Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee

Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee

Two village youths decide to travel from their boring hometown of Jemapoh, Malaysia to England. One wants to see his favourite soccer team Manchester United while the other wants to meet ...

Two village youths decide to travel from their boring hometown of Jemapoh, Malaysia to England. One wants to see his favourite soccer team Manchester United while the other wants to meet ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee torrent reviews

barbara h (nl) wrote: I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mira Mohd S (us) wrote: The surprise success of the year..Paresh Rawal & Rajeev Khandelwal prove yet again why they are among the most versatile actors in the industry today.. must watch..

Sarah F (fr) wrote: it seems like a amazing movie

Private U (ru) wrote: Slow but amazing. You have to be a fan of slow moving films to truly appreciate it.

Don S (it) wrote: Adults taking a beginner's swimming class. That is the nugget of an idea that was made into this movie. We have the swim instructor, who has been seeing a shrink and taking lots of meds, a teacher who is going through a divorce, a card dealer who sidelines as a stripper, and a bunch of older folks afraid of the water who really have nothing to do with the story. The characterizations are a bit to pat and tame for me: the stripper is going to act indignant when offered a "normal" job, the soon to be divorced is going to hop into bed with the first guy that pays her attention, etc. Nothing new here.

Tony O (br) wrote: This was a good movie. It gives the liberal mind a lot to think about. Essentially in the struggle between the scientific method and irrational emotions, humans are inclined to embrace the latter. I mean this really wasnt that long ago! Im sure these feelings of racism and hate are still alive and well. How very unfortunate.

Ryan B (ag) wrote: Pathetic. Another post Pulp-Fiction Travolta, ultra terrible crapfest.

Terence C (jp) wrote: one of his greatest films of all time and the main reason he was catapulted into fame, various annoying and cheesy moments however still funny

cli o (mx) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Ed Q (kr) wrote: Dull and rather conventional.

James H (br) wrote: The Philippines location filming is about the only interesting thing about this monster horror film. The acting isn't too bad, but the plot is just awful.

Marco F (br) wrote: Michael Powell's last film is a very good film that notably, is Helen Mirren's first feature-length film. I was amazed by the way Powell channeled his passion of filmmaking through the passion of the artist (played by James Mason) and you can see and feel it, through the dazzling colors and the great atmosphere that Powell created to get a sense of isolation. Too bad this was 61-year old Powell's last film, he probably would have made many others had he been able to get more funding for his future projects. But, sadly, he didn't. What a shame.

Neil B (au) wrote: what a film great childrens film with songs u never forget and the story line to please adults and kids alike

William C (it) wrote: Rating-6.5/10Horror films have changed quite a bit since the 1958 movie "Dracula", for the better well that's up to you but for me, this is a reminder of a less violent age of scary films. In fact on that previous point, this movie really isn't scary at all and if it weren't for the slightly eerie and imposing Christopher Lee, this would look like a light drama. Having said all that I did find this to be an OK movie, maybe felt it is not as good as some say but nevertheless an engaging plot.The story is pretty nicely set up, a mysterious count who is gaining interest from certain people who seem to think he is up to something more sinister. Of course many things unfold throughout and the plot is actually quite full to say this movie is only 82 minutes long. The one point about the whole story that entertained me personally was just how engaging it is, I didn't expect to be asking questions about it and actually wondering what was going to happen next, well made.Now as mentioned Christopher Lee is imposing, and playing Count Dracula with his frame makes him seem even more sinister, easily the darkest thing about this entire film. Alongside Lee and probably the best actor by far is Peter Cushing who as Abraham Van Helsing is great, a really good choice to play the role and stands out. Overall I did however find the acting not to the standard I expected, sure the main actors are good but cast such as John Van Eyssen and Michael Gough were not great and make this slightly too unrealistic at times(even with vampires around).Terence Fisher is a good choice as director, he seems to know how to get the most out of the script and his work with Cushing and Lee is fine work indeed. It is also written well and the movie has the kind of script that works well in a horror film like this, not too horrific but still can thrill you. Keeping on the lines of behind the camera work, the score is also good, it is loud but in a good way, can weirdly make you jump at certain moments, people can have good horror fun with this movie.With this take on Dracula you might expect good or bad depending on your views of old horror movies, but all in all this is in my view a nice attempt and well worth it. So recommendations, well many will probably enjoy this quite a bit with it's nice style and good leading actors, but many could also dislike both. No matter what critics say this is truly one movie you have to see for yourself before making your mind up.Overall a short review for a short movie, there isn't too much you can say about this piece, like it or not I still can't see anyone who would think Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing are bad here, with Cushing leading the way for me in top form. Hammer Horrors are famous and this is the first of them, it represented a new kind of film back in the day and maybe even scared some back then, these days it probably won't but be safe in the knowing it could still give you nightmares.

Robert M (es) wrote: A much better film than Degeneration. Good animation and a lot of fun.

Jordan V (de) wrote: All of the shorts are directed well, and some have some very cool idea that could be fleshed out into full feature films. However, some of these writers mistake absurdity and creativity for quality, leading to some awkward and disgusting segments. I'm a fan of the ABC's of Death, and enjoy the second film in that series very much, so I'm not an easily disturbed individual. I'm all for gross and absurd if there's a point, but in the case of this film, there is usually no point.