Danger: Diabolik

Danger: Diabolik

One of the great comic book movies of all time from director Mario Bava.

Fey super-thief Diabolik runs around stealing jewels, gold, murdering innocent people, and being a nuisance to the government of a generic European country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Danger: Diabolik torrent reviews

Andrew P (gb) wrote: Typical found footage that follows The Blair Witch Project. The film actually seems well made, but still not the best "acting"

Juli N (kr) wrote: Highly Underrated lil gem of a film!

Dylan B (ag) wrote: This didn't live up to my expectations sadly, but my only reason was to see what MJK was like. He did the silly cop really well, I think he'd be good in a comedy of anything. The plot was ok, but I think even though it was a short film (low budget) there could have been little bit more.

Kristian R (it) wrote: The story is... well, not very well told. But the action is good.

Aurelius D (de) wrote: Rubbish. Very disappointed especially seeing how there are so many stars in this flick. I mean you got Vinnie Jones, Val Kilmer Anthony LaPaglia just to name a few. There are more but really in the end it focuses on Mick Rossi and a really long and drawn out story. It tries to be clever. Tries to reenact a couple scenes from Reservoir Dogs to an epic fail result. I enjoy English things but this really disappointing and boring needless to say. The only reason it got a whole star is because of Vinnie and Val even though they had like 10 minutes of screen time between the two of them.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Breezy comedy is pretty entertaining, but not exactly a classic. It's one of those films that you'll enjoy while your watching it and can let it just wash over you and then forget about it forever after. Written by Andy Breckman, who'd later go onto create the classic TV show "Monk," the film does a nice update of the classic Phil Silvers show, which Steve Martin taking over as the con man Sergeant Bilko. There's a solid supporting cast that includes Dan Aykroyd, Phil Hartman, Glenne Headly and Chris Rock (in a surprisingly unfunny role). It's a very formula comedy, but a likable cast, a fast pace and some clever moments make up for the films weak points.

Sebastian T (jp) wrote: Loved it the first time I saw at the theater. Own the DVD and have had many friends watch it with me and they too loved it. To me it's Moonlighting the Musical. He's basically playing David Addison on the big screen.

Ken S (br) wrote: Three morons kidnap a young girl named Candy in hopes that her dad, who manages a diamond store, will give them lots of money in diamonds in exchange for her life. The only witness to the crime is an autistic kid who can't speak and is constantly belittled by his asshole mother. The kidnappers plan falls apart when it turns out the diamond store manager is actually a stepdad, who stands to gain a ton of money in the event if Candy's death, so he is in no hurry to pay up. The film is weird, it has bad acting and characters that are all over the place. It can be fun though, if you are looking for a bad 70s grindhouse movie.

Kjetil H (ca) wrote: Caine er uber cool in denne fete filmen,for en historie, og Berlin er steike m en fet by .Good stuff all over

Alberto C (mx) wrote: Un buen flick para entretenerse un rato, 100% mentiras pero hey, esta bien por el momento.