Dark Corners

Dark Corners

A troubled young woman (Birch) wakes up one day as a different person - someone who is stalked by creatures.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   dream,   nurse,  

A troubled young woman (Birch) wakes up one day as a different person - someone who is stalked by creatures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helena M (us) wrote: A movie about freedom of expression of artistic view and sharing it with others.

Keriann M (ca) wrote: Great movie about the "behind the scenes of it all"

Maple C (mx) wrote: Perfectly done with pure psychotic elements while developed thrills and suspense that most horror movies can't ever reach.

Holly C (de) wrote: Simply charming and adorable! Loved it!

Kyle M (ru) wrote: It's David O. Russell's early film as he was trying out directing and trying to get something good out of a good collaboration among the cast. His early films doesn't reach the level of his recent films "The Fighter," "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle," which marks the age of himself improving and had gotten better results than the films he'd started with. "Flirting with Disaster" is a good try, but it's so the least of the director's works.Ben Stiller stands out as the best of the bunch, next to T (C)a Leoni, Josh Brolin and George Segal. But they have their own flaws: Stiller had some dorky moments, Leoni tagged along to just be part of an annoying affair while avoiding a predictable pattern, Brolin being used on the other side of the affair, and Segal was caught in a misunderstanding after being controlled when being helpful.There are some funny moments and ended in a satisfying note to qualify this to be an enjoyable one, but "Flirting with Disaster" is just stubborn and unconvincing with a behavior to annoy viewers. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Neil R (es) wrote: I bristle a little at terms like 'epic', 'sweeping' and 'magisterial' as sometimes they seem like euphemisms for 'overlong', 'indulgent' and 'you've got to like this because it's by an auteur'. There is no question that Kurosawa is a phenomenon, and his films are all worthy of serious attention. 'Seven Samurai' is an absolute classic. 'Ran' is a good but not great film, though. Its strengths lie in its robust characterisation, philosophical insights into the human condition and in its superb retelling of the King Lear story. The actors are all top notch in spontaneity and vigour. The cinematography and colours are beautiful in the recently restored 4K version. But the direction and editing, in my opinion, are undisciplined. Most of the battle scenes are haphazard, repetitive and overlong (and the fake blood looks ridiculous), though the sense of peril in pre-CGI days is palpable at times. There are waaaay too many scenes of the increasingly mental Hidetora (a consistently intense Nakadai) wandering around woefully in wastelands with his loyal fool Kyoami (a girlish and watchable Pita).There are some outstanding scenes of really gripping drama, especially when the psychotic seducer Lady Kaede (Mieko Harada) is on-screen, and I enjoyed the stalwart, unflinching loyalty and integrity of men like Tango, Fujimaki and Kurogane. The film's themes are superb: irresponsibility, ambition, fidelity, authority, power, futility, sexuality, forgiveness, religion and many others besides. But it's hard to fully root for any of the characters and there is no real hero, as Hidetora himself is revealed progressively to have been a bit of a monster in his younger years. If the film was trimmed by at least 40 minutes to get it near the two hour mark, it would be touching greatness. Instead, it's incisiveness is lost in the flab of excess footage.

Adam P (ru) wrote: The loudest romantic comedy you'll ever see. It's such a great, genuine spin on the cinematic love story, with wonderful depth in characters and their unique connections. Gena Rowlands is, as always, stunning and she's got at least two monologues that are simply masterful.

Becca A (jp) wrote: Never mix marriage with gambling. Percentage is all against it.

James m (nl) wrote: It's not half bad . It's actually pretty good. It opens a little sloppy and right when I was just about to say "Meh who cares this is going down the same old video game mayhem path"... The little girl shows up. The film does a 180 from that point. It becomes something much more. Two people in unthinkable predicaments find peace thru acceptance, love and understanding what their life means to them. In a time when thinking a end of times setting who be cool. It makes you think... It would suck. It's not bad . You could do way worse on Netflix like a Adam Sandler movie