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Brett C (ca) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:After being disappointed by Tales from Earthsea, I hoped that Goro Miyazaki's second film would prove to be more entertaining and effective. From Up on Poppy Hill is certainly a stronger entry by the director but not by very much. Some of the problematic aspects of his debut film were fixed here but the ones that haven't still sticks out like a thumb. At least this time my opinion is now lies on the positive end of the spectrum.From Up on Poppy Hill's screenplay was written by Hayao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa, and was based on the Japanese manga by Tetsuro Sayama and Chizuru Takahashi. The first thing that came to my mind when watching this was the lightness of the film's story. All of the other Studio Ghibli films that I have seen deliver a story that carry a sense of weight or taking place in an environment where the story looks and feels much larger than it actually is. From Up on Poppy Hill has a familiar and accessible story that seems to aim towards the more sentimental-driven audiences. I consider myself to be an ideal person who can tolerate this sort of narrative but I do not consider myself to be an enthusiast as of yet. I felt that this film was a narrative of two slightly unbalanced sides; one aspect of the plot covers the issue of a clubhouse being torn down due to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, while the other covers a romance between two characters, Umi and Shun. The latter definitely covers more of the film's emotional drive and requires the most of our attention. I wouldn't really mind following this aspect of the film as I have a strong tendency for eating this sort of stuff, but sadly the film fails to bring anything exciting or dramatically effective to its romance. True, there are a couple of twists and turns along the way, but they affect very little to the predictable nature of its plot; there was no real game-changer that would make me think that this is more worthy than the millions of films just like it. That said, the romance never reaches to a level of being dull, just digestible. The other side of the film's story is much more compelling as I found the idea of preserving an old house to be fascinating and would have been a great opportunity to explore interesting, thought provoking themes. Whenever the film deals with the house, a layer of comedy fills the air, keeping a smile on my face with its chuckle-worthy dialogue and sequences.The film's animation is certainly a step back in ambition and imagination as the Miyazaki's previous film, but what he has delivered here is certainly appropriate to the film's grounded and accessible story. With every film that Studio Ghibli produces, they improve the animations one notch higher, and From Up on Poppy Hill was astounding in its level of detail and colors. I am so glad that this studio preserves their values of using hand-drawn animation rather than switch to the Western standard of 3D computer animation, as I believe that there are just some things that a hand drawn animation could do that other mediums cannot deliver.The music in this film stood out as the stylistic choices by Satoshi Takebe, were different to the usual offerings from the studio. His score seems to incorporate sounds from a number of genres, particularly swing music and jazz. The reasons for this I cannot fathom but I cannot say I did not enjoy it. The score fits so well with the light tone that the director was going for and allows the film to come off as accessible even during its emotional character moments. I did wish for it to be a bit more on the darker side, only just a bit, in order to have its drama feel more elevated; though this is just me nitpicking.Goro Miyazaki's follow up film is definitely an improvement over his debut film but isn't the excellent film that I hoped it would be. I hope this upward trend continuous onto his next film and eventually prove himself to be a worthy successor of his father.

Gary Z (it) wrote: If you're an artist, musician, et al, see this. Changed my life. No joke. :)

Cameron K (fr) wrote: Eye opening and funny

Alex K (us) wrote: 1993's Schindler's List Is My Fifth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Brad W (nl) wrote: A really cool story set against a terrible real backdrop. Hunnam's dodgy English accent came around by the end. Wood turned from a nerd to full on street fighter. Loved the realism.

Kristin W (mx) wrote: I want to see this, I wish it would let me

Leah Jane G (ag) wrote: Based off a crappy song that tortured me on the radio when I was little? No thanks!

Dan P (de) wrote: Matthau plays such a likable rebel. Also his affinity for Mozart is classy fun.

Stella D (nl) wrote: fassbinder's first feature gets off to a difficult start showing perhaps a bit too much of his roots in experimental theater. however i was soon hooked into it's existential gangster narrative, with fassbinder himself playing a tough guy in his favorite leather jacket. the bank heist at the end seems almost an afterthought. a kind of deconstruction of godard's 'bande part'

Tomas T (fr) wrote: A biography movie of the famous knockout artist Rocky Graziano, the Somebody Up There Likes Me is a good boxing movie which also sheds light on the person's backgroup and does not only focus on the boxing aspect.Paul Newman fits the shoes of Rocky Graziano's reckless characteristics perfectly, but of course the movie will be mostly remembered by the fact that James Dean was ment to be the lead actor, who unfortunately met his maker too early. One can only guess which of these men would have been better for the role, though personally I prefer Newman's more rugged facial characteristics over J.Dean's for this street thugh turning into a professional boxer role. The viewer also cannot bypass the fact that this is one of the movies that inspired the famour "Rocky" saga by Sylvester Stallone, the similiarities are just too many to overlook. Overall enjoyable sports movie in which the American Dream comes true.

Carlos M (de) wrote: I guess I must be one of the very few who managed to feel the despair of the character's obsessive love (to the sound of that heartbreaking Lionel Richie song), but sadly after one hour the movie becomes a sappy overplotted soap-opera and doesn't even care to offer us a conclusion.

Michael M (ag) wrote: The performances are often pedestrian, the writing is forced, the effects display blatant age marks, and despite a heavy focus on the mystery (something that was missing in the remake) the reveal comes too casually. But does that make it a bad movie? Well, no actually. It's no masterpiece, and at times can be downright silly, but that's really part of its charm. There's a certain quality to these 70's era live-action Disney pictures that no other films can capture, and I must admit to a certain fondness towards them. Low attention span children may get bored by some of the more drawn out sequences (there are a number of edits that could have been made to streamline a handful of scenes) and may prefer the remake, which admittedly I do as well. Still, it's harmless fun, and it's charm is undeniable. It's stupid, but it's cute, and it's very difficult to dislike.