Dangerous Years

Dangerous Years

Jeff Carter has put an end to the town's delinquency with a boys' club. Young hoodlum Danny shows up and influences teenagers Doris, Willy and Leo. They hang out at a juke joint where Eve works. When Jeff tries to stop a robbery planned by Danny, he is killed and Danny goes on trial.

Jeff Carter has put an end to the town's delinquency with a boys' club. Young hoodlum Danny shows up and influences teenagers Doris, Willy and Leo. They hang out at a juke joint where Eve ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl G (ca) wrote: Nothing like being up on the times of today's frequent shootings...But this is a Real Good, yet depressing film about 2 parents trying to cope with knowing that their Son committed a mass shooting! Great acting! Really felt for the Father at the end...Sad....

Jessica D (ag) wrote: Very action packed. Come on it's paintball

Mique W (ca) wrote: .....since when did street fighter have guns???

Susie G (de) wrote: To me, this isn't a story about a young mom who overcame her struggles and eventually achieved her dream - it's a story about embracing the complicatedness of life and discovering that maybe our lives turn out exactly how they're supposed to. Plus it's Beverly Donofrio's story. And it has Drew. And Brittany Murphy. And Steve Zahn. Wins all around!

Robin S (us) wrote: I think this ranks with my anti war movies ,HAIR and Across the Universe. The whole point was, what are we fighting for???

Michael D (gb) wrote: This is a hilarious outing that rests on the dynamic between the good guy Dana Cannon (John Murray, younger brother of Bill)and the bad guy Deputy Halik (James Keach). The antics of every other character take a a back seat to the constant showdown between these two, but they still do add to the depth of the film. Dana is a sarcastic smart mouth who gets right under the skin of anyone who doesn't like his attitude and he bears strong resemblance to Tom Hanks' character of Rick Gassko from Bachelor Party, released the year before. And while Hanks may have done a better job, Murray more than holds his own to make the film a success. See this film.

Steve W (nl) wrote: This may be Woody Allen's homage to Some Like It Hot. Its got similar plot points and vibes, and plenty of great self deprecation in his hapless manager role. The movie is alright, but I don't consider it one of Allen's greats.

Danielle H (br) wrote: great actors, great message, very interesting movie, love it

alan d (jp) wrote: is chuck norris yeah

Ryan V (it) wrote: Sylvester Stallone plays a maverick cop who's obsessively chasing a crazed felon (Wesley Snipes). His hotshot antics get him cryogenically frozen until he's awakened in a "politically correct" world that is unable to handle violent crime. Demolition Man was a financial disappointment upon release, but its since built up a surprisingly passionate cult audience. While it's a bit less banal than many other action films of its period, its hokey script, bland fight scenes, and cheeseball performances don't do much for me. I'd say that Demolition Man can only be safely recommended to Stallone fanatics who can tolerate the presence of Rob Schneider.

Rob R (gb) wrote: Probably the worst film yet of the found film genre. The acting and plot were bad. The special effects and locations in relation to the story were horrible. It is almost like they shot the film in a day. And what's worst is that it was not scary. I have never wanted a film to end so much in my whole entire life.

William C (ru) wrote: Grade:Higher 7/10The Devil's Double is a sinister film which although is that and wholelot more dark with undertones, turn's out to be a just about Good filmand one that can make you think but also fear and feel for thecharacters. I watched it expecting gore and violence and yes you do getit, but I also expected lot's of poor shooting and driving scenes ofwhich there are none and save's the film from a lower rating. So Ithought it was just about Good film, and here is why I thought so.Story is firm and as I say it is dark and vicious but not ever scene istorture and gore(although it can seem like it as in certain parts ofthe film). Domonic Cooper is hard not to talk about in positive termsbut we will get to him soon, otherwise from him this film is fairlygood and the story holds up well enough to make it a good film towatch. I particularly liked the end because there is a certain thrillfrom watching well, you will see for yourself if you watch it but letus say the ending is tense at moments.Now to Cooper and what a performance he give's us from this, he play'sboth the protagonist and antagonist and serves them up delightfullywith a kind of madness in one role and a more sophisticated turn withthe other. His accent is great and he actually looks like he is fromIraq, let alone trying to make him look the characters. I didn't carethe supporting cast and I felt they were pretty much all stale andalthough supported Cooper well no one came near to being as good as himhere.I think Lee Tamahori did a good job here and made the film look nicewith all that is going in it like. He used his ever present darkdirecting skill to master through a story of Latif Yahia(who'sexperiences are the basis of the film from his book), and bring with ita film not afraid to be called an even higher type of 18 film and touchthe boundaries of what is right and wrong in film. The setting isperfect and some great vehicles are seen throughout, nothing to makethe film better but a nice thing to look at mid way through the movie. Criticisms come in the way of well unneeded violence in some parts andstale parts in the other which obviously don't make this a bad film, itis good I said but parts can be pointless and for too long in thisnightclubs and guards being shot, women being harassed and menthreatened, you can't help but feel they could have done something elseto freshen up the script and not just have Latif having a bad time.Listen the film is violent no doubt, I won't spoil the death scenes butthey make you wince or look away if your of a particularly squeamishnature but all the same it can be the darkest deaths which really bringout a certain side of the character. I think people who enjoy darkdrama and little action may just like this, and even more so than I didbut nonetheless I feel people will dislike it and get bored with it,but don't expect to be bored just by watching the trailer etc.So overall a just about good film, give it a higher 7/10 and I think it wasfalling maybe towards the end but just held on to it's rank here. Gowatch it and see for yourself the dark twisted mind of a man, son of adictator and one who is crazy and sadistic, and his doppelganger.

Richard D (ca) wrote: A young school teacher working deep in the Australian outback attempts to go home for his Christmas holidays and gets stranded along the way due to some poor decisions. He hooks up with some hard-drinking men and his vacation sinks into violence and depravity. This was not a popular film on it's initial release due to it's far from sympathetic portrayal of Australian society (or at least rural Australian society). It was thought to be completely lost, but a single print was found. Thank heavens for that. This really is a lost gem. It's rare that film goes for broke quite as spectacularly as this one does and completely succeeds in the process. Donald Pleasence is remarkable in a key role.