Portraits of the people that occupy the small shops of the Rue Daguerre, Paris, where the filmmaker lived.

Documentary on the small shopkeepers of the rue Daguerre in Paris, where the film-maker lived. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daguerréotypes torrent reviews

bloody w (ag) wrote: a movie that I only watch for the nudity terrible forgettable film

Paul C (ru) wrote: Documentary should have been more about what happened in Rwanda rather than just about his personal feelings and his return trip. Very one-side picture of a highly criticized UN official. Paul Chambers, CNN.

Martin S (us) wrote: I thought this movie was bizarre. While it didn't scare me, I thought it was wonderfully creepy, with the blaring African tribal music, the visuals and set pieces and the hilarious costuming and wigs to support the non-specific time period in which this twisted fairytale-like story is set. When you think about it, the story itself really isn't all that great, but it sure makes up for it in every other aspect. I don't know how to describe this movie - it's not really a "horror" movie. I would classify it as "fantasy" more than anything. It's definitely worth a viewing though.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Random is probably the best way to describe this film. I really liked the style of the film how it linked the characters. How the voiceiover was placed over images and people at times that were so completely random. It was an interesting and unique experince but not sure one I would like to relive so soon.

Anna B (kr) wrote: I liked this more than I expected to, though it was in spite of the empty block of wood Nash Bridges. I longed for someone with charisma in the role, like Alec Baldwin (considering he did Glengarry Glen Ross the year before). Cohen's script is tight and angry (he clearly hates attractive, arrogant men) and, although the ending itself is bizarrely abrupt, I appreciated Lumet's refusal to turn it into a dumb action movie in the third act, which these wordy thrillers often tend to do.

Jonathan C (de) wrote: classic to me. grew up watching this when I was a kid.

Richard S (kr) wrote: Not a very good film.

Margaret S (nl) wrote: Well-acted and reasonably factual historical drama not only of Juarez but more so the life and times of Emperor Maximilian and his wife Carlotta. For fans of Mexican history, also watch the portrayal of Porfirio Diaz. Reflects the US political climate and debates of the time, but also captures the difficult political upheavals of Mexico from the time of Juarez through Maximillian's reign and downfall.

Wrik S (au) wrote: Had it not been for the somewhat loosely done earlier half, this movie is quiet the thing to watch..