, but the plot and script were basic yet excellent. It was a bit predictable which takes away from the interest level. Either way, it was a cute comedy worth checking out!

Lawrence A (it) wrote: she puts WHAT in her tea?!!?!?

Adam B (jp) wrote: good cast. what an ending.nice bit of European realism.

Nick B (de) wrote: Saw it in a motel, which adds a certain quality to movies... great motel movie. It's pretty funny. I wouldn't go out of my way, though.

Seychelle G (kr) wrote: A twisted tale of a lovers triangle that revolves around lust, lesbianism and bisexuality. Storyline is intriguing but it plays out in a boring manner

Dustin D (fr) wrote: Dolph is the fucking man, believe that. Easily my favorite action movie, and started a Dolph craze that will never end until I own them all.

Rob D (au) wrote: I enjoyed this play with Matthew Broderick in the lead role. Jonathan Silverman didn't deliver at the same level. The movie was good, it could have been a lot better though. Gene Saks was too safe with the characters.

Stuart D (de) wrote: Just watched Play Misty For Me for the first time. Clint Eastwood's film directorial debut. What a cracking film, 42 years old, so you have to forgive some things, fashion being the big one, but it's a great movie and Jessica Walter owns her part and the film.

Caleb M (au) wrote: What makes Jail Bait bad isn't that it's so over-the-top or poorly made, but that it just isn't very interesting. Surprisingly, for an Ed Wood film, the dialog never gets genuinely laughably bad, performances never get to weird/bad and the "twist" is kinda neat, even if you can see it a mile away.

Marc R (ag) wrote: This is a masterpiece, and one of the best films ever made about the transience of life and the indignities and trials of old age. It sees clearly its characters and its story, which builds to a beautiful and heartbreaking final movement

Benjamin S (nl) wrote: Intriguing study of two kinds of bromances--the one between Henry and Becket, and the one between the church and the state. That said, it's aged considerably.

Ksenya E (es) wrote: The movie transpires some of the mood of Arena's stories. Recommend.

Joao20 M (br) wrote: Nota: 7.1/10 - 3.7/5

Jesse O (ru) wrote: Some of the best holiday/Christmas movies are those movies that, really, have very little to do with Christmas. And I really think that that's the problem with a lot of these films. Christmas is, really, such a limiting concept. You can only go a couple of ways with these films and, usually, filmmakers go for the sweet, sappy and corny. There's films like Bad Santa and Uncle Nick that try to subvert this genre with darker stories, but, even then, the end goal of the film isn't really about Christmas. They just happen to take place during the Christmas season and they certainly have some themes associated with the season, but they're not completely centered around Christmas with a, sort-of, tunnel vision where nothing else can come in. And, really, this movie is one of those holiday movies that takes place during the holidays, but isn't really completely centered on the holiday itself. Like I said, there's certain some elements associated with the 'genre', like when Kevin, after an incident where he gets grounded after a fight with his brother and ruins the family dinner, wishes for his family to disappear. I don't know who Kevin was asking for when he asked for this, but let's say it was Santa Claus. Actually now that I think about it, it was Santa Claus since, later in the film after his family has left for Paris, he goes to one of Santa's 'representative' for him to tell Santa that all he wants for Christmas is his family back. But I digress, maybe this movie wasn't even good in the 90s, but I don't think time has been super kind to this. Though, if we're being honest, this movie was never meant to be more than a crowd-pleaser. It was never made to please critics or people like me, who appreciate well-written movies with strong character development. That's not to say that I can't enjoy a film like this, as in something lighter in tone, I obviously have, but I don't think this movie has enough material to justify its own existence. John Hughes wrote some truly great movies in the 80s, but this is obviously not one of his best. Or at least it's a middle-of-the-road for him, considering that this is the same guy that wrote The Breakfast Club. Those two have nothing in comparison with the minor exception that Hughes wrote both of them. I think the main problem with the film is that it's fairly repetitive. Kevin wakes up, finds out that his family is gone. He does everything he couldn't do when he didn't have a family, rinse and repeat. There's not much variety in the movie. Oh and he also has to deal with these thieves that want to go in his house to steal his family's shit since, naturally, they feel that they can handle him. I haven't seen this movie in a long-ass time, seriously, and I remembered it being much more geared towards Kevin fucking over the thieves with various traps. Yet, it turns out that those segments of the film only, really, comprise like 15% of the entire movie. The thieves do follow Kevin around and they scout out his house, but the actual traps that Kevin sets and their effects on the thieves is actually very minimal. So, for the most part, I felt that the movie was really killing time before they got to that point. And, realistically speaking, I get why they left it all for the third act. You can't build an entire movie out of a kid foiling the thieves' plans with his traps, eventually the jokes would be repeated and the law of diminishing returns would end up applying here. So I get that, but there's no actual narrative to speak of here. Maybe Kevin realizing that he loves and misses his family in spite of how they treat him. But that's another thing that you can't build an entire movie out of. You also have Catherine O'Hara, who plays the mom, doing whatever it is she can do to get back to Chicago to Kevin. There's also this subplot with this old man that the kids around town believe to be a serial killer. And this is actually the best part of the entire film, once you get to see who this man is and his backstory. It's the only part of the film that has any actual emotional resonance. Which is strange seeing how much slapstick this film employs. And I'm not saying that this movie is ever bad, not even close, it's average at best. But I'm still surprised at that part of the story considering everything the movie ends up being about. And I guess the inclusion of this more emotional subplot does make sense what with it relating to Kevin's own issues with his family, but it still feels somewhat out of place. I will say that the segment with Kevin and the traps are surprisingly inspired and effective. And I don't even know why I'm surprised, really, but it's pretty good all things considered. So I can't complain about that aspect of the film. What I can complain is the lack of focus and direction for the rest of the movie. Macaulay Culkin was cute and good here, he didn't have great delivery but I liked him here, so I think it certainly got by for most people just because of him and him alone. But if you inspected the movie closer, you would obviously notice the flaws. It's a fairly decent movie and nothing more than that, I'm sure others will enjoy this much more than I did.

Noname (es) wrote: Okey comedy movie and its quite fun with these road / camp trips films.