Dance of the Dragon

Dance of the Dragon

The story of three people whose lives are pulled into review and assessment when their paths cross. The initial sparks of what could be a new romance plays off against a couple falling out of love, a student and teacher, a father and son, a mother's influence and competing suitors - all explored with sensitivity, delicacy and refined artistry.

Jason Scott Lee (Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story), Korean heartthrob Jang Hyuk (Windstruck, Volcano High)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandeep N (nl) wrote: It's a raw, intense, emotional thriller. Drama yes please! Palestine movie opens up with a wall separating both nations shown with great significance because of which, there is no love, connection or intimacy. Sometimes you feel happy to be born here, watching these :) Anyways Omar is good watch to empathize with the character as he always gets beaten up but with a lot more to it which if I say will become a spoiler! It's a humanistic exploration of authentic content (also an oscar nominee eh!)

Jose C (ag) wrote: An amazing movie, with a heart gripping message. It's three lead roles are astounding and phenomenal in each of their roles. The story is solid and captivating, i was the edge of my seat the whole time.

Donna B (au) wrote: This movie tells the life of a porn star. I think the ending could have given more closure but all in all it was a good view into her life.

Iy E (de) wrote: One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen, in every sense of the word. It's absolutely incredible.

Claudia C (de) wrote: is just so cute!! and interesting,,,the doctor is cute too... o well this movie is awesome!

Lthr L (au) wrote: I Want this version of "Chain Gang"! A movie proving friendship & conviction of heart is something you must remain true to.

Thomas C (ru) wrote: It makes one wish to know more people like Clint Eastwoods interpretation of John Huston, with that kind of attitude towards people in general, not afraid to say their opinion or fight for their honor without caring for the consequences. An exquisite depiction of a kind of "alternative gentleman", who will learn an important lesson before the movie ends.

Pawel B (mx) wrote: I like the early Almodovar movies more than the last ones. Lots of dark humor and strange personalities.

Brian S (mx) wrote: Alice Sweet Alice is now a cult classic chiller. A have a few good things to say about this movie: First thing is the quality. Not the best, but the color, the camera and the tone of the film is well done although the tone of this movie is very slow. Another thing is the killer. A disturbing doll mask on the face of a killer; All that with a yellow raincoat. For a slasher movie, there isn't as many deaths and the gore is rather light but still scary. Another thing is the killer's identity and the filming and also the film's very religious theme. Even all that and the fact that it has Brook Shields in it, Alice Sweet Alice has never gotten that much fame like other slashers. The movie is also considered as being a underrated film of the genre. A small 340,000 dollars as the budget yet it's box office is unknown. This film' style is similar to the Italian Gallio genre.

Del H (it) wrote: The filmmakers are able to use real footage in a way that steers clear of the type of pseudo-reality that "reality" shows and some soft documentaries have moved to and instead, creates a striking narrative structure and provides a candid look at the night in which a concert gone wrong destroyed the counterculture dream. Also featured is some great footage of Rolling Stones concerts and some great music, of course!

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Bogie and Baby again, baby, this time in San Francisco, where she picks up an escaped con on the lam and brings him home ... okay, so maybe its a smidgen unbelievable, just a tad, a wee bit, but who cares, its Bogart and Bacall. Agnes Moorehead is great, too, all controlled hysteria and a voice like nails over a chalkboard.

Masorad (us) wrote: Expats beware! Principled American automobile tycoon (Huston) & discontented wife seek to escape their parochial midwestern life (as wife Fran sees it) and gain European elegance & sophistication. Fran is the orginal ignorant abroad, throwing herself at every continental Tom, Dick and Harry who reminds her of what she is not. Dodsworth epitomizes American pragmatism, and the rift between husband and wife takes on the character of a continental divide in mores, norms and values. Huston was never better, Astor does well playing against type. One of Wyler's best.

Becka M (gb) wrote: You are pixilated. Loved the sisters. Everyone puts down the simple minded men and women, but they are the most caring in the world. They know how to work and make dreams come alive.

Stephanie N (fr) wrote: Stephanie's review: The movie "Heaven Is For Real" isn't just an ordinary film. It revolves around the life of a pastor called Todd Burpo and his family. The pastor's son, Colton Burpo had a near death experience, and during an operation he went to heaven and back. During this time Colton saw visions of heaven, including Jesus, his sister whom he never got to meet, his great-grandfather and angels. Everyone including those who were close to him found it very difficult to believe of his experience. However as Colton shares his experience with the world, people start to ask themselves, is heaven for real? This movie links very heavily towards the Christian faith. Even the title of the movie relates to the Christian belief, that based on your deeds you either ascend to heaven or go to hell. Throughout the movie it talks about God's teachings and how this helps the Burpos and those around them to understand and get through life. As the main character is a pastor, most of the plot is either set in the church or talks about teachings of God. The two big messages from this movie is love and forgiveness, both of which are main teachings from God. In the beginning scene of the movie, Todd was invited to pray for a man in the hospital. This old man was afraid of dying as he regrets many things that he has done. However Todd taught that God forgives everything that we do. Although Todd initially found it hard to believe that his son went to heaven, in the end he learnt more things about Christianity in which he now believes. As stated in 1 John 4:8, "Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." This was exactly what Todd taught, as he said God is present through different acts of love. From the birth of a child, to a courageous friend this is all God, because God is love. In order to believe that God is love, we must have faith. Faith will open our eyes to these teachings. Even though I believe in Christianity, I find it very difficult to believe that there is a place I will go to when I die. However by connecting an ordinary family's joinery through life, I was able to deepen my understanding of the Christian faith. I learnt that God is present in everything and everywhere. If you are up for a heart warming, moving and entertaining movie, then "Heaven Is For Real" is a great choice!

Victor Y (mx) wrote: This movie possibly has the best martial arts scenes that I have ever seen.

Daniel S (kr) wrote: ugh, im done with argento, his films are all the same, yes you get some good electronic music and visuals, but the stories and acting is weak, and boy this one takes the cake, despite this being his favorite, good god is it stupid, a fucking ape showing up randomly, a fucking fly leading jennifer to a dead body, its laughably bad, coupled with the most idiotic character decisions, its just painful to watch