Dance Like a Man

Dance Like a Man

A middle-aged couple want their daughter (Anoushka Shankar) to follow in their footsteps and become a dancer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Justine P (gb) wrote: Lacking in structure, but full of interesting snippets.

Ole J (nl) wrote: After president GWB was elected a lot of speculation went on about that there had been some tampering with votes. This docu sets out to investigate and prove that a voting machine can be tampered with in different ways. They find some interesting results, and I wont spoil it, but its very interesting to watch.

Anna B (mx) wrote: As he showed with The Broken, Ellis has a knack for pretty compositions and mildly elliptical, atmospheric editing rhythms, but his scripts are just awful. Stupid, uninteresting characters, an unspeakably dumb and contrived plot, bad attempts at comedy, leaden pacing and a lack of structure that had me looking at the clock out of boredom thinking it must be over soon and seeing it had half an hour left to go. I'm convinced this guy has a masterpiece in him if he can just find someone to write a decent screenplay.

Garrett C (us) wrote: Flags of Our Fathers made me look at war and heroism differently, which is pretty darn astonishing given just how many war films and books I've consumed over several years. It's not just a well made film with complex characters, but its philosophy of war and heroes is truly brilliant. The film was a lot more cynical leaning about the manufacturing of the war process than I expected, so I enjoyed that element of it greatly. Also, Icelandic black beaches! Talk about a stunning location!

Brian K (gb) wrote: Not quite as bad as I imagined but still, no new ground broken here.

Jason H (es) wrote: A living legend early in her days....

Kevin S (ag) wrote: This one is about a dad he is up for a promotion and with that will come better things for him and his kids. On his way home one day he gets into a cab and the cab driver is freaked out and driving madly and the cab ends up going off a bridge. He is now a ghost and eventually finds out he is not dead and his body is laying somewhere. Usually when a loved one dies you are really sad but when his kids found out he was a ghost they thought it was cool . Really?? The acting was horrible. Bill Cosby was only funny a couple times. Not enough for the movie to be good enough to enjoy.I would not recommend this movie to anyone. I would skip it and save and hour and a half of your time.

Gordon T (de) wrote: Another Classic from Frank Frank Henenlotter director of BASKET CASE!!!! AYLMER is the creature who injects his host-friend with an LSD-type serum and induces his pal to lure victims to feast on. The low-budget LSD effects are awesome. Just as Belial from Basket Case is an obscure English term so is Aylmer . . . Frank Henenlotter is a FREAKING genius of a director because who the HECK could come-up with something so BIZARRE and have it turn out so good; amen!!!!

James C (gb) wrote: 11111111111111111111111111

Van R (mx) wrote: Evil Harvey Huntington Honeywagon III (Keenan Wynn of THE MECHANIC) does not want teenage surfers cavorting around on the beach near his retirement home for oldsters and sets out to write a smear campaign against them until high school teacher Vivian Clements (Martha Hyer of THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER) comes to their rescue. Honeywagon complains that the girls run around half naked with boys in bathing suits and no chaperons in sight. Furthermore, Honeywagon plans to make them look bad with his talented chimpanzee Clyde (Janos Prohanska of PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT, I LOVE YOU), who can not only ride a surf board but also serves as a chaufeur for his wealthy but prudish boss. The teens in question are Frankie (Frankie Avalon of THE ALAMO) and Dee Dee (Annette Funicello of THE MISADVENTURES OF MERLIN JONES) and their gang, including Deadhead (Jody McCrea of GUNSIGHT RIDGE). Meanwhile, a new arrival on the beach is the fabulous British rocker Potato Bug (Frankie Avalon in a dual role) and he turns Dee Dee on so she flirts with him. Of course, Frankie turns green-eyed and tries to figure out a way to get his gal back. BIKINI BEACH was the third entry in the BEACH movies that co-starred Frankie and Annette. No BEACH PARTY movie would be complete with their nemesis, the infamous Eric Von Zipper (Harvey Lembeck of STALAG 17) and his black-leather clad motorcycle gang the Rats and the Mice trying to thwart the antics of our heroes and heroines. The Potato Bug challenges Frankie to a drag race and Von Zipper and his cretins set out to sabotage the race. None of this sets too well with the raceway owner Big Drag (Don Rickles of KELLYS HEROES) who dabbles in art. Basically, the plots for these sand, sun, and surf sagas revolved around Frankie and Dee Dee making each other jealous and their lame-brained pal Deadhead making a fool out of himself in his hillbilly hat. Believe it or not, it took three scribes to scrawl this hilarious nonsense. One of them was William Asher who directed over 100 episode of the classic Lucille Ball television comedy I LOVE LUCY. The bikini-clad babes are visual eye-candy and there is a cameo appearance by a famous horror movie star at the end. Mind you, BIKINI BEACH has all the depth of a bed pan, but the antics are so silly and stupid that you may wet yourself laughing. Perennial villain Timothy Carey of ONE-EYED JACKS makes another appearance as pool hustler South Dakota Slim and Stevie Wonder does a sing-on as Little Stevie Wonder. Ironically enough, the Beatles were supposed to appear in BIKINI BEACH, but they hit it so big that their fee skyrocketed and Asher replaced them with a character that spoofed them. Indeed, BIKINI BEACH is an acquired taste like all the 1960 era teenage BEACH PARTY movies from American International Pictures. Incredibly, the BEACH PARTY movies were a spin-off of the GIDGET movies with the parents taken out of the mix.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Lower-budget but enjoyable redneck werewolf movie.