Danchi No Yume Dreams of the Projects

Danchi No Yume Dreams of the Projects

On the south side of Kyoto, tucked away from its ancient temples and tourist sites, lies a 40 building low income housing project. Mukaijima New Town, as it's known around the city, is home to poor immigrants, gangsters, drug addicts and lost children.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:2012
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A young man is born into a hidden housing project in south Kyoto and his mission is to embrace Hip Hop to avoid the vicious circle of crime most people get caught up in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Danchi No Yume Dreams of the Projects torrent reviews

Chase H (jp) wrote: Anyone with an interest in 60s and 70s rock n roll should watch this. It's not the best but it's definitely interesting.

Party Pete C (au) wrote: quite good not the usual hollywood type

Joseph O (us) wrote: Really good movie. Lots of twists and turns , defiantly kept your interest. Good cast. Ruth found this in the library. Good sleeper movie you may have never heard of.

Jaime R (jp) wrote: Not as strong as Bleu or Rouge, but still around the same level.

Edward C (kr) wrote: One of my FAVORITE ???

Luca V (ca) wrote: I'm very disappointed with this film. I thought it. Not the same class of - Ladri di biciclette -. Anyway, all the De Sica characters have a crescendo of jinx. In this case, for a small swindle two kids are convicted. And the swindle was not their fault. The prison change them for the worst, and one of them dies during an escape, which is not as great as McQueen's. A very low budget film. All the action scenes are in the dark. So, one can hear just the sound of voices.

Jiri B (us) wrote: An entertaining followup, creepy atmospheric film.

Michael S (gb) wrote: Flashy, over-stylized, and way too self-important. This is one of those films that would have been more entertaining had it been more campy or more of a train wreck.

Ivan V (us) wrote: What an unfortunate mess. ABBA and Julie Walters were the only good things about this movie. Everything else seemed low budget or phoned in. Sad.

Andy S (gb) wrote: Haunting. Ominous. Disorienting. Amazing.

Jet L (it) wrote: We're all screwed up in the head. Finding someone as screwed up as ourselves though.... That's priceless. It's a funnier version of Silver Linings Playbook :-) I recommend this big time!