Mia returns from Stockholm to her parents' home in a small town in Dalecarlia (Dalarna) to celebrate her father's 70th birthday. Her elder sisters Eivor and Gunilla welcome her, but their different lifestyles prevent them from really communicating. The tension builds, and the party that should be a celebration turns out to be a turning point for the family and their friends

Mia, who's living in Stockholm, comes home to her small childhood town to celebrate her father's birthday. There she finds herself looked down-upon by her oldest sister; and she has to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dalecarlians torrent reviews

Debi R (jp) wrote: Don't waste your time or money.

Per M (jp) wrote: En riktig kalkon, totalt meningsls film och s dliga skdisar s man nstan brjar grta.Och hur Scott Adkins (Som spelar Yuri Boyka ) kan gra denna skit rulle vet jag ej!!

Jana S (it) wrote: This quirky church community grew on me. Powerful ending.

Prashant B (jp) wrote: It's dark, visually spectacular and has an enthralling story. It's widely overlooked due to its run time but is a must-watch. Definitely in my top 5 superhero movies of all time. :)

Tamatai N (es) wrote: Although it's certainly lacking the warmth and friendliness of their music there's still a lot to like about this film. Made entirely in Wayne Coyne's backyard with the help of some good friends it is a rather spectacular sight to behold. This seems to open up the darker, more philosophical side of Mr. Coyne and his lips, and it's a very enjoyable, if sometimes unsettling, vision indeed.

Ryan R (ca) wrote: Very good, not only as a great and entertaining martial arts piece but, an amazing period piece as well. With a main character that is caught between two cultures, one that has to make a decision whether to stay with tradition or to be open with the ways of the west, this movie shines. It not only captures the time but, also captures the characters, I was mesmerized by Wong Fei-Hung's dedication, to his honor.

Eric H (kr) wrote: While many film-goers of the 80s generation fondly remember "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (and for good reasons), my favorite film from the pen of John Hughes is "Some Kind of Wonderful." The story felt just like high school felt, with all the painful doubts and growth of one's teenage years, and the film's credibility is greatly enhanced by the excellent performances of all the principle cast members (Masterson, Stoltz, Thompson, Sheffer, and Koteas). The class tensions of the 1980s crop up as real obstacles for the characters to deal with (especially Thompson -- buying in, or selling out?). And how can you beat that great opening theme by the late, lamented Propaganda? Best of all, unlike that humiliating scene in "The Breakfast Club" in which Ally Sheedy's outsider character conforms to stifling beauty norms (she was so cool until then!), none of the characters in "Some Kind of Wonderful" betray their integrity. And that makes those characters ones you WANT to identify with, I think. All in all, an underrated gem of a film.

scott j (ag) wrote: pretty good film. liked the story,hard hitting gritty couple of old school actors but was pretty hard to find the rival gang leader the psycho thug he was portraying as it's Mick carters son lee from eastenders lol also this stars Danny dyers real life daughter dani dyer. ;)

Oscar H (gb) wrote: Det gigantiska vildsvinet gr brsrk, och gr det bra!

Max M (us) wrote: Ramping. Exhilarating. Cool story. Thrill ride.

Johnny R (au) wrote: Outstanding movie!! It was fun, sad, entertaining, and emotional!! This film is absolutely for the whole family to enjoy from start to finish!! It teaches a valuable lesson to never give up!! The songs were amazing to listen to throughout the whole movie!! The whole cast was absolutely magnificent, especially Christian Bale!! This is one of the best musicals of all-time!! This is obviously a must-see!!