Damnation Alley

Damnation Alley

A small group of survivors at a military installation who survived World War 3 attempt to drive across the desolate wasteland to where they hope more survivors are living. Hopefully their specially built vehicles will protect them against the freakish weather mutated plant and animal life and other dangers along the way.

In an post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors travel and find other settlements in huge custom designed all terrain vehicles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas G (ca) wrote: I want my Hour and twenty-nine minutes back.Bad acting, bad writing, awkward camera shots. Lots of things had no point or made no sense in the movie.1.) There is a point early where the main Character is taking pictures and a girl asks if he is making a movie. Then shows him she can act. His friend pulls up and gets his attention. When the main character turns back the girl has vanished. NO POINT.2.) They pull up to an old building that is supposed to be the Asylum. When we get inside, one of the characters turns on the power switch for the WHOLE building!! As they walk through the building it is clearly a modern hospital in immaculately clean shape. Pretty Amazing for a deserted hospital.3.) At one point ghosts are carrying a possessed Michele into the Asylum. They walk right through a metal door carrying a live body.I could continue, but you get the point. Don't waste your time unless you are looking for a movie to make fun of. I'd watch a lot of the old B-Movie Horror flicks before wasting time on this piece of garbage

Joseph B (ca) wrote: There is nothing; this is a nothing movie.

John D (fr) wrote: Speaking of beautiful landscapes. The ambiance and the visuals in this film are just stunning. This is one of those films, where there has not much dialogue, but by watching it, it's an art in the making. The brilliant atmosphere that you are sucked into an enthralling film going experience. It shows graphic and shocking images. As usual, Mads Mikkelsen's performance is top notch. Refn made films kinda reminds me of Kubrick, with a little element to it. This might not be to everyone's taste, But this is one of the best "Viking" films as what I remember. 4/5

Santiago M (us) wrote: Me la he visto 5 veces , mis familiares mas de 8, y siempre reimos.

Michael F (gb) wrote: General late 80's horror. Good with Pizza & Beer.

Reece L (de) wrote: Picnic at Hanging Rock is, to put it mildly, a tease of a film, presenting a tantalizing first hour that is both tinged with the supernatural and beautifully dreamlike, a hyper-feminine study of burgeoning sexuality (a sequence involving girls wandering through crevasses is inspired) through soft pastels, gorgeous natural landscapes, and an emphasis on perception through a mirror motif and then refusing to provide definitive answers for the questions it initially raises. Although it occasionally lapses into slightly more conventional territory, the concepts of colonial discord and clearly gay sexual undertones forcibly repressed due to the harsh social mores at play work well, these coupled with the gorgeous visuals elevating what could've been a standard costume drama to something more open for interpretation.

John Y (nl) wrote: Pretty funny spoof of all those boring Russian novels you were forced to read in High School.

Melissa C (gb) wrote: One of the better Elvis movies.

Jennifer D (kr) wrote: Orson Welles was JUST fantastic, as expected, I guess. It reminded me a lot of In Cold Blood.

Simeon D (mx) wrote: Jean Renoir's dark retelling of the classic novel by Emile Zola has beautiful naturalist cinematography, stunning locomotive sequences, and bravura talent courtesy of the three leads (Gabin, Simon, and Ledoux). La Bete Humaine is the equivalent of Emile Zola (praising everyman values) writing Crime and Punishment, as in all of the characters have hidden scars, mostly from murder, and you watch as they go from having ordinary lives to destructive relationships. There are some amazing moments with Renoir's camerawork and the acting, and a lot of okay ones, and though the finale was intense, the just okay moments overtake most of the film's running time, rendering a longer than it should'v been. All in all, a great Zolaesque character study. 88/100

Frances H (gb) wrote: Hokey, but charming film with good performances by Fonda and Hepburn, and nice script, beautifully filmed with lovely music score.