Dark Blue Almost Black

Dark Blue Almost Black

Jorge is a young man whose plans for the future are put on hold when his father has a stroke. For seven years, he diligently nurses his father and works as a janitor while studying part time to get a business degree.When Natalia, his childhood crush, returns from a stint studying abroad, Jorge begins to yearn for something better. He is desperate to find a new and better job, but finds that no one will hire him because he has experience only as a janitor. Antonio, Jorge’s older brother, soon to be released from jail, is an opportunist who has never gotten along with their father. In prison, at a theater workshop, Antonio meets Paula, a beautiful young woman in jail on drug charges. Paula has a problem because she flirted with another inmate's boyfriend.

Just as his childhood sweetheart Natalia returns, his infertile brother Antonio asks Jorge to impregnate Paula, Antonio's imprisoned girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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victor l (br) wrote: Poor story and bad animation, but fine message to catholics and people who need to improve their spirituality.

Bikram Kabir B (fr) wrote: (Hindi version) Technically the film is great but overall just okay to good,,,

Sylwia H (ag) wrote: Dark, thrilling, with surprising twists of action! I love British thrillers!

Bill T (au) wrote: Somewhat unsatisfying movie about a DJ Storyteller who starts a friendship with a 14 year old boy, but then recieves clues that the boy may not who he seems. Robin Williams is good in what is given, Toni Collette is always great, but the story they're given just sort of drags without any sight of a conclusion. And it doesn;t end with a bang, but with a whimperish thud.

TheSecond P (au) wrote: the movie puts in perspective the pharmaceutical business which is cool, and Katherine Heigl is so hot it should be illegal

Alex C (kr) wrote: One alien goes on a murderous rampage while the other is cute and can "do stupid things." (quote is from the MST3K version)Trumpy, we hate you.

Jordan M (it) wrote: wheew here we go again!

JJ P (it) wrote: I haven't seen this movie in ages. I thought I had blocked it from my memory until we had a discussion on the worst movies ever. Living in Thailand you see a lot of bad movies but this one still takes the cake.

Mike B (mx) wrote: So bad it's good. Lots of big explosions, crazy chases, and fight scenes for such a low budget movie, but the plot, dialogue, and acting are ridiculous. Brandon Lee channels Bruce Campbell at his cheesiest as a mercenary trying to save German scientist Ernest Borgnine, who is kidnapped in Cuba by an evil Austrian and his Russian henchmen who then go to Namibia to mine for diamonds to use in a laser power source that will take over the world by starting WWIII.... you get the idea. Hysterical.

Matthew R (de) wrote: A unique film and although it was done on purpose i don't necessarily agree with having almost every swinger come off as a potential rapist for Mary. It is entertaining and I think did have something to say about the sexual revolution during those times.

monsieur r (ru) wrote: A moral drama. Stunning realism and Yul Brynner make this film a winner. Brought to a coward town to kill a man he doesn't know, Brynner also sees a married woman he desperatly wants. When the girl won't leave town with him, Yul goes crazy. This is quite a Western... unconventional to say the least and not as others have clamed a predictable plot. It isn't, unless realism is predictable. The town mayor is the ever dispicable guy I have hated in every film he ever played a role. You will know him when you see him. He never played a good guy role EVER. Gunslinger WITH a concious, Yul Brynner is outstanding. Segal was quite young when his made this film and was quite good before he turned to comedic roles in the 70's and 80's. I would highly recommend the Western to those that don't mind the slow pace of the film. Anyone that likes Yul Brynner, who carries this movie single handed, will love it too. The saddest part is that the movie seems to have been made with lip synching the voices to the movie. It becomes awkward to watch as the sounds from the mouths of the actors doesn't always match the spoken words. Plus, there is no background sounds of the town or wind or anything. A very dramatic Western of love forbidden and love lost, the Invatation to a Gunfighter succeeds on so many levels unless you like constant killing and action. Read this professional review: Oscar winner Yul Brynner turns in a "great performance" (Los Angeles Herald Times) as a smooth master gunfighter who must do battle with his most formidable adversary - his own conscience - in this gripping, double-barreled western full of blistering shootouts, surprise twists and colorful villainy. In a New Mexico frontier town, Jules Gaspard d'Estaing (Brynner) is hired by the town's boss (Pat Hingle) to kill Matt Weaver (George Segal), a Civil War veteran who returns to reclaim his farm and his woman. But when d'Estaing realizes that Weaver may be the only honest man left, the conflicted hired gun must either kill an innocent man - or destroy his own reputation - in a heart-stopping final showdown. Cast Brad Dexter Yul Brynner (of The Magnificient Seven and Oscar winner) Pat Hingle Janice Rule Alfred Ryder George Segal (later a comedic actor of much fame) Crew Story by: Hal Goodman Production Designer: Robert Clatworthy Story by: Larry Klein Costume Designer: Paula Giokaris Editor: Robert C. Jones Cinematographer: Joseph MacDonald Composer: David Raksin Screenplay: Elizabeth Wilson Director: Richard Wilson Producer: Richard Wilson Screenplay: Richard Wilson