Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu

Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu

A gigantic bat emerges from a volcano to terrorize Japan and only one thing can stop it...Gamera!

A gigantic bat emerges from a volcano to terrorize Japan and only one thing can stop it...Gamera! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cherry P (fr) wrote: To Jasmine, I'm a preteen and I find Fred incredibly stupid. His YouTube videos are GOD AWFUL!!!


Shirl H (kr) wrote: Another fav of mine.

Lina L (de) wrote: so love this movie is all I about lovee this movie show u that no matter who u r if is for u is gonna come no matter if u high class or poor love it I whont get tired of watching it :-)

Jasmine B (br) wrote: If you want to see a really bad b-movie, watch this one!

Joetaeb D (it) wrote: Guillermo del toro's debut Cronos is a scary yet thoughtful horror drama that succeeds at bringing the chills of a modern vampire flick and the necessary depth too.

Jon H (it) wrote: Entertaining dramedy about local small town hotshot who refuses to grow up and face the prospects and responsibilities of the real world is nicely cast and feels surprisingly ahead of it's time. It's biggest liability is it's (inevitable) ending.

Rainer K (kr) wrote: I really start to become a film snob...Why I'm bringing this up? Well, I just watched a black and white documentary short by great avantgardist Luis Bunuel - in French - without subtitles - in a theater.Terre sans Pain runs for only about half an hour and its main subject, a grinding poor mountain region in Spain seems not very interesting, but this is a very fine example of what's the essential skill that made Bunuel a star.TSP is told without any compromise, it starts with this strange and macabre rite in L'Alberca that has newlyweds snap off rooster heads up to the examination of the various types of incest-related malformations in Las Hurdes.I wouldn't call it surrealistic or even avant-garde, it's pretty straight-forward but you can clearly see Bunuel talent in finding the exact right look for every frame he's filming and the objective and calm tone of the narrator is in stark contrast to the pictures and the pretty leftist messages he conveys.Visually stunning (well, maybe stunning is not the right word, rather perfectly framed), gory (sounds like fun, doesn't it) and surprisingly emotionally deep, Terre sans Pain is another point of favour for Bunuel.

Steven S (ca) wrote: Cracking cast and good story which moves along quickly enough. Nice soundtrack in the more musical moments. Meryl is her usual genuis self

Jeremy L (ru) wrote: One of the few occasions where an anime adaptation of an American comic book title misses the mark. Iron Man: Rise of Technovore may have good animation, but it's bullet-riddled with plot holes and an incomprehensible storyline. Stick to the live-action movies.

Ako G (de) wrote: Very strange movie this one. The entire film is very confusing, You are constantly trying to understand what is happening. Wondering what path you are watching and which pieces fit together. But it feels like every scene is an important one, there are no unnecessary ones in Mr. Nobody. The runtime is long, but I was never bored or out of the moment.A stunning movie, with an incredible story that makes you think about what really happened and how it ended. It's no open end, but your mind has to work to comprehend it. Amazing.

Tyler B (ru) wrote: Wonderful start to a fantastic trilogy. Although I prefer the extended editions, this captures the true spirit of a mythical adventure from the start. The sets are carefully crafted and depict a fantastic rendering of Middle Earth. The cast is perfect from Elijah Wood as Frodo to Ian Mckellen as Gandalf. This film will go down in history along the likes of Star Wars.

Dave R (ca) wrote: It had it's funny moments to it was not a bad movie at all