Dancing with the Devil

Dancing with the Devil

Rio de Janeiro. September, 2008. Three men stalk the gloomy back-alleys of the city's notorious slums. Spiderman, a 28-year-old drug lord, embarks on a routine patrol through the shadowy streets of Coréia, the sprawling slum he controls. Inspector Leonardo Torres, a muscle-bound operative from Rio's drug squad, inches through the alleys of another shantytown, shots ringing out around him. And Pastor Dione, an evangelical preacher intent on ending Rio's drug conflict, trawls the slums for lost souls. With unprecedented access to some of Rio's most wanted men, Dancing with the Devil in the City of God tells the story of Rio's drug war through the eyes of three men locked into one of the bloodiest urban conflicts on earth. Written by Jon Blair and Tom Phillips

Rio de Janeiro. September, 2008. Three men stalk the gloomy back-alleys of the city's notorious slums. Spiderman, a 28-year-old drug lord, embarks on a routine patrol through the shadowy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua H (ru) wrote: The Girl With All the Gifts is a smartly compelling, emotionally engaging, and stylishly executed film that's decent addition to zombie canon, but that's about it. Movie initial interesting premise starts out promising and super intriguing but slowly fizzles and comes undone by the final act, thus negating its lofty ambition to be the next best thing since 28 Days Later.

Alex W (ca) wrote: Its not hard to figure out what happening in this film, just hard to figure out what its all about. I really like this style of surrealism as opposed to films that seem weird and confusing just to be weird and confusing. It also earns bonus points in the "pushing the art form of cinema" category. Its beautiful, engaging and unique. Not for the casual movie watcher, a film lovers film.

Jill M (ag) wrote: This is going to be great!

stephen k (gb) wrote: Amazing marital arts but terrible 3D effects take away from an otherwise good movie

Mathias F (mx) wrote: I was so surprised by this film! It turned out so great! The story is intelligent, classic, original horror, and the killer is really iconic. I have already printed him in my mind, as a horror character. In the beginng, it kinda feels like it's a typical horror/slasher film, but when you've passed the first 20 minutes, you start to realize, that this ain't just another cheesy horror film, but a true original, and also an expansion of earlier horror films!

Amanda H (gb) wrote: This was mildly entertaining, I suppose, if you don't mind low-budget, lame horror movies. But really, it was nothing new. Giant mutated insect, animal, unidentified creature makes a buffet of everyone in sight. Ya know. Same old, same old.

Mark G (ag) wrote: terrible terrible acting

Louy L (nl) wrote: L'histoire d'amour qui prend enormement plus de place qu'anticipe, mais pourquoi pas. Les scenes de la seconde guerre sont fascinantes et l'intrigue carcerale se mele admirablement a celle du traditionnel triangle amoureux, remoulu entre les barreaux de la plus fameuse des prisons nazies. Damian Lewis fidele a ce qu'on a connu de lui comme Lt. Winters dans Band of Brothers. tres bon.

Graham B (es) wrote: A Woody Allen New York love story, where New York is one of the love threads.Hannah(Mia Farrow) is one of three sisters in an artistic family. The other two are aspiring, yet unsuccessful in their careers and love lives.The story is a tale of the loves and ambitions of the three sisters.However it also takes in the tales of 2 men in their lives and I'm not entirely sure this is a plus factor. basically there are too many Woody Allen personas here. The character Allen plays, should be a bit part, but he forces himself to the limelight. Michael Caine's character is entirely unsympathetic and takes up too much of the film. It is called Hannah and her sisters, yet only Dianne Wiesste (MVP btw) is fleshed out here.It's an enjoyable film with a great story. I just think the focus is askew and there are too many Woody personas. New York looks lovely though and the 5 minutes devoted to New York architecture is very nice.

Loris R (ru) wrote: Old Robin Hood goes back to Nottingham, old Marian takes him back, but time never turns back.

David H (es) wrote: Under the guidance of Roger Corman and Samuel Fuller, Peter Bogdanovich directed, wrote and acted in his first feature, Targets. Like Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) directed and written by Woody Allen, both films share the format of telling two separate stories that intertwine at the end. A half comedy and half suspense thriller, Targets is about an aging horror movie star, Bryon Orlok who wants to retire from the film business after deciding that contemporary audiences are no longer afraid of the Victorian style monsters that he was so famous for being in the 40s and 50s. Even with the insistence of the studio heads and director, played by Peter Bogdanovich, Orlok is adamant on his decision. He wants nothing more to do with the movies, including something that is as menial as making a guest appearance at a drive-in theater for a movie he was in years before. His personal assistant though, Jenny persuades him otherwise. The second story in the film is inspired by true events about a sniper who climbed a water tower in Texas and began shooting at people for no apparent motive. The studios who bought the film, Paramount, were initially hesitant about releasing the film in 1968 because two tragic incidences happened that same year: Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy were assassinated by a gun man. Irregardless the studio set a August 1968 release date. Though the movie was critically praised, the film for obvious reasons did not do well at the box office. Progressively, the two stories intertwine when the sniper is forcibly led to a drive-in theater to hide from the police. After shooting ten or so people earlier, the sniper outdo's himself when he gets the idea to hide behind the gigantic projection screen and shoot at people in their cars. The sequence, give or take, is timed at twenty minutes. When the shooter first pokes his gun through the screen, it is a frightening and palm sweating sequence to witness because the story feels very believable. Targets feels and looks rich. The scenes are a mixture of fast cutting montages and quick shots angled from a variety of camera positions: wide shots, mediums, birds eye-views, close ups, etc. Within the first five minutes, I was fascinated with how the camera was placed. When you are filming, it is daunting to imagine the unlimited possibilities of where to place the camera. But because of that freedom, you get a film like Targets that completely draws you into the story even though it is about a serial killer on the loose preying on innocent victims.

Jon H (it) wrote: Four cops (Widmark, Guardino, Whitmore and Fonda) spend a couple of days tracking down a psychopath who escaped from their custody with a police revolver in his posession. At the same time, the four also deal with issues such as corruption, police brutality, adultery, and civil rights. Exciting, though it seems a lot tamer in the era of Law & Order, The Wire, and NYPD Blue.

Tim S (us) wrote: Before buddy cop movies became as big as they did, 48 Hrs. came along and helped to establish the genre a bit. To be fair, Eddie Murphy's character is not a cop in this, but considering that him and Nick Nolte are out to hunt down the bad guys, it's pretty much the kind of formula you'd expect. Having watched it recently, I had forgotten what a gritty movie it is. Most people tend to lump it in with Beverly Hills Cop because of how funny Eddie can be, but the truth is that it's not really a comedy. It has some comedic elements to it, but it's more of a cop drama than anything else. It just has a great pairing of actors with a nice touch of action and a decent enough story. Walter Hill's direction keeps things hard-nosed and the chemistry between Nolte and Murphy keeps you wanting to see how things work out between the two of them. It's not a perfect film as it tends to have some story problems, but it's a strong film with a strong cast.

Stuart P (ru) wrote: A fantasy, a film-within-a-film, and an interesting two-man play, all at once. Hurt's affected performance is subtle, sweet and disquieting.

Joshua L (de) wrote: awesome idea, some good action but still a dumb movie!