Dark Breed

Dark Breed

Captain Saxon, and agent for the top secret Omega agency, has been given the assignment of tracking down and either capturing or killing the crew members of a secret space mission who returned to Earth against orders. It seems that they were all infected with an alien parasite, and they were trying to bring its eggs back to Earth. The eggs were lost in an accident, and both Saxon and the astronauts are trying to locate them. What could the government want them for?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   escape,   explosion,  

Six astronauts are infected by an alien organism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin B (nl) wrote: The movie is colorful

Derrick H (br) wrote: The martial arts scenes were decent. But my god, the "story line" was terrible. It's one of those films that you wish you never watched.

Anthony T (nl) wrote: it was interesting to watch but def could have been better. Pauly Shore is the man

Bryan G (kr) wrote: Director Barry Shils' Motorama opens up as if it were some sort of horror film. With various shots of different tools, sparks flying everywhere and a score that is marginally scary sounding, an off camera figure is assembling some strange device. It isn't until later that we find out that this weird object is to be used as an extension for our central character Gus (Jordan Christopher Michael), a 10 year old boy, to reach the petals in the Mustang that he has stolen in an attempt to escape the terrible life at home with his abusive parents. I have seen many movies that have tested my patience, but not many like how Motorama tested me. I'm not one to walk out on a movie, no matter how terrible it is. But with Motorama, I was constantly prepared to give up on it and call it quits. It isn't that there is anything in the film that disgusts me or insults me, it's just that this film feels more like a collection of randomly assembled scenes with no meaning to the whole experience. And it is a film that contains absolutely no characters I came to enjoy. I wasn't quite sure about the character of Gus. The film plays a little on the idea that either the people around Gus are the biggest idiots on the planet (since none of them notice that this is a 10 year old boy trying to pass himself as an adult), or the idea that Gus lives in some sort of fantasy world of self delusion. Either way, both outcomes lead to the same frustrating experience that Motorama turned out to be. No matter what way I tried to look at this film, annoyance was always the outcome. Maybe if the film could have made Gus into a likable character I could have been somewhat interested in his quest to find game pieces that could win him $500 million. But he is an annoying punk kid, who always found new ways to annoy me as the film progressed. Plus, the film doesn't appear to care much about him, which would explain some of the bizarre situations he gets into. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this scene wrong, but I have a strong feeling Gus was raped by a couple who find him siphoning gas from their car. There are a lot of notable actors in Motorama, most of them cult figures, which was one of the biggest draws for me to give this one a chance. But much like everything else, the recognizable names don't amount to much in this film. Motorama is a curious little film, that while I strongly dislike it I still feel a viewing of the film won't be a total loss. Good or bad, I'm sure you will never see a movie like this again.

Renata D (fr) wrote: Dzi? obejrza?am ten film chyba po raz 5. lub 6. I kolejny raz nie mog?am si? oderwa? od ekranu. To chyba najlepsza, naprawd? dramatyczna rola Jessici Lange. Lepsza chyba nawet od "Listonosza..." z Jackiem Nicholsonem. Na mnie ten film dzia?a bardzo emocjonalnie. Trafiam na niego co kilka lat w TV i za kadym razem odnajduj? w nim co? nowego. C, ycie pisze niesamowite scenariusze. Znakomita biografia, zagrana po mistrzowsku przez Jessic? Lange. Uprzedzam - nie?atwy do ogl?dania.

Valentina K (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this look at Bronie culture. To be honest, it sort of restored my faith in humanity. I just wish these messages of love weren't coming from such a corporate show with so much stigma attached to it.

Ta N (it) wrote: Worth watching. Selma Blair does a credible job and salvages what could have been an unwatchable movie.