In this undistinguished drama, Darclee (Silvia Popovici) is a lead singer for an opera company in Romania with a heavy load of responsibility. It seems the company is in dire need of a decent physical structure for their performances and a brace -- or more -- of good singers to improve their image and sales. In other words, they need just about everything except an excellent lead singer; Darclee fills that bill. And so the company rather unfairly leans on her to get the people and the funds they so desperately want. Matei Jacob directs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (jp) wrote: As typical of any Steven Seagal movie, the action is great, but everything else, especially the acting, is horrible. The plot is stupid and so confusing u practically hafta stop the movie just to think about what's going on. Additionally, the ending is totally predictable and so retarded that it almost completely ruins the last 20 minutes of the film (which weren't that bad until the ending happened). Everything in this movie is non sequitur (meaning that one thing doesn't/shouldn't lead to another). The whole plot is this way--carrying out the bank robbery and/or the prison break will not, by any means, achieve Seagal's character's main goal of getting his merc comrade a proper military burial. This film is just plain dumb, though it could've been decent if they'd stuck w/ more action sequences instead of trying to develop this ridiculous plot.

Jakob S (ru) wrote: Complete ridiculous movie, you must be very drunk if you have to enjoy this mess.

Nicholas D (mx) wrote: it was ok.kinda boring...typical slasher

Mikael R (es) wrote: Quite good actually.

wes b (ca) wrote: "Can I help anyone? Does anyone need any help?" Haha. Some great Hartley moments but I don't think he'll put this one down as one of his best efforts...

Darryl R (mx) wrote: excuse me Mr do you know the way to Chilli Verde?

Coco (es) wrote: ive seen a lot of movies!

Charles P (ag) wrote: I assume the locked room sequence at the end of the film is the spiritual ancestor of Saw. That's how I see it. And I'm always right. I blame you, Fritz Lang.

Yash B (it) wrote: Stunning visuals, and a really entertaining adventure. Definitely much longer than it needed to be but its an impressive movie in every way. it's epic and showcases what movies can be when it comes to remakes.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: It's near unwatchable.

Jersey Boy (au) wrote: Is Van Damme making a comeback?! This was really a different story from the typical I got my butt beat, they kidnapped my goldfish, gotta train and win movies he's used to doing. His acting has gone up as well..this is a Van Damme good move.