A successful Japanese movie director in his 60s becomes increasingly ill while working on his latest film. His family, friends, and doctor try to keep the secret of his terminal cancer from...

A successful Japanese movie director in his 60s becomes increasingly ill while working on his latest film. His family, friends, and doctor try to keep the secret of his terminal cancer from... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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YuSan M (ag) wrote: This movie is one of the WORST low-budget flicks of all times lacking any type of creativity or originality. The editing is deplorable, obviously covering up the atrocious acting by the no-name cast. When Ashley (Natalie Paige Bentley) finds out that her son has been shot (the premise of the film), it seemed like she was laughing instead of crying. Characters often talk over one another, displaying their lack of acting experience. The camera work is despicable, which is only second to the poor sound work. How anyone could have received funding to make this movie is beyond comprehension. The only other movie as bad as this one is "The Black Knight Returns", another amazing achievement of pure unadulterated dreck that wouldn't even qualify as cannon fodder. Natalie Paige Bentley serving as the main character, director and producer shows her utter lack of creativity and talent in any arena. (0/5 stars)

Chris J (it) wrote: I wish it was possible to give this movie zero stars. It was fucking shitter that a Porta-San and twice as crusty. Horrible sound, craptastic lighting, shit script and alright acting. It is supposed to be a satire of 80's horror movies, but it is shot on what looks to be a cell phone camera and poorly at that. I would rather be raped by an alpaca then watch this movie again.Tip for the filmmakers - If you want to spoof an 80s horror movie: A) make the audience believe that they are watching a movie from the 80's. This takes more than one line about a character wanting to go home and play his Atari. B)Film! Super 8, 16mm anything. Just not daddys Mini-DV. Also, an interesting killer would be preferable to Murder McGee.

Angel P (mx) wrote: When netflix describes this film as John Hughes meets John Waters they weren't kidding. VERY cool movie set in the 1980s at a high school. Synopsis: Tired of dealing with the homophobic school bully, out-of-the-closet teen Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrinck) enlists two disparate friends -- a flashy drag queen and the hunky school jock -- to help him crush his tormentor. Fun film, full of great music and kudos to the writer(s) of this one.

Charlie K (kr) wrote: I SAW PART OF IT AND IT WAS AWFUL.

Peepee H (gb) wrote: This movie confusing as hell!! I didn't like this movie at all !! It was good movie but crazy that it was two of them same guys the whole time. I think they were twins or maybe he went back in time. When they reveal an epic twist near the end , boy will it be an epic twist at the end that will leave you speachless!!! I really liked this movie a lot. There is an epic twist at the end that could leave you speechless . . . Or should I say, Slevin!! I didn't really understand this movie.

siti k (gb) wrote: w suka banget film ini

Shirley T (br) wrote: Sooo frieken amazing u will be on the edge of ur couch

Philip S (de) wrote: Which one is this? The original tv mini-series or the series or what? The original mini-series was awesome (at least I thought so when I watched it as a kid). Cool stuff.

Private U (jp) wrote: Omg usda chicken is delicious

Adrian B (jp) wrote: In a small Japanese village, a young man (Yuzo Kayama) is on the final stages of complete his education to become a doctor and is under the leadership of Dr. Kyojo Niide (Toshiro Mifune). He then goes through the village and tends to those who need assistance and at the same time, they recall their lives, in his presence, that had and had not lead to their current condition (some became ill due to natural causes and others due to natural disasters). Not anywhere near one of director Akira Kurosawa's best, but it does show a sensitive, different side to the master for which he should be given credit for. The performances are good and so is the photography, but it just doesn't contain the same magic or pace as prior films have. It is a good Kurosawa film, not a great one.

Dan K (fr) wrote: Good Lord, melodrama at its finest. Sirk is a fucking god and Rock Hudson oozes kingliness. I cannot recommend this enough. It's a heartbreaking story of death and true love that grabs you within the first minute and stays entirely engrossing till the very end.

Russell G (kr) wrote: Here is a remake the probably was worth making. After an exhilarating opening scene, the original movie loses its sense of direction and veers off on a lengthy unsatisfying tangent. This movie wisely focuses on the part of that movie that did work. There is a back-story, a slow lead up, and the killer remains shrouded in mystery. Check, check, and double-check, this should be perfect now right? Not so fast, this has cardboard acting and has the feel of "dumb-teen horror movie." The setting of a gorgeous modern house in a remote location may seem more isolated and feel scary, but it defeats the point. I like how the original movie takes place in a typical suburb and involves a tragedy that could happen anywhere in middle-class America. Having a babysitter that must protect helpless children is enough to keep her anchored in one location. Some things in the plot are better in the remake, but the style and tone of the movie are wrong. I still think this concept can become a horror masterpiece in the hands of the right director. We will need to wait another fifteen to twenty years to try again.