Dark Heart

Dark Heart

Upon returning home as a hero from the Iraq War, Special Forces Agent Matt Taylor (Joelson) is thrown right into another battle. This time it is in his once quiet hometown where, as in Iraq, you don't know who are friends and who are enemies. In a dark night filled with mental and physical violence, Matt must again reach into the darkest corners of his mind to fight his inner demons and survive in the homeland he fought to defend. The Dream is over...

Upon returning from the Iraq War, Matt Taylor is unable to recognize the hometown he left behind. Leaving one war for another, he is forced to conquer his own inner demons, as well as those of his countrymen . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (ca) wrote: Sarah Polley made this documentary that's ostensibly about her family. She interviews all of the members of her immediate family as well as many friends of the family to construct a picture of her family. The idea is to show how incomplete one's view of the past is and how truth, if it's arrived at at all, only emerges out of the mix of perspectives.... or at least that's what the film seems to be about. What starts out being about Polley's parents, their relationship and her mother's premature death of cancer in her late 40s turns into something quite different when we learn some rather surprising facts. The movie becomes about a few unexpected things ... how little we may really know about those who are close to us and what secrets we keep.I love this film. Although it's about Polley's family, it feels grander in scale. It can't help but make you think about your own past and about your family's past ... What do you really know about the lives your parents lead when you weren't there? How much is your view of the past shaped by your own incomplete perspective?

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