Dark Days

Dark Days

A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City.

A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jussi M (jp) wrote: Larry Thoren! Kiusallinen mythpe vaivaa lhes koko leffan ajan.

Janice H (es) wrote: Nice simple drama for a change with no sex or violence

Haider S (mx) wrote: good story But not too hororr

Pumbs (ag) wrote: Great fight scenes!! The ending will shock the hell outta ya!!

Anthony F (ca) wrote: Boring old fart seduced by panicked wife-to-be half his age during tango lessons. Sparse story effectively acted out. When I m fifty I think I ll give dance lessons a try. Who knows?

Russelx F (us) wrote: Magnolia a movie produced, written and directed by Paul Thomas AndersonMagnolia ties together multiple narrative stories in this 3-hour production. Theme in the movie is seen as parental neglect and abuse. A good aspect of the film is the editing and the shots taken. It creates a good flow of the movie and the consistency of how fast the movie went. The Overall performance was good I find, however, the some scenes were random and maybe irrelevant which did slow down the film and affect my experience toward it. The acting was amazing and would say that Tom Cruise was the MVP both his acting and the character he played were both amazing in the film. Then we see the cop, John C. Reily, who played a good cop performance. Now the two weakest characters I found were Macy's and Moore. Macy's character, the whiz kid Donnie Smith, didn't impact as much. His scenes and his character were random all through the movie. Although he fits the theme of the movie as we see his back story explained. William H. Macy although a good actor his performance as this character didn't draw much attention and I find didn't seem all that relevant in the movie. Moore's character was a lot of the time mad and flipping people off and being all crazy though out the film. Maybe without her in the film, the film would've been tighter and maybe would've been a better overall performance. John C Reily's voice over in the film, I find, to be the second best part of the movie. Although he comes off as pretentious and religious, Paul Thomas Anderson, uses his monologue to create a feeling like we were actually his partner in crime is the film. The near ending of the film, the other whiz kid, Stanley and his interaction with his father was really weak. We see at the end of the film many resolutions found in each of the individual characters problems. His interaction mixed in it was flat and could've been a more powerful and meaningful dialogue between the two. The best performance, of course, in the film was Tom Cruise and his character. His monologue and scenes all taking in one shot was near impossible not to get drawn in and really intrigued with this character. Overall I rate this film 4/5 and would watch again.

Luca D (it) wrote: Un film particolare che mi ha colpito soprattutto nelle inquadrature usate: mi rimasta in mente l'inquadratura dal basso, leggermente storta, che usa Bava per inquadrare la carrozza guidata dal principe "resuscitato" e immersa in una fitta nebbia.

Mike C (us) wrote: What is it? What has been smuggled by the mysterious (?) Lord Southmere! Foiled in his attempt to get it back he hides it and discovered doing so by his old Nanny! What follows is a comedic string of events, linked by the search for the mysterious Lotus-X (Marshall Woo Chai like his military secrets, he not got so many of them you know...)This film is a good pastiche of the 1940s and 1950s action serials, wonderfully cast, wittily directed and has some marvellous set pieces (the end battle being one of them)! Every time you watch it you will find a new joke, either visual or written. Just a great laugh!

Craig L (ca) wrote: Pretty much the blueprint for what people mean when they say, "cheap 50s sci-fi" and roll their eyes. If that's your thing, it's worthwhile. If not, the video store probably has the complete ouevre of Cameron Diaz.

Tom H (au) wrote: Interesting account on the life of Hollywood legend Lon Chaney. James Cagney is perfectly cast and gives a wide performance as the Man of a Thousand Faces.

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Nikki M (br) wrote: So many beautiful people. Such a brutal execution of a story.

Chris S (de) wrote: May be worth seeing for the visuals, which are breathtaking.

Andrew C (jp) wrote: Takes its central idea (that the character from a horror novel can enter the real world) and does almost nothing with it for 90 minutes, beyond making a standard slasher movie. Episodic and transparent in plot, this has good make-up effects but poor stop-motion. But it does star the delectable and much-missed Jenny Wright, who is far and away the best thing in it.