Danguard Ace

Danguard Ace

Evil scientist Doppler will stop at nothing to destroy the giant transforming robot Danguard Ace, so he can conquer a new planet.

Evil scientist Doppler will stop at nothing to destroy the giant transforming robot Danguard Ace, so he can conquer a new planet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ultram D (ca) wrote: Worst movie ever boring

Kurt B (de) wrote: The film that disproves that thought that "Planned Obsolescence" is nothing more than an urban myth.

Marc H (nl) wrote: overwrought,but sensitive examination of gay teenage angst

Christopher H (es) wrote: Had the film found more well known actors and actresses and fitted to a new structure, Small Town Saturday Night could have been something special. Instead, Small Town becomes small time and will ultimately be passed over by most viewers, save for the tagline on the case of the film: ??Starring Chris Pine from Star Trek.??

Jonny P (gb) wrote: "Beverly Hills Cop" is a crude, poorly acted action comedy. A would-be interesting story is clouded over by nonstop f-words and Eddie Murphy's obnoxious laugh. It is also clouded over by a repetitive electronic soundtrack, but there are no complaints there. It is a shame that such an iconic soundtrack comes from a nearly unwatchable film. The irony is that it gets really entertaining in the last 40 minutes when all of the profanity disappears, but it isn't worth enduring the first hour to get there. This film was critically acclaimed and considered to be one of the best of 1984 - what were these critics thinking?!?!? Every time that Murphy delivers a serious line, it feels like a mistake. And apparently the Academy watched a censored version of the film when they nominated it for Best Original Screenplay because the incessant profanity cheapens every line of dialogue. The one positive attribute of this film is the humor generated by John Ashton, Judge Reinhold, and Murphy. The majority of their dialogue is improvised and you can occasionally see one member of the trio struggling to hold it together. Reinhold really nails the sidekick role as the wide-eyed, nave Billy Rosewood. If I could cut out all of the profanity, I'd watch the film again just for his cluelessness. All of the other actors in the film are completely unmemorable and perform well below the expectation of a Hollywood blockbuster. Perhaps the most maddening part of the film is that nobody is asking the big questions like... what kind of a name is "Axel"? And why doesn't anybody question it? I want to love "Beverly Hills Cop" because it is a classic, but between the poor acting and overblown volume of profanity, it is tough to consider watching it ever again.

Alicia T (it) wrote: cheesy , cheesy horror monster terrorizing new york city film. I watched it as a kid and found it scary , watched it 20+ years later and couldn't stop laughing

Roy C (de) wrote: Learned of it in a Super 8 interview.

Rene R (it) wrote: "Landmines has taken my sightTaken my speechTaken my hearingTaken my armsTaken my legsTaken my soulLeft me with life in hell" Metallica

Eve C (br) wrote: J'adore ce film ! Je l' (C)coute presque chaque ann (C)e d (C)but juin !

Private U (gb) wrote: Interesting historical facts, nice to see Dujardin in such a serious part. Doutey is pretty plain, but the rest of the cast is quite amazing. The well-known ending to this true story is well written, emotion is right.

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Ben S (ru) wrote: Slow moving and predictable but very well shot.

Matt B (de) wrote: One word describes this film and that word is: terrible.Potentially, this film could have been a great horror flick....but no.....it drags out, the acting is terrible, the script is ever worse (although I did think the plot had potential)....just a woeful film that should never have been made. Avoid!