A giant stone statue comes to life to protect the residents of a small town against the depradations of an evil warlord.

A giant stone statue comes to life to protect the residents of a small town against the depradations of an evil warlord. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (us) wrote: Another terrific film from the "Romanian New Wave." This one revolves around an adulterous husband and the events leading up to his split from his wife. Like many of these "New Wave" films, it takes it's time and allows character development to evolve through looks and motions. This creates a sense of exhaustion in the characters, particularly Paul (Mimi Branescu), who creates a complex, sympathetic, but flawed character.

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (47%)A slightly better than most family fantasy that sadly feels, despite the makers best efforts, too much like it was shot in a studio. The cast is good, but Tim Robbins is more than a little wasted and the quality of ideas run dry towards the end. it's a family film that adults won't hate watching, they many even enjoy it more than the kids.

Dennis H (gb) wrote: This movie provides visual backgrounds of New Delhi that are gritty and authentic. There are slow parts but it prepares one for an ending, that by the time it arrives, socks one right in the heart.

Samantha S (nl) wrote: Pretty damn good movie. I'll be honest - I picked it up because I couldn't resist the trifecta of sexiness that's Ryan Phillipe, Channing Tatum, and JGL all in one movie (and then, happy surprise, Timothy Olyphant and Victor Rasuk were in it too!) But in all seriousness, this movie brought light to an untouched issue that was (is?) so devastating. Great performances all around.

Kyal B (us) wrote: A great cast holds up an otherwise mediocre script very well

Cassandra M (nl) wrote: A young artist Kyra lays semi-conscious in a hospital bed.She was brought savagely slashed and battered,uttering one word 'Kolobos'.36 hours later Kyra,enticed by a free vacation offer,participates in an experimental film.Unfortunately she and the rest of the cast soon discover that they are trapped in a lodge with sealed doors and windows and no means of escape.One by one,they encounter a vicious killer with a mutilated face."Kolobos" is a pretty good experimental slasher which reminds me a little bit another unsettling horror film "My Little Eye".The acting by totally unknown cast is decent and the killings are very gory and sadistic.The film is heavily influenced by Italian giallos,especially the works of Dario Argento and this is another reason to see it.The musical score by William Kidd clearly copies the main theme by Goblin from "Suspiria".The death scenes are gruesome including nasty teeth-smashing straight from "Deep Red" and a horrific eyeball puncture ala "Evil Dead Trap".The film offers some surreal scenes and enough grisly surprises to satisfy fans of low-budget horror.Give it a chance.

Petros T (kr) wrote: Definitely not original but still quite entertaining. The highlight for me definitely was Steve Buscemi's character and acting, while extra points have to be awarded for the very good soundtrack. And of course the action is pretty good, leaving no room to feel bored.

Arnaud L (ag) wrote: Not as bas as its reputation but still nothing great. A watchable romance with some typical Ching Siu Tung touch lacking any depth.

Peter P (ag) wrote: Interesting take on what happened to Robinhood after he won the day and was called back into service by the king. It is cool seeing Connery, Hepburn and Shaw together on the screen, and the final fight scene is good too.

Renee L (fr) wrote: When I finally saw this, I was deeply moved, and could not stop thinking about it for a few days. The young John Voight is - at age 20-something - as breathless a beauty as his daughter. The con man and the hustler are both deeply damaged people - the hustler in soul, the con man in body. As they struggle through the cruelties of New York, and inflict cruelties themselves, their friendship provides a vehicle for God's grace (note the pictures of the Sacred Heart in their shared hovel). For Hoffman's character, Rizzo, Florida is heaven, and Voigt's character (the hustler Joe Buck) helps him get there. It is Buck's self-sacrifice and love for Rizzo that saves them. Though both of these characters are involved in what is considered sinful activity, there is a sweet naivet about both of them, which reminds us that everyone was once innocent, that God is still present in the worst of circumstances, and that salvation is a cooperative endeavor.

Louis H (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this film the acting and the overall story. It is quite a dark film; it is billed as a dark comedy but I did not find a lot of comedy but an interesting character study a lot like About Schmidt. No spoilers, but I enjoyed the ending quite a bit.

Lucas G (es) wrote: The fantastic performance by James Franco isn't enough to make Pineaple Express a remarkable film itself.

Jacqueline R (kr) wrote: Fav Johnny depp movie

Andrew D (au) wrote: Good, if a little slow