Dark at Noon

Dark at Noon

In this mystical comedy, Felicien has traveled to Portugal from France soon after the end of the First World War. It seems that his recently deceased father had invested a lot of money in a factory located in a remote village, and he has come to evaluate that investment. He gets some clues to the real situation in the town when the man driving his coach refuses to go any further and leaves him on a section of road which is practically paved with abandoned crutches. After a short trek, he meets up with the local dignitary who is to show him around, and he meets a priest and an artist. The priest gives a further clue to the events taking place in the village when he indicates that he's completely exasperated with the endless miracles that seem to be taking place. From that point onward, amazing coincidences, visions and miracles take place in great numbers.

Come to the Village of the Dogs, it's easy to find. Just follow the avenue of crutches and the prosthetic legs hanging from the trees. It's where the Virgin Mary keeps appearing in the sky.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill H (ca) wrote: Boring. The girl didn't ever seem interested in him. It seemed to be about two people who were indifferent towards each other. Hardly a captivating story.

Aiman B (ag) wrote: This movie doesn't follow any realism. The director did whatever he wanted to do. Zero explanation of the incidents that occurred throughout the movie. In a word, the dumbest movie I've seen in a long time.

Maha M (au) wrote: SJP can't do that kinda characters i think it's really hard to shake out Carrie Bradshawout of her beside the movie it self and the cast wasn't all that good.

Erin M (us) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies! Wilkinson is great & the chemistry between him and Jessica Lange is phenomenal! Jessica actually steals lead in my eyes for this film. Also little Hayden should not be overlooked, she did an awesome job in this film. I love how it shows all of the different angles of going through the process of having a Trans parent. The trans parent, the spouse, and the children. I also love how is shows that above all else, love prevails. It conquers all. This movie is very moving and inspirational.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: This is watchable and enjoyable and a harmless way to spend 90 minutes...even if it is a MASSIVE rip-off of Reservoir Dogs.

Danny D (gb) wrote: Chow's most bizarre film. I mean, he fights a bunch of people in a Garfield costume.

Ken S (ca) wrote: This Christmas-themed horror film is about a guy who saw his dad totally trying to bang his mom when he was a kid...only his dad was dressed as Santa at the time. Since he has become obsessed with Saint Nick, spying on children to determine whether they are naughty or nice, and even working at a toy factory. But this Christmas he has finally snapped...he gets all dressed up as Kris Kringle and goes on a bizarre spree to hand out toys to kids and murder people that have screwed him. It is a fun oddball Christmas movie if weirdo B-movies are your thing. I think it is more entertaining than something like "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."

The Critic (de) wrote: Based on Jacqueline Susann's bitchy bestseller, 'Valley of the Dolls' is a delicious serving of colour, costumes and camp. The novel was never going to be easy to adapt, but Helen Deutsch and Dorothy Kingsley hand in a fair effort without always hitting the bullseye and Mark Robson's direction is fine; the two key montages of the piece, however, put a halt to the momentum. John Williams' score is lovely and the musical numbers are also well done. Barbara Parkins is perfectly cast as chief protagonist Anne, whose enriched voice continuously carries through a sense of proper upbringing as well as the reminder that she's a consistent outsider, despite fame and fortune. Patty Duke is fun as Neely and though more often than not over-the-top, the child star does deliver examples of affective acting; the infamous swimming pool scene is a highlight and her breakdown in an alleyway displays a raw loneliness that's difficult to pull off (she almost nails it). The luminous Sharon Tate is well cast as blonde busty beauty Jennifer, simultaneously projecting vulnerability and charm. The supporting characters are competently filled out by Susan Hayward, Paul Burke, Tony Scotti and Lee Grant. Slaughtered by the critics and author Susann at the time, it was a massive box office hit and has achieved cult classic status.

Toby C (es) wrote: This movie is theatrical mess. It's unrealistic circumstances, a mixture of action, humor, and darker tones have it unsure if it's a PG or R rated film. However with all this said, it isn't terrible and has some good moments.

Zali S (ag) wrote: Over the top action flick that could easily be cut shorter than its 2.5hr run time.

Joshua L (es) wrote: The characters are fun and well performed by everyone. They really make you enjoy the film.