Danger!! Death Ray

Danger!! Death Ray

Danger Death Ray, the funniest of the cheesy spy films that MST had fun with. Former Tarzan Gordon Scott sucks in his gut for this one. Professor Carmichael has developed a death ray "for peaceful purposes only" but a vague group of bad guys want it instead, so he's kidnapped by doughy guys and taken to their toy sub (via a toy helicopter)Bart Fargo must rescue him cause he's the only American spy who looks good in womanly sunglasses. Cool music accompanies him as he searches for Carmichael while he must deal with evil Abe Lincolns, a fey bad guy tuned friend of Fargo's and a couple of women who he must sleep with. In the end the ineffective bad guy gets killed, the professor and the death ray get rescued and Bart gets the woman. There's also a complex scene with a watch thrown in a pool which symbolizes the amount of time that was wasted on smart screen writing for the movie.

Secret Agent Bart Fargo chases the kidnappers of the inventor of a death ray. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle J (mx) wrote: This sequel comes a while after the original, which I love. Not a lot of other people did. So why release a sequel to a movie no one cared about 5 years after the first? No idea. This movie is stupid and crass and all that. It contains a main cast of virtual unknowns who do a decent enough job delivering T&A and cheap laughs but the real comedy is in the cameos of old characters. Justin Long has a great scene, as well as "Bishop" returning to teach the new "Ryan Reynolds"esque character a lesson about racism. The man-child Andy Milonakis is back to make your teeth grit as well. It's not great, it doesn't approach the enjoyment level of the first one and if you haven't seen that one, you'll probably hate this. But worth seeing if you have and want some very cheap....dollar store cheap laughs.

Deven T (jp) wrote: If you like Sarah, you'll like this...

Kade C (kr) wrote: Such a sweet story filled with many comical moments, the third original Pixar property is as big of a hit as their past two ventures. Fantastic characters and dialogue make for a very heartfelt film.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: Piece of trash, unfortunately involving the alien character. It absolutely falls out of the franchise, even Weaver's sarcastic performance.

Liam C (br) wrote: Cinematic excellence. 3 thumbs up (oh wait thats not a thumb)

Kelly K (ru) wrote: I'm a sucker for spoiled, rich girls learning a lesson on responsibilty and the value of a dollar. But this film adds a twist, when the girl's fairy godmother, cast a spell making her not only flat broke, but making her friends, family and even her dog completely unaware of who she is.

GM W (ca) wrote: Awesome movie, Richard Donner's Director's cut is better that the original cut.

NICOLE (ag) wrote: Freakin awesome! "Save Mike's Dog House down with Hodgkins"!

Maya B (es) wrote: Julie Walters and Michael Caine are brilliant, really have their characters in depth and funny. Story is unique and unpredictable. There is a good message in the movie.

Grant T (ru) wrote: Forgettable, entertaining, fun to see once

Jaret M (mx) wrote: Funnier the 1st time on the show, but I guess an american reworking could have been worse.

Gordon O (br) wrote: While this movie seemed like it could have a lot of promise, ultimately the poor picture quality and even worse audio quality made it unwatchable for me. The actors' inability to speak a single sentence without mumbling made it even worse. It seemed like there were probably many good jokes in it, but unfortunately I couldn't even hear the jokes. Also, if you watched the trailer, you basically saw all the funny parts.