Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead

With Prom only hours away, the usual suspects of Cosa High (Cheerleaders, geeks, bad boys and the happy-go-lucky student council alike) are preoccupied with the annual rituals of teendom. On the night of the big dance when the dead unexpectedly rise to eat the living, polar opposite groups will be forced to unite in their final chance to save the town from the zombies.

On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn't get dates to the dance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dance of the Dead torrent reviews

David E (ru) wrote: OK you guys you know how im usually blunt. This movie was a knock out. I have never seen Stephen Moyer give a better performance. The supporting cast was wonderful the cinematography was off the chain. In the story left this predictor clueless until the end!!!! From the moment that started to the second ended it had me on the edge of my mattress!

Jose Miguel G (gb) wrote: Is slow paced, but the performances from Weisz to Hiddleston steal the show, making this a solid melancholic love interpretation.

Julia T (es) wrote: Great narrative, very powerful and exceptionally moving.

Erik D (jp) wrote: Being an assassin has a strange amount of job security. You have the job for life, so just make sure no one kills you. If you're In Bruges, then the boredom alone might get you. While I think it would be a beautiful city to explore, Colin Farrell disagrees. He has to wait there with fellow assassin Brendan Gleesan and he'd much rather be anywhere else. Colin will soon discover that he's about to become a notable member of the community, but not for a reason that he wants. Not at all...Before watching this film, I was told it would be a comedy. There were certainly many humorous scenes but this was all about the story. Whether our cast was exploring, contemplating the life of their favorite midget, going on a date or "doing a job," there was always some notable event to speak of. There was never a dull moment as when we weren't laughing, we were either on the edge of our seat or sitting in disbelief. The plot of In Bruges was very old fashioned in some ways which will make it refreshing for a modern audience. They really don't make movies like this anymore.Was In Bruges everything I wanted it to be? No, but that's actually not a bad thing. In many ways it exceeded my expectations and not just those that I had before the movie started. My first expectations after the opening few scenes were that In Bruges would stick with a cliche irritating odd-couple vibe. I was so wrong and I'm very glad that I was. In Bruges did have a few flaws with some characters and their choices but nothing I can get into in this sort of review. This film had been recommended to me for some time and I'm glad I finally took the plunge. If you're in the mood for comedy, action or a great story, In Bruges will keep you entertained.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Very weird but not that bad, Very well acted, Just too slow for my liking.

Erin G (br) wrote: omg i saw this movie a long time ago and now i want to see it again soo bad lol

Jed D (br) wrote: I remember loving this film as a child. 20+ years later, what a stinker. Melanie Griffith is gorgeous in this one but that was not enough to cover up the poor comedy and lousy action sequences. A man loves a robot more than a real woman??? Yikes.

Stuart K (us) wrote: From Hammer Films, at the top of their game at the time, comes the true story of one of the oddest and mysterious figures in Russian history. This has a spirited and quite unhinged lead performance. It is a dark film, but it has all the hallmarks of a good Hammer film, with their usual tricks and shocks on display. This is the story of Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Christopher Lee), a mystic monk who cures the sick wife of an innkeeper (Derek Francis). In celebration, Rasputin drinks all the wine in the inn and doesn't pay for it, and it ends in an orgy of sex and violence. Despite being berated by the religious council for debauchery, Rasputin claims he has magical healing powers. Rasputin goes to Moscow, and befriends Dr. Zargo (Richard Pasco), who is associated with the Russian Royal Family. Rasputin uses Zargo to get close to the Tsarina (Ren (C)e Asherson) and the Tsarina's lady-in-waiting Sonia (Barbara Shelley), the latter he manipulates. Sonia's brother Peter (Dinsdale Landen), is angered by Rasputin's behaviour, and calls in Ivan (Francis Matthews) to deal with Rasputin. Although it's a true story, it does take liberties with what happened. But, Lee seems to be having a good time in the lead role. It doesn't quite get under the skin of what really happened, and is tame by today's comparisons, but it's still good to watch.

Candice O (ag) wrote: cute movie...predictable storyline but still good.

Leslie T (ag) wrote: slow and boring 2014

Farah R (it) wrote: The story is so overused and the performances were lacking. The only thing scary about it was the sudden images and loud background music which is expected in most horror films.

Rachel B (ru) wrote: Very disorganized/confusing...