Dance with the Jackals 2

Dance with the Jackals 2

After the jackals have a hard time adjusting to life in jail, they sign up to take drugs that prevent people from committing crimes, but they miss their old ways.

After the jackals have a hard time adjusting to life in jail, they sign up to take drugs that prevent people from committing crimes, but they miss their old ways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arthur P (gb) wrote: Beautiful detailed 3D blu-ray musical animation makes up for the Rio-life-affected over-characterization of the bluebird characters, even though the disabled pirate-like parrot villain attack strategy seems a bit brief and interwoven with the logger's forest destruction, and also should have been extended another 20 minutes to make it a 2-hour animated film. I remember from my childhood years belly-laughing and seeing coconut bombs used as anti-pirate booby-traps in the cinema, the 1960 movie: The Swiss Family Robinson ;;

Christine Y (fr) wrote: Somehow Jap love stories always end tragically. In this case, Haruma has cancer and decides to break-up with Yui so that she won't be crying when he dies. However, she found out his secret before he passes on. Surprise, surprise!

James S (au) wrote: "9/11" had the largest audience ever for a TV Documentary - 39 million viewers - when broadcast on CBS on 10 March 2002, six months after the attack.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: wane comedy digestible because of the giant, sorta, and a cameo by seagal.

Luc L (us) wrote: Hilarious entertainment.

rocknblues 8 (us) wrote: Little Big Man is a film with a lot going on. Directed by Arthur Penn (Who directed Bonnie and Clyde) you can expect a lot of late 60's feel and a fair amount of violence. Penn takes aim at the Vietnam War and questions regarding a man with an identity crisis. Crabb tries several different ways of life. He tries to live like and Indian, live like a white man. For part of the film he even attempts to transform himself into a gunslinger. Nothing seems to work for him. He is such a small part of a much larger world around him and eventually he becomes aware of that fact and that's when he hits rock bottom. To many's surprise, it has some humor elements and and lots of quote lines. And to the director's credit, he actually cast Indian actors instead of insulting them by having white actors spew up stereotypical "Indian" dialogue. But all and all it's a near masterpiece with a great turn by Chief Dan George and a solid role for Dustin Hoffman at that point in his career.

Jenni A (ca) wrote: This film is so bad! I know it's meant to be good but seriously?! I wouldn't die to see this film! Godzilla starts okay but then carries on horribly wrong! I would rate this film no stars if I could! Not kidding! Dorset is a lovely holiday for me but watching the film made me sick and I mean literally! I was sick before anyway! DON'T WATCH THIS FILM AS IT'S SO BAD!!!!

Antonius B (mx) wrote: The third installment in the series, and made after William Powell's bought with cancer and loss of Jean Harlow, 'Another Thin Man' doesn't miss a beat. Much is made of Powell and Myrna Loy's on-screen chemistry, and it's deserved. While figuring out whodunit, Powell is cool, calm, and bemused, and Loy is spunky and brave. They both have such a natural playfulness about them, and in addition to comic relief from their dog Asta, they have a one year old baby in this movie. I also absolutely loved the dancing we see in the 'West Indies Club' towards the end, by the (uncredited) Ren Rivero Guillen and Ramona Ajon (stage names Ren & Estela) - look for the clip on youtube, and you'll see what I mean, it's silky smooth and fantastic.

Jason J (mx) wrote: Enjoyable 80's espionage/action thriller about a supercar (very unlike KITT from Knight Rider) that can hit speeds over 300mph which is nabbed by a company led by Robert Vaughan. Tommy Lee Jones' character wants the car back as he's placed a sensitive data tape that he stole inside it. While it's not great cinema, it IS great fun. The action is top-notch and the characters are appealing. The relationship between Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton is surprising well-balanced for an 80s action movie. It has a bit of everything - action, romance, coldly wicked villains, a flawed hero, a strong heroine, humour and a bit of pathos. One to watch on a lazy weekend.

Facebook U (fr) wrote: I wouldn't exactly recommend this to small children, as MONSTER HOUSE is actually very dark for a family film, but I still feel it captures the spirit of Halloween perfectly, and does an excellent job of bringing out that inner, adventure seeking youth in us all.

Morgan E (it) wrote: Recently Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, the impregnable military base the size of Reading, has been handed over to the Afghan National Army. We've spent over a decade slogging it out with the Taliban. Now no more British soldiers remain at Camp Bastion, we scrutinize the British army's role in Afghanistan. Was this ever our war? It's the question emerging director, Tom Petch, asks us in this clever, reflective movie.Petch takes us back to 2006, a year of heated conflict; a small unit is sent on a three day patrol. An unexpected ambush from allied special forces in the region triggers an increase in Taliban attack, which prolongs the patrol for nearly two weeks. As the heat of the conflict intensifies, the unfortunately named Operation Icarus pushes individual to reach their limits.An already declining morale really builds speed when likeable Welshman, Taff, who is always cracking jokes and diffusing the tension in the unit takes a direct hit to the chest and is rushed to the trauma centre. The bullet hits all the boys hard and an out of touch captain fails to patch up the punctured morale, which bleeds away.A former tank officer in the Queen's Own Hussars, Tom Petch's army experience shows in the film. The familiar army characters are all very believable and the dialogue spot on, particularly the military lingo and the cutting banter, trademarks of the British army. As the conflict intensifies with more attacks from the Taliban, however, that friendly banter turn viscous and everyone starts taking personal digs.There's a story of class struggle and a captain's inability to discipline his unit. When a solider refuses to go on patrol, staff sergeant 'Sol' (Nicholas Beveny) fronts up and says 'Do you know what the f**k you're saying soldier?' Captain Richardson (Ben Righton) takes a more sympathetic tone, crouches down and tells him he can stay at the base helping the lieutenant with signals. Sergeant gives a disapproving nod to his captain.The captain comes across like a school teacher trying too hard to fit in with the kids and failing to earn their respect. He takes favourites and goes easy on people with softer voices. As one soldier remarks 'we all get the same medal, just some of us get shot at.' It highlights a palpable tension between ranks.But everyone in the unit struggles and the cinematography does a brilliant job of capturing the sense of isolation and abandonment that all the soldiers experience. The soldiers are 'out there like sitting ducks', as sergeant Sol puts it, without armoured vehicles, lacking ammunition and low on basic supplies. There's a sense they've been abandoned in the barren purgatorial landscape. And they're just holding up until it's time to go home.The Patrol isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. Although the plots aimlessness may be a deliberate attempt to capture the soldiers sense of aimlessness, it does tax your patience. And like the soldiers on patrol you find yourself struggling to stay alert, feeling the sand settling in the corners of your eyes. The monotony of the patrol is occasionally broken by very realistic and heart thumping firefights, but there just isn't enough of it. Still, it's a great debut for a low budget film and paints a candid portrait of the war, highlighting how many of the boys' hearts just weren't in it.

Dane S (ru) wrote: So much comedic power in this film!

Christina R (us) wrote: While I thought the main theme/motif of "vision" in this film was rather clever, this film was a little boring. The character's pervasive unhappiness, the scenes of long silences, meaningful looks, and the cold Manhattan backdrop only made it more depressing to watch. Heather Graham's necessary nude scene (seriously, when DOESN'T this chick get naked?) is probably the only thing that will be remembered by most viewers, and it is rather awkward anyway.

Eric On His Fantasy Quest V (ag) wrote: My Boyfriend's Back is an odd yet fun zombie comedy, with our lead character Johnny coming back from the dead and finally wins the heart of the most beautiful girl in school, whom he's been in love for years. I find it romantic as a moment when Missy sticks to her new boyfriend despite bullies' taunts, small-town prejudice, and Johnny's recent craving for human flesh. And yes, it's hilarious. Directed by Bob Balaban and starring the great performances of Andrew Lowery, Austin Pendleton, and Traci Lind.