Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

The next mayor of Seoul candidate's wife becomes a dance singer in this movie as Hwang Jeong-min takes on the role of poor lawyer turned politician and Uhm Jung-hwa as the wife who makes an attempt at singing without her husband knowing at first.

A husband finds himself accidentally running for Mayor of Seoul and his wife decides to become a k-pop singer . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry C (au) wrote: A vintage situational French comedy about a banker who must become a pimp, in order to help the police to catch the bad guys. It's fun and over the top.

Claire B (au) wrote: The director must have been on crack when he wrote this. hahaI love Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer and even like Leighton Meester but this story was just so....HARD to accept. I understand what the director was saying in the special features about not creating characters who are simply relatable, but these characters were on the verge of being unrealistic and overdramatic, even considering who is narrating the story. And really, the interview/making of documentary featuring the director showed him to be an arrogant SOB who thinks he knows everything there is to know about good writing. Which I feel this film showcased none of. So, for anyone reading this, I believe it would be a waste of your valuable film-watching time to rent this.

Richard M (ru) wrote: Alright movie just because it has a train.

bill s (de) wrote: Gripping thriller with a powerhouse performance from Fields.

James D (nl) wrote: Everybody in the cast is pitch-perfect, and they carry off a lunatic plot with obvious glee. DeVito takes greed and malevolence to hilarious heights, and Midler does the same with unrestrained bitchiness. One of the funniest movies ever made.

Sherri G (br) wrote: love the humor even tho it looks dated.

Tara M (gb) wrote: It had some funny and sweet moments, I liked it.

Alex C (mx) wrote: An Alan Smithee movie... maybe the original director wanted to set in in Baltimore not Pittsburgh?