• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Damaad 1951 full movies, Damaad torrents movie

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Damaad torrent reviews

Tiffany H (mx) wrote: I was surprised it was alot better than anticipated :)

YK G (fr) wrote: I know they mean well but if they keep making movies like these, the world is gonna think Malaysians are universally slow, boring and rural.

Eanie Y (de) wrote: the first half is boring, but the second half is hilarious!!! Can't stop laughing !!!all the star cast did a great job. recommended!

Mark T (ag) wrote: This movie is just plain awesome! It shows interviews of Palestinian and Israeli youth from different backgrounds, and brings them together. It's a real feel good movie.

jessica s (fr) wrote: watched it for 2 weeks 4 times a day

Brendan N (de) wrote: I liked this better then Ernest goes to camp, the jokes are better and the story is for the whole family. Ernest is really funny and not as obnoxious as the first film, which is for the best. Not going to win oscars but definitely ond you'll remember fondly.

Thomas P (ag) wrote: A zany, crazy group of Parisians seen through the lens of a young man new to the city. That's about the whole movie.

Susan D (ag) wrote: Best musical ever, love the dance scenes.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Great movie, the "dead end kids" do a film with Cagney this time.

Scott W (nl) wrote: This is probably the first real sci-fi epic. This film has some great technical achievements in miniatures, mechanical effects and production design. The story is somewhat slow-moving and some of the science is laughable, but this film sets up many popular devices that would be used in sci-fi films throughout the 20th century.

AnneKaisa H (de) wrote: Ehk thn menness viihdyttvin Steven Seagal -leffa, jonka olen nhnyt! Ja niit harvoja (ellei ainoa?!) ptk, jossa Steven saa naista... stti:P Stevenin martial arts -taitoja oli aivan huippu seurata ja tytyihn ne toistaa kotikatsomossakin! Loppumatsi on ihan klassikko painovoimaa uhmaavine ilmalentoineen!

Alex W (br) wrote: Does not hold up, except the Medusa scene that was done quite well. Front runner for misleading titles, i counted zero titans clashing. The message of this movie, always finish off your enemy's.

Federico F (it) wrote: a missed opportunity for the character of Frank Miller

Stacey O (jp) wrote: Despite the cast this film fails to keep u interested or in suspense.

Luca V (us) wrote: Irritatingly unfunny. Never once did I laugh