Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

In this feature-length film combining footage from classic Warner Brothers cartoon shorts with newly animated bridging sequences, Daffy Duck, after having induced laughter in an ailing millionaire and forestalled the millionaire's death for a time (as chronicled in Daffy Dilly (1948), is the beneficiary for the deceased millionaire's assets. But the millionaire's will clearly stipulates that Daffy

Daffy Duck opens a detective agency for the supernatural along side his Looney Toon buddies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip C (br) wrote: come on it wasn't that bad

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Crystal (fr) wrote: freakin' hilarious!!

Cody C (it) wrote: Not all the fights are great. Some are boring. But this is a very good martial arts movie. The ninja scenes in particular are so much fun.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Possibly more of a classic than Eastwood's spaghetti.

Max H (ru) wrote: A Classic. Some animal violence but heart warming.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Excellent suspenseful film, I knew nothing about it before I saw it, so I was completely surpised when the story unfolded. Kim Stanley and Richard Attenborough were both incredible in it. Attenborough's retrieving of the ransom money was very intense. I wish this film had gotten more recognition, it was a pretty dark film, considering it was made in 64.

Kevin N (it) wrote: An amusing if minor entry into Chaplin's Mutual career. This one predicts some of his later "comedy on wheels", catering to gags on a firewagon and high-pressure knick-of-time jokes. It isn't laugh-out-loud funny, and a lot of these scenes had been done plenty of times by the Tramp beforehand, but they are scrapbooked here in a tidy package good for smiles.

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