Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Dancing at the Blue Iguana

A non-glamorous portrayal of the lives of people who make their living at a strip club.

Through the lens of the strip club,this film reveals lifestyle of girl inside and out, on and back to show the story behind the dance . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dancing at the Blue Iguana torrent reviews

Kay L (de) wrote: Really good doc. Honest. Going to start listening to the podcast now.

Helen L (es) wrote: This movie is a epic kung-fu blockbuster. It has everything for everyone: drama, story, comedy and of course outstanding kungfu! ! A general who lost his army and his family seeks refuge and redemption in a Shaolin temple. I was very impressed with the acting and the story. A must see for any crazy ass kungfu fan! !

Juha S (fr) wrote: Very indie but in this case its a bad thing..the actors are bad and the plot developes only in the last half of the movie. The sexscenes are really pornographic, but the teens are so ugly, that you are disgusted by them.

David H (kr) wrote: The comedy was pretty good, and I was definitely entertained throughout. I really like seeing Routh in different roles, since I basically know him as Superman. Seeing him in "Zach & Miri Make A Porno" was hysterical, and this was along the same line for me, seeing him in a funny, honest role (even if the "Porno" movie was a bit over-the-top). I loved Bradford in "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", and it was nice to see him in a role that's slightly similar, but still overall twisted. I've always been a fan of Sophia Bush, and she shone in this film. Of course, I know Jennifer Morrison from "House" and the new "Star Trek" film, so it's always good to see her in other stuff, even if this role was a bit cookie-cutter. I won't lie...the movie's not great. It's not fantastic or anything. The humor was good, and I loved how extremely awkward I felt for Routh's character when Bradford and Bush would act up. Their characters were very well-written. The plot is very predictable, you know exactly what's going to happen, so it's all about the delivery. I have mixed feelings, though, because I liked how Routh starts out in a bar, telling these people about what happened that ruined his life - a unique way of telling the movie's story. When that ends, though, I expected him to have his revelation and chase down the girl for the end of the movie, but this didn't happen. The end of the bar-story-telling portion was more closer to the end of the second act, which left about 20-30 minutes of the film to resolve everything. I'd like to say, again, that this is just a unique way of telling the story, but it felt more eclectic than anything, disorganized. I also felt that there was no resolution for the "adversaries" of the film, the couple played by Bradford and Bush - usually the "villains" get their comeuppance in films where they do everything they can to ruin the protagonist's life...but this never happened, and I felt that they "got away with it". My recommendation: see it if it comes on HBO or something, but probably not worth a rental.

Grant H (it) wrote: Bad movie. Next Day Air is a boring, dull, predictable, unfunny film that uses way too many stereotypes to count and has no fun with them at all, resulting in a bland and over-violent borefest with poor performances.

Aswin W (ca) wrote: This was one of the worst movie ever like most of everyone said about it. True, I laughed so many times due to the idiotic plot plus how the actors couldn't act good came with cheesy one liners. It was like a parody of giant creature invasion disaster with dodgy CGI which the spiders didn't look realistic. Ending was hilarious too and whats next Fire Spiders? um don't bother.

Jess L (ag) wrote: Whoa who could have read this script and thought yeah this is a great movie where do I sign? This film reeked and if I was involved with its production I would be embarrassed and ashamed.

Julie C (de) wrote: A cute foreign flick. I enjoyed this movie.

Nicki M (br) wrote: Not quite the 5 star movie I remembered, but still a pretty good one. Am rewatching some of my old DVDs and really enjoying them. Renee zellweger really was a good actress (still is, but I did like her earlier roles).

Diana D (nl) wrote: This is close to being my new favorite!

probowl 4 (es) wrote: Sadly, the final movie for Chris Farley is his weakest. 'Almost Heroes' isn't a terrible movie but it's at times dry dialogue can bore viewers and leave even the hardcore Farley fans like myself just simply uninterested. There's still laughs to be had though and it ultimately can serve as something to remember Farley by regardless of it not being his best.

Janine R (it) wrote: Always makes me cry :(

Robert M (ru) wrote: Not necessarily better than the original film, but still a whole new adaptation to the series with a new enemy as well as other new and unexpected peers and events. While I may have felt some slight flaws throughout, it's hard to say that this film isn't a crowd pleaser especially for its time. Danny DeVito as The Penguin was a fairly delightful treat throughout pretty much the entire film. It may just have been me, but I felt that Keaton did a better and deeper voice to the iconic dark knight. While well dark-themed, it is overall decent.

Bryan M (ca) wrote: Third in a series of sci-fi comedy-thrillers featuring usual and ugly creatures with sharp teeth that terrorize people. Released direct-to-video at a time when that was considered the ultimate trash-bin (after made-for-TV) for movies, this is a decent time filler. It is much better than its immediate predecessor, which actually went to theaters based on the success of the 1986 original. Followed by a fourth, also direct-to-video. The main attraction for movie-buffs is the early role for Leonardo DiCaprio. He did this one around the time he was on TV in the final season and a half of "Growing Pains." Basically he plays an average teenager fending off the wierd little killers from outer space.

Greg S (jp) wrote: A little German boy decides to stop growing up at 3 and a half years old, then watches as Hitler rises to power. A classic comic nightmare about "little people's" acquiescence to Nazism.

Diana W (es) wrote: the best movie i've seen this year! released in who knows what year (it escaped me), but it still managed to hook me! ordinary love story but beautifully told by the hands of alain resnais. this is his first work i've ever seen and already, i'm craving for more of his other works! la belle et la actress! (i dont know if im writing this correctly or not, but her beauty just left me speechless, so i had to utter it in another more-romantic language other than english!!). the japanese actor is ok (thank god..). i googled him right after i googled the actress, and found him to be quite an interesting actor since he's also the lead in woman of the dunes (another critically acclaimed classic which i havent had the chance to see). emmanuelle riva sure takes the stage in this film. i watched this a couple of days after watching the dreadful new moon. so imagine how bad new moon even gets after seeing this film. it makes new moon looks like a movie just made in a day, barely survived the cut.

Susan (us) wrote: awesome movie. I have loved it since I was 8 years old. I love old movies. They are much better than the frivilous movies of today.

EWC o (ca) wrote: Some scenes contrast in tone, overall however original and funny