Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

Warning of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically syphilis.

Warning of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically syphilis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Damaged Goods torrent reviews

Arjun N (gb) wrote: Leaving aside an absolutely cockamamie plot, this movie squanders a brilliantly talented cast who wastes 2 hours trying to claw at the heart strings of an audience that is presumably comatose from watching the maudlin nonsense that is "Collateral Beauty"

Albert A (fr) wrote: The story of Lizzie Borden set to really bad contemporary biker bar hard rock.

Mahesh P (de) wrote: Great representation of the religion problem in India and how it is all just a business. People can learn a lot from the points made by this script. Paresh Rawal acted great and the casting of the priests, especially the old guy, was perfect in order to frame them in a negative manner. Great story.

Kelly L (kr) wrote: OK movie but missing it wouldn't have left a hole in my life. Most people wouldn't have noticed but I trained on the M1 rifle half a century ago and the actors didn't have their trigger finger in the right position. The US tank was not a Sherman. Shooting an unsighted carbine 100 yards and hitting two coke bottles seems real unlikely, especially standing, At least the Jeeps were authentic. Also the paratroopers didn't jump with M1 Garands, they used the carbine which only one of them carried. That the soldiers fought in Italy was accurate but I don't believe the Germans disguised as Americans were operating in Operation Dragoon. To the best of my knowledge they were a Battle of the Bulge creation which the 517th did fight in. The 517th was active in some of the heaviest fighting in WWII Europe. Some people will like the movie which has human value and others will find it a yawn. I fall in the middle of the spectrum partly because the inaccuracies distracted me.

Al H (fr) wrote: Great actors + great director= a classic of our time

Sanal R (ru) wrote: Terrible. Neither the gags nor dialogues felt funny enough to make this movie watchable.

John G (kr) wrote: More original than anything out there. Oddly entertaining.

Chris B (au) wrote: Many people I know who saw this film liked it very much, and indeed there is much to like. Both main actors, and even the minor actors play their parts to perfection. Unfortunately, while it is very easy to see why a lonely old man would fall in love with a beautiful young woman, it is much harder to understand why she would fall for him, and the film does little, very little to explain. That is my only real negative comment about the movie, I just didn't catch the chemistry between the main lovers.

Chad H (au) wrote: One of my all time favorites. Great music, good story line. Worth watching more than once.

Claudia U (ag) wrote: if you love flamenco, you gotta watch this movie.

Andy G (es) wrote: the hunters is a low budget kids action movie about three teenagers try to find pieces of glass for mirror. very slow, boring movie. some good actors but the script is so bad hard to like it. D(2013)

Adam S (nl) wrote: A solid, but mainly formulaic thriller film, "Conspiracy Theory" is lifted heavily by the paranoid performance of Mel Gibson in the lead role.Featuring multiple twists and turns, some of them making entirely no sense, "Conspiracy Theory" also features Julia Roberts phoning it in, and a solid villianous performance by Sir Patrick Stewart. The film occasionally becomes a bit too treacly, but overall it's a decent enough watch, although not quite engaging.