Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor

A bickering couple drive fast through a downpour to catch the last ferry to their island retreat. In a flash, they recognize a crumpled body laying at the side of the road after much ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mushroom,   murder,   forest,  

A bickering couple drive fast through a downpour to catch the last ferry to their island retreat. In a flash, they recognize a crumpled body laying at the side of the road after much ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dark Harbor torrent reviews

bill s (mx) wrote: A snail moves faster than the pace of this flick and twice as interesting....complete bore of a movie.

Kathryn W (ca) wrote: Don't know what all the negative reviews were about because I loved this movie, who couldn't love something Zac Efron is in.

Julian T (ag) wrote: This is one of the worst films I have ever had the misfortune of laying my poor eyes on. It makes 'Piranha 3D' look like 'Schindlers List'. I really can not convey how mind numbingly terrible this 'film' is. It has no redeeming qualities. Not one. There is not one second of footage that does anything other than blow at an astronomical and unimaginable rate. I want any person who was involved in this film at any level to be imprisoned. Based on the level of their involvement, sterilization is preferable. How could something with so many beautiful titties be so f**king terrible. I've seen less offensive pornos with better storyline, acting, and effects. I'm sure even bottom-crust actors like David Hasslehoff and Gary Busey consider this a black hole on their resumes.I'm really not exaggerating. Please, take my advice and spend your evening performing bowel surgery on yourself with a rusty nail before you watch this. I wouldn't wish it on anyone in this world.

Devon W (fr) wrote: A very unneeded lackluster sequel

monty h (mx) wrote: It's kinda weird in some parts but anytime the two sisters are together its funny as hell. The younger one is Miranda Otto from Lord of the rings. She is really good in this one.

Jen M (kr) wrote: Robert Sean Leonard!!First I planned not to see it, but then I saw that RSL was in it so I changed me mind. The film was pretty good, but boy, that James Woods carachter killed a lot of peaple!

Michael K (ca) wrote: I liked it, special effects need to be redone, but the story is interesting and exciting.

Chris S (gb) wrote: Larry Roberts (Albert Finney) is a successful plastic surgeon who becomes suspicious that larger forces are at work after several of his patients die mysteriously. He eventually uncovers a shadowy corporation that may hold the key to the unexplained deaths. But can one man block the powerful conspiracy before another woman dies? James Coburn and Susan Dey co-star in Michael Crichton's medical thriller.

Colin F (de) wrote: One of my favourite films of all time, more for the music than the film. Hazel O' Connor stars as a singer who becomes a pop star who cant handle the fame and eventually has a mental breakdown (a bit like the SUBO of the early 1980's! but much nicer). Also features the great Phil Daniels and even Carver from The Bill! Great film but I don not think it would be eveyones cup of tea but great stuff.

Bradamant K (fr) wrote: I've always been a little in love with Godzilla.

Cresswell S (us) wrote: Lawman is out for justice.

Mark M (mx) wrote: An uncomfortable incest gangster film. Oh, Roger Corman, you crazy director.

Michael T (jp) wrote: One of the best of the spaghetti westerns.

Gimly M (jp) wrote: My disclaimer before I go on and pan this film is thus: This is a children's movie, and I am not a child.Before the scathing, I'd like to bring up the two things I liked about this film. Like the first, voice-acting cast; Foremost, Samuel L. Jackson (Thor, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Inglourious Basterds, The Spirit, 1408,Snakes on a Plane, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, S.W.A.T., Shaft, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Exorcist III) and Bill Nighy (Rango, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, The Boat that Rocked, The Underworld Trilogy, Valkyrie, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 &3, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Love Actually), as well as their being accompanied by Alan Tudyk (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Dollhouse, Halo 3 and ODST, Death at a Funeral, Serenity, I, Robot, Firefly, Ice Age 1 &2, Dodgeball, A Knight's Tale), Kirsten Bell (Scream 4, Assassins Creed Trilogy, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Pulse), Matt Lucas (Alice in Wonderland [2010], Little Brittain, Shaun of the Dead) and Nathan Lane (The Producers, The Lion King Trilogy, Stuart Little), are all fantastic, and their presence alone almost makes the film watchable. Also the concept of an evil robot called "The Peacekeeper" that operates off of a powerful antithesis to Astro Boy's core, with the power to assimilate anything into its own body, was pretty damn cool....That in mind. Astro Boy is pretty rubbish. The film is devoid of both humour and charisma. The script feels nothing if not rushed, and to be perfectly honest, kind of creepy. Astro Boy is essentially set out to be some kind of Super Hero or other, but winds up being a completely hypocritical annoying jerk with no constant set of morals.The worst point of the film is that it fails to satiate you on any fundamental level. It's too childish to be intellectual, too flashy to be story-driven, too boring to be funny, too silly to be the political statement it tries to be, too convoluted for children, too flat to be emotional, and too plain fucking bad to be entertaining, the film essentially can't make up its mind, and sets no good examples for anybody.Astro Boy in essence, insults its audience in every way it can. When Samuel L. Jackson can't save a movie, be afraid, be very afraid. I for one hope that if Astro Boy ever does come up with the sequels it so truly doesn't deserve, they can come up with something better than this poor adaptation of short, story-less, stylish Japanese crap.24%-Gimly

Blake B (kr) wrote: Terrible ....terrible...Not developed into a good story

Stacey A (us) wrote: Movie made me laugh a little more than the Twilight saga, whereas as the latter was just sad and pathetic