Dan Oniroku nawa to hada

Dan Oniroku nawa to hada

Okoma (literally, Red Cherry) was a woman gambler until she retired from the yakuza world. Two years later, she returns home, and finds that the big boss has been assassinated and his ...

Okoma (literally, Red Cherry) was a woman gambler until she retired from the yakuza world. Two years later, she returns home, and finds that the big boss has been assassinated and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (kr) wrote: Its painful to watch a film that has so much potential and so many good parts feel like some clumsy editing kept it from being what it could have been. there is some really good attention to detail which i appreciate. Many of the scenes could have been standalone sketches which is good because they are funny on there own but bad because the don't work as a whole. The scenes that don't work are not only not funny but don't even move the story. Liv Tyler has intoxicating voice in this, shes a fine actress but this film makes me want her to do a voice over in a film. Maybe similar to Scarlet Johnson in "her"

Gagan S (jp) wrote: It was pretty funny and the final fight scene was awesome!

Ryan C (au) wrote: it was a fun film mixing little fun comedy with the wild west

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Joshua W (es) wrote: Those still sitting through part 4 would know this is a straight continuation of that one. Seriously, shame on you for sitting through this. This one was without a doubt TV garbage too, in fact the only cool thing about this one is the cover art. This is a cheesy movie with bad diague, and major writing issues. For example, you know, all the survivors from the 4th should have an idea that the dead have come back to life, but they seemed to have missed that day of Jeopardy.

David Ray G (us) wrote: Can't even begin to describe how bad this film was. The concept was smart, but oh my God - the flatness and nonexistence of the script, the bad direction, the awful performances...just another movie failing in deliverance. Doesn't have one single thing about it that made me want to keep watching and it was so slow I often felt like turning it off -but didn't for the sake of having seen it. And now that I have I wish I had turned it off when I still could!

Daniel W (gb) wrote: It's full of problems - absolutely full, I mean, it's bloody rife with problems - but it's always great spotting a filming location you've worked at (Go to Syon House! John Goodman fell in the fountain by the Great Conservatory! Syon! Woo!), the largely British cast raise the film's level of interest, and Goodman's almost likeable enough to make it good. Oh, and contrary to what Peter O'Toole says near the start, 'Ralph' is a perfectly acceptable name for nobility, as long as you pronounce it 'Rafe'...

Michael S Y (kr) wrote: A range-of-all-emotion masterpiece.

Benjamin H (mx) wrote: The greatest war movie ever made. Bar none.

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John R (de) wrote: A decent movie, despite me originally thinking it was 'too boring' as a teenager.

Anni L (ag) wrote: I'm not even sure why I love this movie so much. I'm a big fan of Jack Black, but I don't know if that fact justifies how many times I've watched this. It was free on YouTube for a while, so I watched it every day for a time. I even rented it once. I could watch it a million times. What's wrong with me?