Dai yûkai

Dai yûkai

A wealthy matriarch is kidnapped by a gang of three. She is insulted by the amount of money they propose to demand as ransom, and a strange interchange of roles takes place between captors ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rural setting,  

A wealthy matriarch is kidnapped by a gang of three. She is insulted by the amount of money they propose to demand as ransom, and a strange interchange of roles takes place between captors ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl N (kr) wrote: This is hilarious! It has clearly been made with zero budget. Shot on a camcorder and edited with a PC package and a Special FX CD. But sadly thats why I found it so entertaining. Yes its damn awful. Yes it has every slasher film cliches imaginable. The acting is shocking and the killer wears a clown mask for Christ sake. But what is achieved here is still more pleasurable to watch than some of the recent big budget Hollywood slashers.

Neil T (kr) wrote: Revenge.. with a slight twist at the end.

Christina J (jp) wrote: A group of scientists created a genetically wrong piranhas and they lost control and attacked the city near coast. The effect is really poor and the plot isn't really good. And last, boring.

Cameron E (gb) wrote: Though unbelievably revolting at times, it has an unusual likability with a film concept that's very darkly comedic and completely disturbing at the same time.

Pete M (kr) wrote: Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Damon R (it) wrote: I didn't like how it was presented. The director could've slowed the movie down a bit instead of making it feel rushed and choppy with those unnecessary and annoying jump cuts. I'm sorry, but the movie was terrible and Peter Hyams has a bad habit of using jump cuts making him the worst director ever. It's even Arnold Schwarzenegger's worst film since Last Action Hero.

David L (nl) wrote: Engaging at times, mostly cliche; drags.

Cassie R (kr) wrote: This girl is like 14 super scary and.gross

Brad G (nl) wrote: The aggression of John Cassavetes is scary. The way he speaks--barks at his son, the way he grabs a man by the arm, the way he stares Britt Ekland down, giving her no choice but to fall in love with him. It's twisted stuff. So when, Cassavetes finally picks up a machine gun you really expect him to go completely nuts. You want him to blast his way through hordes of mob goons. Ratt-A-Tatt-Tatt!!!! And he kills plenty of people...but it's not quite as exploitatively satisfying as I was hoping for, and the ending is a bit of a drag too. Still, Cassavetes is beastly and worth your time. And the brief appearance of Gena Rowlands as Cassavetes's former flame is stunning. VF.

Alex D (ag) wrote: Not a full movie I want to watch again, the wolf and the whale were good

Jos M (jp) wrote: Memorables escenas especialmente la ltima con el rostro de la Garbo , film de buen ritmo , excelente ambientacin , un clsico.

Brian S (gb) wrote: Ain't the worst movie I've ever seen but it ain't great. It's too bad, cause it's directed by James Wan, same guy who created the Saw franchise and it's got a memorable score and strong performances. It's also heavy on creepy atmosphere, but it just ain't good enough. But it's not all bad, it has it's moments, and definitely a lot of suspense and jump scares.

Noname (it) wrote: The 80's had many good movies but this movie i have totally missed and it seemed to be a classic so i finally watched it. Directed by S.Spielberg and a very young C. Bale in the main role along with John Malkovich. Bale did a superb role even for being only 13 at that time. Story take place in WW2 and a young boy must survive pretty much on his own.. It's a drama flick mainly and not quite like Spielbergs usually movies. The story and acting are on top but sometimes i felt it a bit slow actually and long. Perhaps i had wanted more of Spielbergs typical work. But its a good movie and i can understand why its rated as a classic. Take a closer look like i did , a worth seeing flick.

Mike S (au) wrote: PRETTY POISON is a solid little film starring PSYCHO's Anthony Perkins. I had long been wanting to see Perkins in something other than the PSYCHO films, and he didn't disappoint at all in a role that is different from Norman Bates. The strength of PRETTY POISON is the chemistry that is shared by the film's two leads, Perkins and Tuesday Weld. As the plot goes on and becomes more intricate and twisted, it doesn't become the least bit difficult to follow, and Perkins and Weld help to keep the viewers' attention throughout. Their characters' relationship is a very odd one, and it comes off as quite interesting and is really quite memorable, mainly for how odd it actually is, but also because Perkins and Weld are extraordinary in their roles. Director Noel Black does a fine job of crafting this film, opting for a minimalist approach over something overblown and overdone. PRETTY POISON is a fairly low-key film, but it works here. It's excellently shot, with Black opting for more ordinary surroundings for his characters in an effort to show just how truly over-the-top they both are, even in spite of the grounded performances of Perkins and Weld, which only accentuates this point. PRETTY POISON is an excellent film, one of the best I've seen in a while.

Jason M (kr) wrote: One of the worst action movies ever made. Megan Fox is hot as hell but that's Revenge of the Fallen's only redeeming factor.

James P (fr) wrote: Classic. Great soundtracks.